Chapter 004- Transmigrator

       After listening to Ruan Xi’s words, Zhou Yao’s anger did not go down at all, instead it became more and more intense.

       He looked at Ruan Tang ferociously and sneered, “Difficulties? What difficulties could he have? If he had any, he would have run away when that civilian Alpha offered to take him away…”

       “Would he still be standing here now?”

       Ridiculous, he had planned for a long time.
As long as Ruan Tang showed any reluctance to the engagement, he would try his best to help him get rid of it.

       Unfortunately, his expectations of an Omega like him(RT), made him into a complete joke.

       Hearing his words, Ruan Tang only found them utterly ridiculous.

       “Brother Zhou, don’t be like this!” Ruan Xi first looked at Zhou Yao and then cautiously at Ruan Tang.
He immediately said, “Fifth Brother, I know there must be some misunderstanding.
Please explain it to Brother Zhou.”

       It seemed like he was doing it for Ruan Tang’s own good.

       On hearing this, Zhou Yao looked silently at Ruan Tang, as if he was going to take a step back and listen to his explanation.

       Ruan Tang knew what Zhou Yao meant by this look and what he wanted to hear from him, but he preferred not to say anything.

       He chose to turn around and not look back.

       Using him as a substitute for Ruan Xi and handing out some ridiculous pity to him, just in the vain hope that he would bow down to him…this is what Zhou Yao had in mind.

       But he, Ruan Tang, doesn’t need to…

       Even if, even if it means marrying a madman, he would never admit defeat!

       He has done nothing wrong and will never bow to these people.

       “Xiaoxi, you are kind-hearted and think of people too well.
People are not like this! Look, look at his attitude! ” When Zhou Yao saw that Ruan Tang actually dared to disobey him so forcefully, his face suddenly became more and more ugly, and he mocked Ruan Tang with more and more contempt, “From what I see, as long as he is given a chance to climb up the ladder, an Omega like him, not to mention a disfigured and handicapped madman, he would even be willing to marry a seventy year old man!”

       He’s already yielded like this, what makes Ruan Tang, the wrongdoer, so hard-headed and stubborn in front of him!

       He was willing to forgive him.

       “Brother Zhou…” Ruan Xi still wanted to persuade some more.

       “That’s right, an Omega like me is just greedy for power and status, and will do anything to achieve his goals…Willing to follow any kind of Alpha.” However, Ruan Tang suddenly laughed, ”We have already broken off our engagement long ago, so Zhou Shao doesn’t need to bother with my affairs anymore.”

       “Otherwise, I will misunderstand that Zhou Shao still has residual feelings for me” He knew what method would irritate Zhou Yao the most.

       He usually didn’t bother with these idiots, but when they came running up to him, they couldn’t blame him for slapping them in the face.

       Sure enough, after hearing this, Zhou Yao felt as if he had been greatly humiliated.
His face was livid and he looked at Ruan Tang fiercely and gnashed his teeth and said, “Who is still in love with you? Don’t flatter yourself! I’m just afraid that if you climb that lunatic, you will come harm Xiao Xi again.”

       How could he have unrequited feelings for Ruan Tang?

       Ruan Tang had long known this, and the expression on his face was like the calm before the storm, “This-when the time comes, it’ll depend on our abilities.”

       He doesn’t want to be malicious, but he’s not a soft persimmon1.

       If Ruan Xi wants to provoke him, don’t blame him for retaliating.

       “Do you really think that if you marry that madman, he will obey you? I’m afraid you wont even know how you’d die then!” Zhou Yao was suddenly so angry, his sensibility left him.

       However, Ruan Tang was unwilling to waste any more time with them.

       He walked away without looking back.

       “Ruan Tang, you don’t have to be like this! Sooner or later, you will drive all the people around you away!” At that moment, Ruan Tang’s past friend who hadn’t said a word yet, Wen Run, looked at Ruan Tang’s back and suddenly spoke.

       He didn’t know how Ruan Tang had suddenly turned into such a repulsive person.

       He felt frightened by this sense of unfamiliarity. 

       Why can’t he try to live peacefully with Xiao Xi?

       Did he have to put himself into this rebellious situation.

       Ruan Tang snickered softly, “Do you think there’s still anyone besides me now?”

       The people around him had long been snatched away by Ruan Xi.

       “Even if you don’t like us, causing Xiao Xi to insist on breaking off our relationship with us…Isn’t that Major Lu Yang, who was willing to take you away today, a very good person? I can see that he’s very sincere towards you…Why don’t you give him a chance?” Wen Run tried to play the emotional card on Ruan Tang.

       The best friend who saved himself from being a good friend, “You once said that what you wanted most is a person who is sincere to you.
Now that someone has come along, why do you refuse him?”

       “If I didn’t refuse him, did you want me to elope with him? Wen Run!” With a sarcastic smile, Ruan Tang sneered, “I’m already engaged to Duke Austin, if I run off with him…don’t you know what would happen?”

       He felt that the people around Ruan Xi were ridiculous and illogical.

       Was this marriage something he could escape from if he wanted to?

       If it wasn’t for the fact that Wen Run and him were childhood friends, grew up together, and was once very good to him, he simply wouldn’t want to say one more word to the current Wen Run.

       “Fifth Brother, I know it’s troublesome, but if you don’t want to tell me, I also have Brother Zhou, Mo Zhi and Wen Run willing to help you find a way together.
I will never let you marry that bluebeard Duke… ” Seeing Ruan Tang being like this, Ruan Xi immediately jumped in again to show his kindness.

       When Ruan Tang saw him like this, he suddenly laughed.

       What type of person is Duke Austin? No one in the entire Empire star doesn’t know that he is a completely unreasonable madman.
He(RT) first agrees to marry him, and then somehow wants to withdraw….

       If he really did this, regardless of whether or not the marriage was withdrawn, he’s afraid that this insane Duke would hate him to the bone and regard him as a mortal enemy.

       His good brother came here to play the nice guy, selling kindness…it’s really good scheming.

       “Why are you laughing? This is what makes XiXi kind, you’ve been so mean to him before, yet he is still willing to help you regardless of the past…As long as you ask, I’ll…” Zhou Yao did not understand shy Ruan Tang was laughing like this.

       “I thank you for your kindness, but there’s no need.” Ruan Tang glanced at him and his smile grew wider, “I think Duke Austin and I are quite compatible.

       “I’m sure he’ll be the perfect husband for me.”

       As soon as the words left his mouth, he turned around and left without looking back…

       “Ruan Tang, you’re going to regret this!” Wen Run looked at him worriedly, but did not pursue him.

       From behind came Zhou Yao’s exasperated voice, “See, what did I tell you, he’s such a person! He and that Duke, one selfish, vicious and calculating, the other insane, shady and perverted …… they are truly a match made in heaven.”

       “Brother Zhao, don’t say that about Fifth Brother…” And there was Ruan Xi’s white lotus voice.

       Ruan Tang turned a deaf ear to all of this and left it far behind.

        In less than a few days, the news that Ruan Tang took his mother, brother and sister out of the Ruan house, and had taken a large sum of money from Ruan father by selling his hand in marriage, spread all over the Empire Star.

       Along with that, came the line he delivered to Ruan Xi after he kindly tried to help him break off the engagement, “I think Duke Austin and I are quite compatible.”

       Originally, when the news of Ruan Tang’s and Duke Austin’s engagement spread all over Empire Star.
Despite Ruan Tang’s bad reputation, he was at least able-bodied and the Empire Star’s number one beauty, there were still many people that despised him but at the same time thought of him as an ill-fated beauty with bad fortune, they sympathized with him for having to marry such an Alpha.

       But after the news spread, no one had pity for Ruan Tang anymore.

       They only felt that the vicious black lotus Ruan Tang, who sold his marriage for profit and that madman Austin were a match made in heaven.
They were better off bound to death than harming others.

       They just didn’t know how long Ruan Tang, this snake and scorpion beauty2, would last under that freak Austin?

       Since it was his own choice to seek death, he was unworthy of any sympathy at all.

       Even in the underground city of the Empire Star’s aristocratic circle, there were people who are openly making bets on how long Ruan Tang and Austin will live after their marriage…

       “Ding! Congratulations to the host, the reputation value of Ruan Tang is – 20, and the reputation value of host is 10.
At present, the reputation value of Ruan Tang is – 60, and the reputation value of host is 80.
Please keep up the good work!”

       As Ruan Tang’s reputation was getting worse and worse, the always weak Ruan Xi was hiding in his room when the system chimed in his head.
His face no longer held the kind and gentle look but a satisfied smile, “It seems my good brother is really going to marry the villain this time…The protagonist marrying the villain who wants his life.
How amusing…”

       Ruan Xi transmigrated into a book called “Sweet Life [Interstellar], the protagonist was none other than Ruan Tang.

       This book tells the story of Ruan Tang, the protagonist, who by virtue of his halo becomes a winner in life; from a poor little boy whose father ignored him, and in the end not only becomes a top mecha design master, heals his mother, brother and sister, but also gains the admiration of several top intergalactic Alpha, and finally has a sweet spoiled life story.

       Ruan Xi loved the novel and the few Alpha’s in it, but he loathed the main character, Ruan Tang——

       Because Ruan Tang received the love of so many excellent Alphas, he even went as far as writing long and impassioned reviews on several platforms, rebuking the author’s three world views, and that Ruan Tang did not deserve to be the main character.

       While he was scolding with glee, he transmigrated into the book.

      He became Ruan Xi, the protagonist Ruan Tang’s clownish younger brother, and a system appeared in his head, saying he would work with him to capture Ruan Tang’s halo and help him replace Ruan Tang as the center of the world.

       As long as the original protagonist, Ruan Tang, loses his halo and his godhood breaks, he can replace Ruan Tang as the protagonist and become the god who rules the world.

TL Notes: 

[1] Soft persimmon – a pushover, weakling, coward, etc

[2] Snake and Scorpion beauty-  a femme fatale, an attractive and seductive woman, especially one who will ultimately bring disaster to a man who becomes involved with her.
However RT is a man so I left it like this

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