Chapter 17 – Don’t touch him!

Ruan Tang was astonished, not expecting that the legendary duke who did as he pleased, brutal and unforgiving, would actually make such a compromise for him.

He had not seen the sun for many days in this dark ducal residence.

At this moment, looking at the bright sunlight outside the window, Ruan Tang’s whole mood cleared up along with the anewed sunshine, completely forgetting yesterday’s worries.

He even ate a lot more for breakfast.

After breakfast, seeing the brilliant sunshine outside the window, Ruan Tang suddenly had the desire to take the initiative to go out for a walk.

The sunlight swept away the sense of gloom and eeriness the Duke of Austin’s residence had previously given.
Ruan Tang walked around and felt that there was no place that he did not consider scenic or beautiful.

It could be regarded as a genuine appreciation of how magnificent and grand Duke Austin’s, the most beloved son of the emperor and empress, residence was.

If there was no one to lead the way, Ruan Tang felt that he would not be able to find his way back.


At the moment, Duke Austin, who suddenly changed his habit for many years for Ruan Tang’s sake, was dealing with work in his study…

He had long been accustomed to the darkness.
In between work, he raised his eyes to glance at the golden sunlight outside the window; only finding it extremely blinding and difficult to adapt to for a time.

Tsk, Omega are really troublesome and difficult to raise…

With something as piercing as sunlight, he can actually get depressed like that without it, which was really quite a problem.

If it weren’t for his depression and fear that he would die of depression, Austin didn’t want to see the sun.
Now that he has decided to raise him for the aroma and texture of this Omega, Austin vowed in his heart that he must raise him well and best of his ability.

Austin was afraid that Ruan Tang would suffer from depression.

Therefore, the Duke of Austin, who has long been used to the darkness, decided to force himself to adapt to the sun for his delicate and difficult to raise pet….

After all, he just doesn’t like sunshine, but Omega doesn’t seem to function without sunshine.

I wonder if the gloomy Omega will be happy after seeing the sunlight today?

Thinking of Ruan Tang, the corner of Austin’s lips, who had been irritable because of official business, immediately curved slightly, and he suddenly wanted to get up and have a look at the Omega.

To see if Ruan Tang is happy to have sunlight; like many of the precious plants that bloom in his residence.

Just then, there was a sudden knock on the door, “Knock, knock.”

“Sir, Duke Carlos is here.” Aaron respectfully reported.

Austin frowned slightly, but chose to abandon his leisure, “Let him in.”

“Yes.” Aaron closed the door and stepped back.
After a while, he led a simple, honest and amiable-looking middle-aged nobleman into the door.
He stood by and respectfully opened the door for him.

This middle-aged man was none other than Duke Carlos, one of the seven Dukes of the imperial aristocracy.
He was also the one who had the best relations with Austin among several high-ranking figures in the Empire Star.

He was the Empress’s concubine-born brother and Duke Austin’s own uncle.

Because he was born from a concubine, Carlos’s title was not inherited from the Empress’s father, but from his own achievements.
He was truly a storm stirring figure.

He looked amiable, like a kind uncle next door, but he was a ruthless character in person.

Due to having different mothers, the relationship between Duke Carlos and the Empress was not good, but he has always loved the Duke of Austin as a nephew very much.

For Austin, the relationship between him and his uncle was far closer than that of his own biological parents.

As soon as he entered, Aaron immediately retreated and closed the door, reserving the space alone for the nephew and uncle.

“Did Uncle’s trip to Colombo go well this time?” Austin asked bluntly.

Duke Carlos looked at Austin kindly and smiled, “…Replying to Your Highness, everything has progressed smoothly, just as we previously expected .”


Austen nodded with disinterest, tapping his index finger on the table with boredom.

 The two men talked freely about various confidential and important matters.

Carlos looked at the sunlight outside Austin’s window and suddenly said, “I haven’t been gone for long, but during this time, Your Highness seems to have changed a lot?”

“Not really, just staying in the darkness for so/ a long time…”Austin was not very energetic; he just looked outside the dazzling sunlight outside the window, and offhandedly said, “And there’s always a need to see the sun once in a while…”

He didn’t want to explain why he suddenly restored the natural climate of his residence.

Duke Carlos was also not a prying person; after hearing these words, he instantly stopped dwelling on the sun/topic and asked instead, “…I heard that His Highness almost disposed of Andre yesterday and gouged out his eyes?”

Austin gently turned the pen in his hand and thought of what Carlos said.
He immediately hmm’ed softly, “Since he’s someone else’s dog and deliberately wants to stay with me for his master’s sake; Naturally he has to bear the cost of staying by my side…”

Whether this was mental or physical torture, Austin felt these moles1 should bear the burden.

“Since Your Highness doesn’t like them, why not send them all away instead of keeping these eyesores around?” Carlos didn’t quite understand this nephew of his.

How many spies there are in the Duke of Austin’s mansion, and whose moles they were, Austin has always been very aware.

As one of the seven dukes, he could have sent them away, but Austin never did.
Instead, he kept these other people’s insiders with him.

 ”Send them away? Why should I send them all away?” Austin leaned back lazily in his chair and sneered, “If I send them away, those people will have to think of ways to stuff new people in to spy on me, how troublesome that would be for them.”

Carlos promptly replied, “As long as Your Highness wants, Your Highness can keep the entire residence airtight, so that others can no longer put people around you.”

Although it is okay for Austin to be like this now, as a suspicious superior, Carlos still feels that it is best for Austin to clean up everyone else around him, leaving only those he trusts.

“That’s so boring.” Austin’s eyes suddenly became unfathomable, and he said with great interest, “If I replace them all with my own people, who else would perform for me? Plucking their own eyes, destroying their own appearance, and crippling themselves?”

The reason why he didn’t clean these moles was never because he couldn’t, but because he didn’t want to.

Although Austin was a madman, he was also a madman who knew where the legal boundary lies.
If these people were replaced, who would hurt themselves in order to stay with him?

Who else could he torture?

Austin felt extremely excited as long as he thought that these people were extremely afraid of him, but had to endure him, had to hurt themselves in front of him in order to stay, obviously suffering, but pretending to be willing to do so.

Carlos frowned deeply, wanting to lecture Austin, but not knowing where to begin.

“Besides, Uncle, don’t you think it’s interesting that these people were ordered to my side to spy and pry into my affairs…but I pass the message I want to deliver to their masters through them?” Austin raised the corners of his mouth wickedly, full of amusement.

He’s crazy, but he’s never stupid…

Carlos was really powerless to complain and couldn’t understand his nephew’s perverted hobby, but seeing as Austin was always conscious and did not seem like he had to be monitored, he stopped talking about it, “As long as Your Highness is happy.”

 ”Happy, of course I’m happy.
There are so many people playing with me every day, of course I’m happy…” Austin gently stroked the rim of his cup.

Carlos looked at Austin’s bright window, it swept away the gloom of the office, “It’s good to get some more sunshine…I’ve been out for so long this time.
I didn’t expect that Your Highness would actually agree to get married.
I missed Your Highness’ wedding banquet and haven’t congratulated Your Highness on your wedding yet…”

“I’m just wondering, what does Your Highness have in mind?” He was asking about Austin’s plans regarding the Empress’ side scheming.

 Austin heard him ask about the Empress, the corners of his mouth immediately pulled into a mocking smile, “Those who do not let me have a good time, I will never let them have a good time either, I will never let that good mother of mine be happy…”

“She shouldn’t even think about wanting me to have a baby, so it can be a puppet for her, and fulfill her dream of repeating my mistakes.”

The reason he initially agreed to marry was just to make the Empress full of hope, thinking she could control him and then, all of a sudden, her hope shattered, and she had nothing.

“..Then shall I make arrangements for the Omega sent by the Empress?” Carlos instantly understood what Austin meant.
Seeing that he was unwilling to follow the path arranged by the Empress, Carlos immediately offered.

Although Ruan Tang was only a reproductive tool, he was now Austin’s partner in the nominal and legal sense, which was different from those servants…

In Carlos’ eyes, it was dangerous to keep him around in the end.

Just Ruan Tang’s current identity alone, Carlos felt that the Empress could move countless hands and feet.

They were better off making a move on Ruan Tang, without hurting Ruan Tang, so that the Empress’ wishful thinking could be completely shattered unknowingly…

For example, making this Empress’ handpicked fertility tool completely sterile.

“No need, don’t touch him.” Austin heard him mention Ruan Tang, and immediately frowned deeply.
He knew that his uncle’s ruthless heart and promptly gave a stern order, “He… I have my own plan.
Don’t meddle in his affairs.”

He could see that Ruan Tang was different from those sent to him by people with ulterior motives; His eyes were very clean and clear.

So, Austin didn’t want to touch him, he wanted to take good care of him…

Carlos glanced at Austin in surprise.
He didn’t expect his reaction to be so great, but he responded obediently, “Yes, Your Highness.”



TL Notes:

[1]moles – Originally says 眼线 [yǎn xiàn] aka “eyeliner” which is slang for a police informer leading to culprit’s hide-out; a spy.
I decided to use slang as well

The TL has something to say:

Apologies for the sudden hiatus there, I was staying low at first bc of the jj site situation and then I had to deal with some irl problems.
I’m back tho and I’ll definitely upload more soon, no empty promises this time I swear! And I decided to keep posting like normal unless I get a dmca.
Anyyywayyss, Austin being so tsun (also psychopathic at the same time???) is so funny.
Can’t wait for Ruan Tang to realize how much of a teddy bear he is lol! If you have any questions, want to point out any mistakes, or simply want to say something then go ahead and leave a comment!

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