I was startled by the sudden turn of events.

The one who just messaged me was none other than the Yandere Constellation who always trails the protagonist.

Once she's free from the bug space, she stares at me, taken aback.

Shouldn't she be trailing the protagonist?!

My mind reels with this unexpected development.

Meanwhile, in that very moment.

The goddess who observes fate was as taken aback as Cain, her mouth wide open in shock.

Where had they been hiding?

Usually, if constellations decide to seek out humans on the surface, they can do it.

But they couldn't even locate themselves this time.

As a result, she found herself waiting patiently, just like Kim Soo-yong.

Shortly after Kim Soo-yong finally gave up, two individuals emerged from the wall, unharmed.

Had fate really…
veered off course?

Cain and Meyrin, who had appeared on the screen, were meant to die.
That was their destiny.

But they survived.
The death she foresaw had been averted.

There had never been a case like this before…

She shifted her focus back to the screen.

Seeing Meyrin's reaction, which suggested she didn't expect to survive, made it clear that Cain controlled the situation.

What exactly is he planning?

Kim Soo-yong is a foreigner from another dimension.
Such beings are unique and special.

But Cain isn't.
He isn't a foreigner like Kim Soo-yong, nor does he possess any exceptional talents.

This is…
becoming rather interesting?

This is the first time.
A human who has piqued her curiosity in this way.

She should stake her claim before other constellations notice him.

She expressed her interest by messaging Cain.

[The Goddess of Fate is now interested in you.]

Is this the right way to put it?

She sent a message to Cain.


He looked devastated, as though he had lost everything.

What?! What about me?!

She was somewhat annoyed that he looked so upset at her interest, but it only made her more curious.

Why exactly does he seem to dislike her? She was intrigued.

The goddess of fate licked her lower lip as if she had discovered a tasty morsel, seeing his reaction.

Meanwhile, Meyrin was staring blankly at Cain, who was sitting in his room in despair.

'What on earth happened while I was gone?'

She had momentarily left Cain's room to check on an intruder.
The intruder had breached the traps and guild members at a worrying speed, so she hurried back to report to Cain.

The issue was that his mood had drastically shifted during her absence.

He always seemed a bit odd and clueless.

had changed.

If he previously seemed weak and pitiful, those characteristics were now absent, replaced with a touch of madness and a hint of softness.

Starting from the strange finger-pointing at the air, to his current solitary despair, he seemed to have lost a screw.

'…But he definitely apologized to me, didn't he?'

That thought kept circling in her mind.
Cain was so proud that he hadn't apologized to anyone since he turned 17.

'I need to tell the Lord.
That's our only chance at survival.'

If the Lord sees the changed Cain, he might give us another chance.

With that thought, she stared seriously at Cain, who was despairing on the floor.

[The Goddess of Fate is now interested in you.]

Damn it.
Stop taking an interest in me, you jerk!

Suddenly, the yandere constellation began to show interest in me.

·····I'll just ignore it for now.

I don't know why she started showing interest in me, but the best reaction is to ignore it.

Generally, attention-seekers should be ignored.

“Okay, let's move.”

“Yes, Mr.

As I left the hideout, I subtly scanned my surroundings.

Just as I thought, this isn't Earth…

Around me were buildings typical of Europe, and everyone was dressed in extravagant costumes.

How do I get back?

·····Wait, do I even need to go back?

For starters, my parents are long gone on Earth, I don't have any real friends.
As an orphan, there's nothing good about going back.

Regardless, let's return to the family mansion.

Having played countless games, I had a fair idea about David's territory, so I headed straight to the mansion without wandering around.

But why are people avoiding me?

The vendors selling goods, the adventurers, all of them kept as far away from me as possible, as if touching me would kill them.

Cain, this guy, is known for all the wrong reasons.

[The Goddess of Fate says you are known for all the wrong reasons.]

No, I already knew that without you telling me.
This jerk.

Even though I felt slightly aggrieved, I ignored the message from the Constellation and kept walking.

Before long, I reached the family mansion.

Meyrin and I approached the iron gate of the mansion.
The soldiers pointed their spears at Meyrin.

She is my guest, let her pass.”

At the mention of 'guest,' the guard was visibly shocked.
He quivered, quickly bowed at a right angle, and apologized.

“So, sorry!”

Carry on.”

As I patted the soldiers' shoulders, their eyes widened.
They looked at each other silently, seemingly unable to believe what was happening.

Their faces seemed to say, 'That's it?'

I ignored their reaction and stepped into the mansion.
The nearby maids and butlers subtly distanced themselves from me.

Why do I have to deal with this when it's Cain who caused the trouble?

As I was feeling upset about being shunned in the mansion, a butler with a dull look appeared out of nowhere and bowed.

“Sir, we've prepared hot spring water and alcohol for you.”

I'll join you shortly.”

At my words, the butler looked surprised for a moment, his eyes wide, before returning to their previous dull expression.

And who might this lady be?”

“She's my guest.
Treat her kindly.”


My personal butler, Philip, began following us after that exchange.

Why is he tailing us?!

Officially, he might be my butler, but in reality, he's one of the assassins trained by the David family.

In the David family, assassins are there to get rid of anyone harmful to the family, excluding the head of the family.

Even if that person is the child of the family head.

I'm not sure how Cain has managed to survive despite his reckless actions so far, but I wouldn't blame Philip if he decided to kill me right here and now.

Externally, I kept a calm expression and moved on.

Being an avid gamer, I had memorized the layout of the David family's mansion.

It should be around here somewhere…

It didn't take long before we reached our destination.
I turned back to Philip.

Wait outside.
Do whatever you need to do.”

“Understood, Young Master.”

With a bow, Philip replied.

finally, he's gone.

Although he's out of sight, it doesn't guarantee safety.
But the pressure has certainly reduced.

Feeling somewhat relieved, I opened the door to my room.


The room was filled with a dazzling array of luxurious items, high-quality alcohol, and furniture suitable for any noble.

That bed looks really large.

I could probably roll around on it without any issues.

As I admired Cain's room in my head, I sat down on a chair in front of a fancy desk.

Resting my chin on my hands, I squinted at Meyrin…
no, at her.

how about you reveal your true identity? Or shall I do it for you?”


She visibly jumped.
It seemed she hadn't expected to be discovered, her eyes wide with surprise.

Honestly, it was too obvious.
I don't believe the woman in front of me wants to harm me.

If she did, she could have left me behind and escaped right from the start.

She didn't do that in the previous round.
She risked her life to help me get away.

Pretending not to know felt odd, so I began recalling what I knew about the David family.

And a certain person sprang to mind.

I stared at her, my expression serious.



The room fell silent.

[The Goddess of Fate is urging you to hurry and reveal who you really are.]

Wait, you're still here?

You were quiet for so long I thought you'd gone back to Kim Soo-Yong.
But here you are, reacting like you're in a detective story.

If you won't speak, I will.
Liche, take off your mask.
I command it.”

At my order, she hesitated, then removed her mask to reveal her face.

Her brown hair framed a makeup-free face with a fair complexion.
Her lips were a light red, and the mask had concealed a small, pretty nose and teary eyes.

She had a charming face, a pity it had been hidden till now.

She then knelt on one knee.

“I'm sorry, master.
I'm Liche, your faithful maid, at your service.”


I responded with an indifferent expression, and Liche looked surprised.
Ignoring her, I continued.

“By your reaction, it seems you expected me to question you.
I assume my father asked you to spy on me, right?”


Liche said nothing, pretending not to understand my question.

“Your silence says enough for me.
Anyway, I had no plans of questioning you.
Go now.
I need time to think.”

“As you wish, master.”

With those words, Liche bowed and left the room.

Now alone, I used my game settings to increase the volume, just to be sure.


No one's around.

I set the volume back to normal and sighed deeply.

“I think I need a trip to the hot springs.”

Today had been draining.
I needed rest.

I left my room and headed for the mansion's hot spring.

The men's section was empty – maybe my brothers weren't ready for their bath yet.

Just as I began to undress,

[The Goddess of Fate admires your black flame dragon.]

“Hey, stop with the harassment and just leave.”

I was already exhausted, and this yandere deity was only making things worse.

[The Goddess of Fate becomes more curious about you.]

Insane! Is she really saying that after seeing my…
you know?

An image of Kim Soo-Yong with a nosebleed flashed in my mind, and I quickly dismissed it.

She'll soon lose interest.
She must.

I'm not some brilliant genius or a person from another world like Kim Soo-Yong.

That's the truth.
But the goddess doesn't know that.
So, she'll quickly lose interest and return to Kim Soo-Yong.

Brushing off the constant messages from the goddess, I stepped into the bath.

This feels amazing.”

It seemed as if my whole body was melting.
It was like I had stepped into paradise, and all my tension disappeared.

Now, it's time to come up with a plan.

I've been too busy until now, but planning is essential.

At this point…

Whether it's good or bad, we're just at the start.
There's a chance for me to step in.

But, do I need to do that?

Honestly, if things go as they originally did, Kim Soo-Yong would defeat the final boss himself.
My interference and changing the future wouldn't make a difference.

The issue is…

[The Goddess of Fate wants to see your black flame dragon.]

This obsessed yandere goddess.

In the original story, she sticks with Kim Soo-Yong until the end.
But now that I've survived differently from the original story, for whatever reason, this goddess has started to show interest in me.

I need to either get rid of her or avoid her.

If things keep going this way, I might end up dead like Kim Soo-Yong.

Well, that wouldn't be a big deal.

If I die, I can just start over…
No, I still don't like that idea.

That's not the only problem.
If things stay as they are, I can't predict the possible consequences.

Sure, this goddess doesn't help Kim Soo-Yong much, but who can tell?

So, the first goal is to redirect this goddess back to Kim Soo-Yong.

With that in mind, I let the warmth of the bath envelop me.

Meanwhile, at the same moment.

A man dressed as a butler is in his room, carefully monitoring a listening device.

He remembers the event from an hour earlier.

During a short break, the butler had returned to his room and turned on a communication orb.

A deep voice resonated from the orb.

'So, what's the update?'

David Von Cain is alive.'

I didn't see that coming.
I never thought that stubborn noble would survive.'

'What's the next step? If things continue as they are, the David family could find out.'

After the butler's question, the person on the other end fell silent for a while, seemingly in thought.

After a brief pause, a voice came from the communication orb.

Take out David Von Cain today.'

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