d walked out.
The room was stuffy and hot, but as soon as he stepped into the corridor, a cool breeze blew over him, instantly clearing his mind of all the jumbled thoughts. 

Just before the official recording of the program, two more members of the production team came to him with a few more contracts to sign.
Ji Xiaotao assured him that he could sign the contracts without worry, as everything that needed to be discussed had already been taken care of on their end. 

Yuan Ye simply replied over the phone, “If you guys say it's okay, then it's okay.
I'm too lazy to read it.” 

Ji Xiaotao laughed and said, “Okay, Brother Ye, don't worry about it.
Just treat it as a few trips out of the house.” 

“Mm,” Yuan Ye replied in a flat tone.
“Call me if there's anything else.” 

“Okay, bro, get some rest,” said Ji Xiaotao.
He had known Yuan Ye for many years and their relationship was quite close.
However, as he was Fang Shaoyi's assistant, and Fang Shaoyi and Yuan Ye had cut ties cleanly, he couldn't really become close friends with Yuan Ye.
It just wasn't possible.

Yuan Ye hummed in agreement and hung up the phone.
It was already 10 pm and he had taken a shower and smoked a cigarette.
He should have gone to bed, but his mind was still alert and he wasn't feeling sleepy.

Thinking about that program made Yuan Ye a little annoyed.
He always hated being filmed by a camera.
The lens made him feel restrained and he didn't like being confined, being framed in a square lens like a performing monkey in a zoo, without any freedom.
Guan Zhou was actually right, his mind must have been clouded when he accepted this job. 

Yuan Ye turned on his computer, not in the mood to write anything, just casually flipping through his photos.
He didn't like being photographed by others, but he loved taking pictures, ever since he was in school. 

Looking at the world through the viewfinder, the whole world was still, even if the scene was moving at the time, it would eventually come to a stop.
Whether it was beautiful or ugly, open or closed, it was nothing more than a collection of countless moments, always stopping, always being frozen in time.

The photos were not arranged in order, they were all jumbled up.
Yuan Ye never liked organizing things, and in the past, when he had free time, Fang Shaoyi would help him sort them out.
But in the past year or two, the photos were all randomly stored, without any rules.

Yuan Ye's gaze fell on a certain photo, lingering for two seconds before he clicked on it. 

The scene was a brilliant gold.
The sun poured down from the sky, illuminating the lawn behind the small building.
It was just an ordinary photo, neither beautiful nor ugly, but the sunlight made it look nice, so it was taken on a whim.
Now, even through the screen, you could see the bright and dazzling light of that moment.

Yuan Ye looked at the photo for a long time, his eyes seemingly calm.
He even furrowed his brow at one point.
He reached for his cigarette case, but then decided against it and put it back.
Finally, he let out a laugh, sat back in his chair, and stretched his arms out to relax.

Late at night, the mind can't help but wander.
Yuan Ye used to think of himself as carefree, but now he felt like he was occasionally being melodramatic. 

He couldn't help but think of that small patch of land.

Forget it, he thought, might as well go take a look. 

For ten years, Yuan Ye has lived in this house since he married Fang Shaoyi.
Back then, this area was still considered suburban, with just a few villa communities.
But as the city expanded, their neighborhood became a district within the city. 

It's been almost a year since Yuan last visited, and he still feels like the house is too big and empty.
His current two-bedroom apartment is just right for him, not too big or too small.

As he drove up, the sensor at the gate beeped, but the door didn't budge.
The gate is supposed to automatically recognize the license plates of his and Fang Shaoyi's cars, but now, with his car parked right in front of it, the gate remained unresponsive. 

Sitting in his car, Yuan couldn't help but feel a bit ridiculous. 

He was about to turn around and leave when a security guard ran out of the gatehouse and greeted him, “Hey, Brother Yuan is back? It's been a long time since we've seen you.
What have you been up to?” 

As he spoke, he used a remote control to open the gate.

Yuan Ye rolled down his car window and waved as a greeting before asking the security guard, “Yeah, I've been out.
Is something wrong with the gate?”

“No, it's not broken.
I thought it was a car from outside, but then I saw it was your car,” the security guard replied, unsure of what was going on.
“You can go in first, Brother Yuan.
I'll ask the property manager later.”

Yuan Ye nodded and said, “No need.
I think the system just updated.
I'll go in first, and you can help me open the gate when I come back out.” 

“Okay, Brother Yuan, you can go in.
Just give me a shout when you come out, I'll be able to hear you,” said the security guard. 

Yuan Ye entered the gate and lightly honked his horn as a thank you.
The guard waved at him from behind.
Yuan Ye looked at him through the rearview mirror and shook his head with a faint smile.

Did he even need to ask? He and Fang Shaoyi had separated long ago, and he had already moved out of this house.
There was no reason for him to come back, and his license plate was probably already removed from the system.
He had forgotten about this, or else he wouldn't have come today.

He didn't just come here for the small lawn from the photo, but also because he had left behind a few cameras and lenses.
When he left in a hurry, he didn't have time to collect everything, and he had always planned to come back for them.
But he never got around to it. 

But his belongings should eventually be brought away, it wasn't right to take up others' space. 

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