Chapter 001- He is Ruan Tang

       “Ruan Tang, come with me, although I can’t give you anything now, but……but I swear, I’ll be good to you in the future……”

        The young Alpha looked at the Omega in front of him, he was so tense that saying one more word was nerve wracking, and even speaking these words seemed to have taken great courage.

       He didn’t even dare to look at the Omega.

       The Omega sitting opposite him was undoubtedly a beauty recognized in the eyes of the world…

       His skin was fair, his figure thin, the facial features even more noble and handsome.
His temperament outstandingly cool and clear but unforgettable at first sight; the soul exceedingly alluring.

        The strange sense of disobedience created his incomparable charm.

       But at this moment, the beauty named Ruan Tang frowned slightly after listening to the words of the young Alpha, he was surprised, “Go with you? Lu Yang, are you kidding?”

        Ruan Tang never thought that this kind of plot similar to that of a famous TV series, where an omega was asked to elope by a poor boy, would happen to him and that the other party who offered the invitation was Lu Yang.

        The junior in this research institute who he had a decent relationship with.

       “Ruan Tang……I’ve heard about your marriage with that person, so long as you nod your head, no matter what price I pay, even if it’s my life, I’ll take you to the ends of the earth, somewhere the royal family and government can’t find us…” Hearing Ruan Tang’s voice, Lu Yang’s tone became more and more excited.

        He seemed to regard himself as Ruan Tang’s savior, the only person in the world who could rescue Ruan Tang.

       Ruan Tang looked at the young Alpha who was completely immersed in his own story.
Finally, he couldn’t help sighing and coldly interrupted him, “Lu Yang, I don’t know what kind of misunderstanding you have made, and where you heard these kinds of things…”

       “But I must tell you that, while I’m grateful for your kindness towards me, I don’t feel the same way about you.
Therefore I will not and cannot go with you.”

        “You should get rid of these feelings.
Today’s words, I’ll pretend as if you haven’t said them and I haven’t heard them.
We will not be in contact again.” After his voice fell, Ruan Tang’s fair hand immediately put down the cup in his hand, got up without hesitation, turned around and left

        Looking at Ruan Tang’s back, Lu Yang’s mood in his eyes changed again and again.
In the end, his hand tightly clenched into a fist.
He reluctantly looked at Ruan Tang’s figure.
He could hardly suppress his grief and anger, and asked, “Why? Are you really as they say, a greedy and vain Omega who hates the poor and loves the rich? “

       “For the sake of wealth and status you would rather marry Duke Austin, than leave with me?”

        He never believed those rumors about Ruan Tang before.
Ruan Tang was so beautiful and cold.
Even though he was not good tempered, how could he be the legendary unscrupulous black lotus outsiders spoke of, who wanted to climb up using any means necessary?

        But now, Ruan Tang’s rejection has caused Lu Yang to have a slight change of heart.

        After all, Duke Austin is known to all…It is obvious what kind of choice a normal person would have made between him and Austin, if not for the sake of power.

       But Ruan Tang made the opposite choice of what the rest of the world would choose, if not for power than for what?

        This omega was as cold and heartless as the rumors said.

       “I don’t think it’s necessary for me to explain my personal affairs to you.” As for Lu Yang’s narrow determination, Ruan Tang was unable to make any complaints about it.
He just looked back at him and turned away.
“As for what you think about it, just believe what you want.”

       Over the years, many prejudices and misunderstandings have been put on him by the world.
Ruan Tang has explained many times, but the more explanations he gives, the more no one believes it.

       He gradually became too lazy to explain

       Lu Yang looked at Ruan Tang’s distant figure with unwillingness, but not far away, a beta came forward, and coolly began to speak.

       He was a colleague of Ruan Tang and Lu Yang at the Research Institute.

       “Look, what did I tell you? Ruan Tang can’t go with you! An Omega like him doesn’t care about sincerity and feelings at all.
He only cares about power and status.

        “He is the number one beauty of the Emperor Star but also the number one black lotus1 of the Emperor Star.”

       “You were only deceived by his appearance.
He is not as good as you think.
You can’t brood over an Omega such as him like that… “

       Lu Yang listened to his colleague’s words, and his mouth moved slightly.
However, he did not defend Ruan Tang or find excuses for him as he did before.

       There’s no smoke without fire2.

       Perhaps, the rumors he had heard about Ruan Tang in the past were true


       “Fifth young master, the master invites you to his study.” Ruan Tang had just returned home, and the housekeeper of the Ruan family came to him to convey the master’s orders.

       Ruan Tang had been prepared for a long time and immediately responded in a low voice, “Alright, I understand.”

       Ruan Tang was born in the Ruan family, one of the most prominent families in the Orpheus3 Empire.

       Although their family had been in decline, because of the great military achievements made by Ruan Tang’s father, Marshal Ruan Ming.
The Ruan family did not decline for decades, and soon returned to its former glory.

       Ruan Tang is the youngest son of Ruan Ming’s first wife, and he is also an extremely precious Omega.
Even if Ruan Ming himself is a charming stud; having numerous lovers and illegitimate children, with his mother, brothers and sisters’ protection, he should have been the stars holding the moon4, born the proud son of heaven5.

        It seems as if this reincarnation6 has exhausted all of Ruan Tang’s good fortune, he has had bad luck for as long as he could remember.

       First, his eldest brother, the successor of the family, was seriously injured in a battle and became a vegetative man.
So far, he is still in a coma.
Then, his Omega sister, the eldest daughter, was hurt by love and went crazy.
His mother was also stimulated, and she even became sick and muddled all day long.

       Ruan Ming was very lucky7, and he was never a dedicated and affectionate Alpha.

       After the first wife was left in a trance, he quickly applied to terminate the marriage relationship with Ruan Tang’s mother on the grounds that they could not preside over the hosting in the mansion because the first wife was in a dazed state.

       And he chose one of his lovers, who had several children, as the new wife and welcomed her through the door.

       With the arrival of the new wife and several illegitimate children who became legitimate, Ruan Tang’s status as the youngest child left behind by his original spouse became awkward.

       He was neither Ruan Ming’s first child nor his favorite child.

       In this cold big family, he had to struggle for survival alone, helpless without the protection of his mother and siblings

       Although Ruan Ming did not mistreat the children of his original partner, he did not treat Ruan Tang very well.

       In particular, after Ruan Tang failed to get married several times, and he repeatedly fought with Ruan Ming’s favorite son, Ruan Xi, the rel

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