Chapter 005- Royal Mad Dog

       Ruan Xi was just a loser who had nothing in his original world, but once he heard that he could replace Ruan Tang in this world to become the protagonist and have his own sweet life.

       Ruan Xi did not hesitate to sign an agreement with the system.

       Ruan Xi felt that in the original book, Ruan Tang could only achieve the final results by nothing more than good luck and the people attracted to him being his golden fingers1.

        Therefore, he decided to steal all of Ruan Tang’s golden fingers without hesitation.

       Over the years, Ruan Xi and the system indeed implemented this… Shen Mozhi, Zhou Yao, Wen Run, and Ruan Father, one by one, he used Ruan Tang’s accidental way of attracting their attention to snatch them into their side, deliberately depriving and disintegrating Ruan Tang’s halo step by step.

       In the first few years this plan was very successful, Ruan Xi almost managed to completely destroy Ruan Tang’s reputation, stripping him of all his gold fingers, and being forsaken by his family and friends.

       However, Ruan Tang did not become crazy or distorted as he had originally imagined——

       Instead of being reduced to his foil as a supporting role, he became more and more indifferent and dismissive of them.

       And with Ruan Tang’s growing indifference, the amount of halo he could strip from Ruan Tang decreased.

       “You’ve taken almost everything from him, only one thing is missing, you failed to destroy his godhead…His divinity comes from his tough soul, and as long as Ruan Tang’s godhead doesn’t crack, you won’t be able to replace him as the protagonist one day.” That is what the system told him.

       As the protagonist of the world, how could Ruan Tang have no redeeming qualities aside from being loved by everyone and his pheromones?

       It’s just that he has too many things covering up his halo.

       The strength of the protagonist’s soul is unparalleled.

       Ruan Xi tightently clenched his hand into a fist, wanting to crush Ruan Tang to death, “Then what should we do? What should I do?”

       “You can’t kill Ruan Tang, the rules of the world restrict it.
As long as Ruan Tang’s godhead is intact, the protagonist’s halo will always protect him.
His godhead has no cracks, no one can kill him,” The system’s mechanical, formulaic voice sounded in his head, “Except, the villain.”

       The rules of the world limit that no one can kill the protagonist, only the villain, who was created by the world to be the protagonist’s lifelong enemy, has the slightest possibility of killing the protagonist.

       The current Ruan Tang’s halo is all but gone, leaving only the godhead left…The villain’s power is therefore infinitely greater, and more likely to kill the protagonist.

       Because the villain also has the same halo that the world gave to him.

       Ruan Xi listened to this hint and had a plan in mind at that moment.

       The villain in this book is none other than the royal mad dog, Duke Austin.
He is an Alpha and because of the peculiar scent of Ruan Tang’s pheromones, almost all Alphas are attracted by the smell of his pheromones the first moment they smell it.

       This mad dog Duke from the royal family was no exception.

       The pheromone match between him and Ruan Tang was more than 95%, a rather high matching rate.

        However, one of the reasons why he became the villain instead of Ruan Tang’s possible CP gongs2, was that while he was attracted to Ruan Tang, he did not want to possess this Omega.
Rather he thought that Ruan Tang’s skin was really good, his skin was white as snow, as if it could be broken off just by blowing3.
He really wanted to peel off Ruan Tang’s skin and collect it to make a beautiful lamp.

       He thought Ruan Tang smelled good, so he wanted to cut off his glands to make spices.

       A complete and utter psychopath with a different brain circuit than normal people.

       In the original book, after meeting Ruan Tang, Austin had been persevering in doing so.
Such a villain who covets the protagonist and wants to kill the protagonist, naturally the final outcome was that he was unable to escape being torn to pieces by the protagonist’s loyal admirers….

       Ruan Xi didn’t remember who Austin’s partner was in the original book, but vaguely recalled an Omega who had a match rate of 80% with him.
He was scared to death by Austin on the day of his wedding.

       And now, because of Ruan Xi’s foreknowledge of the plot, he was able to successfully block the romantic stallion4, Ruan Ming from loving and cherishing Ruan Tang out of guilt for his ex-wife, and son and daughter5, by taking advantage of Ruan Ming’s headstrong nature and subtle psychology to make him loathe Ruan Tang.

       Ruan Tang failed to become Ruan Ming’s favorite Omega and instead he lost his halo.
After receiving hints from the system, Ruan Xi did not hesitate to plan the current engagement between Ruan Tang and Austin.

       After all, there was a high matching rate over 95% between Ruan Tang and Austin…and Ruan Tang was unpopular, so it was easy to arrange their engagement.

       Recalling what Ruan Tang had said in front of Zhou Yao, that he and Austin were quite suitable, Ruan Xi immediately giggled as if he had thought of something extremely funny and said to himself, “My good brother, it’s not that I’m hurting you, it’s you who made the choice to marry that villain ……”

        “This bluebeard Duke is different from those Alpha, who are only fascinated by your pheromone, don’t blame me if you get skinned…” Ruan Xi was stuck in his own fantasy.
As long as the thought that after Ruan Tang got married, he will be killed, skinned, and have his glands taken from him by Austin, he can replace him as the protagonist, he can’t help but feel excited.

       Without even realizing it, he was nothing more than a puppet on a string manipulated by the system.


       At the same time, in Duke Austin’s residence, an elderly butler was ordered by the Empress to carefully inform his master of Ruan Tang’s words to his ex, that he and Duke Austin were quite suitable for each other.

       “That Omega really said that he thought that he and I were quite compatible and that I would be the best husband for him ……” Upon hearing this, the eccentric Duke Austin had an amused glint in his eye, and an extremely horrible laugh came out of his throat.

       Interesting, really interesting.

       This was the first time an Omega had said he was suitable for him, and that he was the perfect husband for him.

       “Yes, My Lord.” Hearing his laughter, the butler felt cold all over and held his breath unconsciously, but still tried to keep his voice calm and composed, “I heard that the Madame chosen by Her Majesty the Empress for you, matches your pheromone by 95%…I’m sure the Madame must admire Your Excellency’s reputation very much, adores you very much, and looks forward to marrying you.”

       He felt pity for the Omega who was about to marry Austin, but still kept saying nice things about Ruan Tang in order to make Austin have a good impression of him.

       With the death of the Crown Prince, Duke Austin’s heir was Her Majesty’s and her family’s last hope.

       But Duke Austin, a madman, has no interest in the matters of AO, much less Omegas.
He only likes killing and blood…Marking and Bonding was a normal thing, for a normal Alpha to do but wanting this one to do so was as difficult as ascending to the heavens.

       Although it was hard this time, he finally agreed to get married, but his attitude was still very reluctant.

       This lord likes nothing more than to go against the Empress, and do what she doesn’t want him to do.
No one can guarantee that he’s willing to mark that Omega and get him pregnant.

       This was a major headache for the Empress.

       The Empress was very worried, but she couldn’t tell her son directly.
She was afraid he’d do the opposite if pushed too far; she could only let people around Duke Austin beat around the bush.

       Trying to guide Austin to like his future partner like a normal person…She hopes the natural attraction between AO can compel him.

       Let him naturally mark his partner, and get him pregnant.

       But this person’s brain circuits were different from that of normal people.

       Seeing that he had not spoken for a long time, the butler was relieved.
He felt he coaxed him the right way and that there’s a chance this time.

       “Adores me, looks forward to marrying me?” Austin repeated the butler’s words as if he was talking to himself, looking perfectly normal.

       The butler immediately took advantage of the victory and wanted to put in a few more good words in for Ruan Tang, “Yes, my lord…”

       “Good, good.
Since he thinks he and I are quite compatible…” However, Austin suddenly laughed.
His white teeth showing through the cracks of his mask, his strange laughter filling the room, “I’d like to see how much guts he has?”

       His meaning and his words seemed like he was treating his future partner like some kind of toy…

       The butler nearly fainted when he heard what he said.

       He knew that this madman’s brain circuit was different from that of normal people.
If he were to be a normal alpha, with his face ruined, and his legs disabled; if there was an Omega willing to marry, or a famous beauty, no matter what he or she was marrying for, he would be grateful and cherish it carefully.

       But this person——

        Cold sweat broke out on the butler’s forehead, “My lord, the future Madame is not like the Omega prisoners in the past, you must not…”

       “You say, this Omega is different from other Omegas.
Will it be fun and not easily die?” Austin became excited and more and more interested in Ruan Tang, “How many days do you think he can survive in my hands?

       The thing he hated most in his life were Omegas.

       It’s not like he doesn’t know what he is, and what his reputation is out there; chosen by his esteemed mother, an Omega who actively chose to marry him …… is just as ambitious as his mother, and thinks he can play around with the power between Alpha and Omega, right?

       It must be fun to torture an Omega like that.

       “My lord, the future Madame is your companion for the rest of your life, you can’t do that to him, you can’t kill him.” The butler was completely at a loss as to how to handle this disjointed situation.

       The brain circuits of a madman are beyond his comprehension as a normal person.

       “Companion? For life?” Austin sneered very mockingly when he heard this.

       What life does he have left to live?

       Living is the least interesting thing in the world.

       Therefore, he was extraordinarily fond of seeing death.


TL Notes:

[1] Golden Fingers- cheats, like game hacks and stuff

[2] Possible CP gongs- Original directly translates to “buying shares” but its slang for people, specifically readers, shipping a specific couple, particularly if the MC has a lot of potential partners.

[3] As if it could be broken off just by blowing- just another way of saying it looked delicate/fragile

[4] Stallion- a player, a man who has many lovers

[5] loving and cherishing Ruan Tang…- It uses 爱屋及乌 an idiom that translates to “The love for the house extends even to the crown perching on its roof” or in simpler terms :”love me, love my dog” basically loving one thing on account of another.

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