Shen Zhinan turned around and rushed back to the aircraft, and said to the pilot: “Go to the slum where the refugees from outside are temporarily housed.”

The driver froze for a moment: “Ma’am, the slums are dangerous areas.
According to the general’s order, you are not allowed to go to the slums.”

Although Feng Nian hated him, he didn’t treat him badly in terms of food and clothing.

When Shen Zhinan travelled, he could still take Feng Nian’s aircraft, and even apply for a driver and escort to accompany him.
But no matter whether he was Feng Nian’s wife or an Omega, he was restricted in where he could go.

Obviously, slums full of alien refugees are not places where Shen Zhinan could set foot.

Messy, dirty, and dangerous.

Shen Zhinan wasn’t a maverick or a bold omega.

It was extremely dangerous for such a gorgeous Omega to appear in the slums.
If it was possible, he wouldn’t want to go.
However, Feng Nian didn’t want to see him, and wasn’t even willing to listen to a word.

In order to save his father’s life, he had to go into the slums and find Feng Nian.

Shen Zhinan returned to the General’s Mansion.
The driver had to obey Feng Nian’s orders, and Shen Zhinan didn’t want the driver to be in a dilemma.

He pushed open his room, closed the door behind him, pulled out a large black cloak from the closet to wrap himself up, turned around and left the house through the small garden gate.
And then he took a taxi to the slums.

The car stopped just outside the slum, and because of Feng Nian’s visit, the entrance to the slum was blocked by soldiers armed with guns.

Not surprisingly, the soldiers stopped Shen Zhinan who wrapped himself in a black cloak.

Under the black cloak revealed a pair of emerald eyes: “I am General Feng Nian’s wife, Shen Zhinan.
Please let me in.”

Unexpectedly, since the dignified general’s wife appeared outside the slum alone, the soldier looked surprised: “Please show your identity card.”

In the midst of lifting the bracelet on his wrist, a cold voice sounded from the side: “No need, I know Mrs.

The soldier snapped and stood at attention to salute: “Minister Jiang!”

The high-level Alpha was dressed in a black military uniform.
His handsome and cold facial features seemed particularly inhuman because of the powerful aura around him.

The person who came was Jiang Mengshan, the head of the Imperial Army and the commander of the guards.
He was trusted by the great ruler of the Galactic Empire.

There was a huge difference in body size between Alpha and Omega.
For an Omega, Shen Zhinan’s height of 1.8 meters was already tall.
But compared to high-level Alphas like Feng Nian and Jiang Mengshan who were nearly two meters tall, he still looked a lot petite.

“Thank you, Minister Jiang.” Shen Zhinan followed Jiang Mengshan step by step.
As the Alpha walked, he took big steps.
Therefore, Shen Zhinan could only keep up by trotting behind.

The tall Alpha glanced back at the Omega wrapped in a black cloak.

Jiang Mengshan slowed down, and said in a cold voice without any emotion, “His Majesty asked me to grant you a greeting.”

Shen Zhinan’s hands tightened slightly while pulling the cloak.
With his head down, he walked behind Jiang Mengshan without saying a word.

Jiang Mengshan didn’t say a word along the way.
When reaching the inside of the slum, Jiang Mengshan stopped: “Major General Feng is just in front.”

“Thank you for bringing me in.” After bowing gracefully to Jiang Mengshan, Shen Zhinan turned around and walked towards the place where Feng Nian was.

From a distance, he could see Feng Nian and Jiang Yueying beside Feng Nian.

Feng Nian and Jiang Yueying stood together.
The two of them were talking and laughing.
Also they were handsome and beautiful, like a perfect couple.

Shen Zhinan stared strangely at Feng Nian who was full of smiles.
After five years of marriage, Feng Nian had never smiled at him.

In front of him, Feng Nian only left him with hatred, boredom and contempt.

But before they got married, he also saw Feng Nian smiling.

“Feng Nian.”

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