Chapter 014 – Breakfast

Ruan Tang grasped Austin’s hand against the risk of violence at any moment.
While calm on the surface, at the same time, mentally he had been watching out for how he would escape if Austin flared up.

In fact, he didn’t really need to obey the Empress’s words and rush to be a fertility tool for Austin.

It’s just that the Empress has ordered him, and the disparity of status made him have to follow.

Even if it is pretend, he has to pretend to be obedient and submissive, to do as the Empress instructs, to get close to this Bluebeard Duke…..
so that he can live longer and save himself and also his family.

As for whether he can achieve the effect the Empress wants after his efforts……

Ruan Tang can not guarantee, after all, the Duke of Austin was a crazy person without logic.

Ruan Tang grabbed his hand, with the attitude of a heroic warrior with a resolute mind and going generously to die.
He showed a flattering expression on his face, trying to show the essence of seduction, “…Has My Lord eaten this morning? I haven’t had breakfast yet.
Why don’t we… “

He didn’t expect Austin to agree to him.
He only hoped he would shake him off and push his wheelchair away.

This way, he could have an explanation for the Empress and continue to live.

However, Austin looked at him for a long time, but seemed to have misunderstood something, he deeply frowned and said, “Why? Do you need to accompany you for your morning meal?”

Ruan Tang: “…”

Ruan Tang had no idea how he managed to get from his words that he needed company to eat.
He was utterly speechless.

Sure enough, a madman’s brain circuit was not something ordinary people could understand…

Ruan Tang was tempted to call it quits and ignore this madman, but thinking back to the quota issued by the Empress, no matter what the results were, he had to let people see his efforts.

He then immediately looked at Austin with a forced affectionate smile, ”Yes, I have needed someone to accompany me to eat since I was young.
Whenever I eat alone, I have a bad appetite.
My Lord, I…”

A look of disgust and impatience immediately appeared in Austin’s eyes that Ruan Tang had expected.
His eyebrows furrowed harder, like he was fed up.

Ruan Tang, in a scale of good measure, planned to take advantage of the victory to make Austin sick of him so he would brush him off and not want to see him for the next few days.

He would also have a reason to give an explanation to the Empress.

It’s not that I don’t try, but your son really dislikes me.

“Really unreasonable…” Austin frowned deeply and looked at Ruan Tang impatiently, as if he was looking at some spoiled and difficult-to-care-for pet, “I’ve heard that Omegas were delicate and troublesome, difficult to raise…I originally thought you weren’t like this.
I didn’t expect that you’d reveal your true colors in just a few days…”

Ruan Tang didn’t know where he got this logic from, and was speechless, “…”

He could only stare at Austin anxiously, at his impatient appearance.
Just waiting for him to be unable to endure, turn on his heel, and end this matter.

“Since you want me to accompany you to eat, I’ll do so reluctantly

Ruan Tang was stunned directly on the spot: “…”

I just feel like I can’t understand this crazy person’s brain circuit more and more.

But Austin still didn’t think it was enough.
He pushed his wheelchair impatiently and added, “I’m doing it for the sake of my skin and fragrance…”

Ruan Tang: “…”

Ruan Tang was afraid that Seth, the rash young man, would bump into the temperamental duke, so he quietly sent a message to Seth through his personal terminal, informing him that he did not need to come to serve this morning, only then did he follow his nominal husband out of the door of his room.

Ruan Tang’s breakfast these past few days had been brought to his room by Seth, and this was the first time he would have a meal in the dining room of Duke Austin’s residence.

Regardless of the actual situation, as the Emperor’s favorite son on the surface, the configuration of Duke Austin’s residence, including the dining room, were extravagant.

The lights were turned on early in the dining room of the Duke’s mansion of Eternal Night and the whole hall was lit up.

The long dining table was filled with all kinds of breakfast cooked by various chefs, and the servants who were physically or crippled stood neatly on the side, responsible for a series of tasks such as delivering and serving dishes.

The only two people sitting at the head table were Ruan Tang and Duke Austin.

The servants of Duke Austin’s residence were very well-trained; Although there were many people in the dining room, it was unusually quiet.
If one didn’t listen carefully, apart from the two masters.
Ruan Tang and Austin, everyone else’s breathing was almost inaudible. 

Ruan Tang looked around at the silent dining room, and then at the motionless Duke Austin.
He really didn’t know whether he should eat or not.

 He hadn’t eaten with Austen and didn’t know if the others could move their chopsticks before he did.

If I moved my chopsticks, would it make him angry?

 ”Aren’t you going to eat breakfast? Why aren’t you eating yet?” Duke Austin saw him not move, but opened his mouth impatiently and asked, “Don’t you usually have breakfast on time?”

With the permission of the mansion’s owner, Ruan Tang immediately moved his chopsticks, “Then, I’ll eat first.”

His daily routine and meal times are very punctual.
Today, he was a little late, and his stomach was already rumbling…

Although the servants in the Duke’s residence were all disabled, they were all well-trained and Ruan Tang didn’t need to inform them; As long as Ruan Tang’s eyes fell on whichever dish he wanted to eat, someone would immediately deliver the food to Ruan Tang’s bowl.

Although both of them were aristocrats, the cooking skills of the chefs in the Duke’s residence were far superior to those of the chefs of an unpopular son in the Marshal’s residence….

It also tastes a lot better.

Ruan Tang was quite the foodie; facing such delicacies, although sitting at the same table as the frightening Duke Bluebeard, he still ate with great relish.

As he ate, he felt thirsty and wanted something to drink.

The servants of Duke Austin’s residence immediately and considerately brought him a cup of black tea.

“He doesn’t drink black tea.” Unexpectedly, before the black tea was delivered to Ruan Tang, Austin looked in Ruan Tang’s direction and suddenly said, “Give him coffee.”

The servant obediently removed the black tea at once and replaced it with a cup of coffee for Ruan Tang.

Ruan Tang instantly looked at Austin in surprise.

Austin, however, was already looking away from him.

The housekeeper was also surprised.
He has never seen the Duke of Austin eat with people in private, pay so much attention to what others eat or don’t eat, and he even spoke to the servant.

It looked like the Duke was paying far more attention to the Duchess than they could have imagined.

“Is it delicious?” Austin looked at Ruan Tong’s face for a long time as he kept stuffing things into his mouth, he suddenly asked a question that he had been wondering about for days.

He has a slight anorexia.
No matter what delicious food he eats, it is tasteless… seeing Ruan Tang eat so well everyday

He was actually a little curious——

Was it really that good?

“It’s very delicious.” Ruan Tang didn’t expect him to ask him.
He took a deep breath and chose to answer truthfully, “The craftsmanship of your cooks are all very exquisite.”

Austin didn’t speak, as if he was just observing something, watching Ruan Tang’s mouth move continuously.

Ruan Tang’s face was calm, but when he stared at him with such eyes, he couldn’t help worrying.
He didn’t know what the lunatic was thinking about.

Did he want to pull out his tongue this time and collect it too?

He had even made a mental response to what he should say to escape the disaster and prevent him from being his interest in his tongue.

But Austin looked at him for a long time, but he didn’t say or do anything.
He just lazily glanced at the servant standing on the side.

Immediately someone put the same food that Ruan Tang had eaten into Austin’s plate.

Austin tasted it with interest and looked at Ruan Tang again: Well, it does seem to taste good indeed.

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