Chapter 008 – You’re so beautiful.

Austin’s gaze remained on Ruan Tang’s face.

       Ruan Tang didn’t hide or flinch away and allowed him to look him over.
He had known that he was good-looking since he was a child; so whether it was the eyes of a madman or of the eyes of stunned people, they all fell upon him.

       He wasn’t surprised.

       “…You’re so beautiful.” As if he were talking to himself, Austin was staring straight at him as he blurted out.

       Ruan Tang was calm.

       However, the butler and Anna were instantly pleased.

       Because they hadn’t done anything, yet Ruan Tang had already piqued Austin’s interest.

       Sure enough, Ruan Tang’s beauty and the 95% pheromone match between them wasn’t fake…Even if Duke Austin was a lunatic, he was still an Alpha.

       The butler opened his mouth to say something to send Ruan Tang and Austin to send a pile1, “My Lord….”

       But before they could finish rejoicing, Austin’s next words had them collectively gasp.

       “Your skin is so delicate, it’s like fine satin.
If you peel it off and make a beauty lamp, it must be lovely and worth collecting ……” His tone was light and airy, his eyes looked straight at Ruan Tang, as if he was imagining how he should peel off his skin.

       Austin seemed to smell something very intoxicating.
He closed his eyes and sniffed the cold, crisp aroma of orchid and plum in the air, enraptured, “You smell good too.
Is that the smell of your pheromone? I think if I cut off your glands and make spices, it would be a very precious spice…”

       He felt that he hadn’t said anything appalling, and was saying perfectly normal things.

       But those present, the butler, Anna, and Allen, were terrified.
They sucked in a breath of cold air, not even quite daring to breathe, “My Lord…”

       As expected, a lunatic was a lunatic and could not apply common sense to their views.

       The Empress is so…

       How could someone send an Omega like that for him to ruin?

       But as the party imagined to be skinned and have his glands cut off, hearing Austin’s eerie and spine-chilling words, Ruan Tang seemed much more calm…

       “Thank you for the compliment.” Ruan Tang’s face remained impassive and unfazed, “But I’m afraid you can’t do that…”

       He had known the person he was marrying was not a normal person, so his heart had no hope at all for his marriage partner, and even anticipated this.

       Having spent a lot of time with his mother and sister, Ruan Tang knew that a madman’s words could not be taken seriously.
It was also impossible for the royal family and the people in the Duke’s residence to let him kill him, skin and cut off his glands.

       Therefore, no matter how horrifying Austin’s words were, Ruan Tang realized he could regard them as compliments from a lunatic’s unconventional praise.

       “Why?” Austin looked at him curiously with clear blue eyes through the mask

       Since childhood, everyone obeyed him, feared him, despised him.
Ruan Tang was the first person who not only had no fear of him but also directly rejected him.

       This made him feel more excited.

       “You think my skin looks good because it grows me and covers my flesh and blood.
If you peel it off, it won’t look like what you see now.
The same is true for my glands, they give off fragrance because I’m alive and it grows on me…” Ruan Tang firmly looked at the eyes behind the mask and said matter of factly, “If you cut it off, maybe it won’t smell as it does now.”

       Facing a madman like Austin, Ruan Tang was almost so ridiculously calm, talking to him about it as if they weren’t talking about the skin and glands on his body.

       It’s like an adult telling a child what toys can’t be disassembled.

       The butler and the other three people got increasingly creeped out as they listened to them, as if they had reached the same dimension of dialogue.

       Looking at this very beautiful Duchess, somehow they suddenly felt that this Duchess wasn’t normal either…

       How could a normal person be like that?

       Austin seemed to be suddenly puzzled by Ruan Tang’s question.

       After awhile, he said to himself, “How can that be? I will take good care of it; with the most expensive and advanced technology, I will make sure to never make your skin or glands go bad…”

       He wanted to get such beautiful things.

       After getting them, he would collect them carefully and treasure them, never letting them get damaged.

       After all, he’d never seen such good skin, and the scent on Ruan Tang’s body was also something he had never smelled before; that special smell inexplicably fascinates him. 

       So unique, and so desirable…

       “…… I’ll ask you one more question, I wonder why do you want to peel off my skin and cut off my glands?” Ruan Tang’s tone remained as calm as ever as he listened to him describe how he would care for his skin and glands from now on, as if he had already peeled off his skin and cut off his glands.

       Austin didn’t even think about it, and said, “It’s for collection, of course.”

       His skin was so beautiful and his smell so special…

       He wanted to have it

       “I am married to you now, your legal partner, I am already yours.” Ruan Tang was calm as always.
“Even if you peel my skin and cut off my glands, you still have to find a way to preserve them properly, it would be far less effective than leaving them on my body…”

       Ruan Tang felt as if he had become the prime minister’s daughter who told stories to coax the tyrant every night in One Thousand and One Nights, “My whole body is already yours.
Whenever you want to see my skin or smell my pheromone , you can come and see or smell them anytime.
It’s really unnecessary to go to such lengths to separate them from me.”

       “You’re all mine?” Austin repeatedly mumbled, as if he had gotten caught up in it.

       Ruan Tang did not hesitate, “Yes, my whole person belongs to you.
Therefore, I will take good care of my skin and glands for you.
I don’t think you can find anyone in the entire Empire Star who can take care of them better than me.
Now…please rest assured.”

        He had known that a madman’s logic could not be regarded through normal people’s, and that neither the Royal Family nor the people in Duke Austin’s mansion would allow this madman to hurt him.

       But it’s still uncomfortable to be under the same roof, day and night with someone who wanted to skin and cut off his glands.

       Therefore, Ruan Tang decided to deceive Austin.

       Ruan Tang admitted he still had some tricks in dealing with mentally ill people.

       Austin sat sickly in his wheelchair and did not speak for a long time, as if Ruan Tang had gotten around it (his logic).

       “It’s getting late, I want to rest.” Seeing this, Ruan Tang took it upon himself to look at the butler and said,”Mr Butler, could you please take me to my room?”

       He became the legal partner of Duke Austin, and the other owner of this Ducal residence.

       Now, under the premise that one of the masters of this mansion was a lunatic, Ruan Tang felt that he was perfectly capable of trying to be a certain master.

       The butler took a cautious glance at Austin, seeing that he had no objections, he immediately stepped forward and bowed, leading the way for Ruan Tang, “Yes, Madam.
Please follow me.”

       Ruan Tang’s room was arranged by the butler in accordance to Austin’s orders long before Ruan Tang had arrived

       It was located in one of the rooms of this residence farthest from Austin’s master bedroom.

       “Goodnight, Sir.” When Ruan Tang saw the butler agree, he bowed politely to his nominal husband and followed the butler slowly up the staircase towards his room.

       After a busy day and little interest in his nominal husband, Ruan Tang just wanted to have a good rest.

       At this point, Austin had just said something horrifying again, that even Anna, the Empress’s personal maid, was having a hard time urging them to consummate their marriage at a time like this.

       Because of the mad dog Duke’s insanity, Anna was really afraid that if they slept together in the same bed at night, he might really skin his partner…

       If that really happened, it would be a big scandal, a big stain on the Royal Family and the Empress’s Family.

       “He’s not afraid.
Has he not heard of my reputation in the Empire Star? Why isn’t he scared at all?” After a while, Austin looked at Ruan Tang’s distant back before he came back to his senses and mumbled, “Shouldn’t Omegas be the most timid creatures in the world?”

       Hearing his question, even if she knew that he was talking to himself, and didn’t actually mean to ask others.

       Anna hardened her scalp2 and replied, “Your Highness, Madam is your partner.
You are his Alpha, he is your Omega; can’t he adore you already? How can he be afraid of you?”

       “Does he belong to me?” Austin asked.

       Anna answered without hesitation, “Yes, he belongs to you.”


       “Madam, please come in.” The butler brought Ruan Tang to his room and said respectfully, “From now on, this will be your room.
If there’s anything you don’t like about it, feel free to say so.”

       As soon as they entered the door, a disabled robot came in carrying Ruan Tang’s luggage.

       Ruan Tang breathed a sigh of relief and immediately looked around the room that he would be staying in for who knew how long.

       The room was cleaned up and without the slightest odor.
However the layout was still consistent with the mansion, giving it an eerie and gloomy feeling; the dim lighting in the room made Ruan Tang uncomfortable.  

       But he realized there was nothing he didn’t like about it, and then instructed the robot to clean up and rearrange the room.

       “No, it’s fine.
That’s it.” Ruan Tang looked at the room again and said so, despite still not quite comfortable with it.

       He was too tired to fuss about anything else, and now just wanted to get a good night’s rest.

       “In that case, I’ll go down first, Madam.
Please rest well.” The butler observed this and said this at once..

       Seeing Ruan Tang and Austin like that, he also knew that it was impossible to expect the newlyweds to consummate their marriage on the wedding night. 

       Ruan Tang nodded his head without question, “Okay.”

       The butler immediately retreated with the robot manservant, leaving Ruan Tang alone in the huge room.


TL Notes:

[1] Send a pile – become a couple

[2] Hardened her scalp – to brace herself, summon up courage

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