Awaken my power

Lara Cheetos

”Watch out boy!! ”

”Huh? ” While my sister and I were enjoying the atmosphere, a mans scream broke this calm, as I turned my head toward the sound.My eyes widened in shock, a truck was rushing towards us, the truck driver didn seem to care about us, as if he meant to do it

Behind him was a group of people with their faces in masks, from the structure of their bodies they seemed to be a group of teenagers but their movements were quick compared to normal people and preceded by a person wearing a fox mask who was taller compared to the people behind him and seemed to be the one who called us

Damn! Whats going on?! When Ares saw the truck speeding up, he couldn help but curse, the speed of the arena was very fast

”Brother!! M-whats going on? ” When Ares was looking at the truck, Marias trembling voice sounded, her hands shaking.

In this case, you cannot survive, as I have no other choice.Think Ares

”Maria, hold on to me and close your eyes tightly. ” Ares looked at Maria and said

”N-Yes, brother, ” Maria replied, stuttering

I didn want to use this but I have no other hope..Lets hope they haven seen my face yet, although its unlikelyThink Ares

Ares closed his eyes, then took a deep breath, then waves of golden energy erupted at the center of his chest and then erupted in different paths in his body and then opened his eyes

zzzz!! Sparks erupted from his body and then his green eyes turned golden with an aura erupting around his body, at the same time the masked mans body seemed to erupt a blue aura as well and then moved towards him quickly, but Laris had no time to pay attention to him

And when the truck was a few meters away from him

Now !! ”

[Enhancement: Strength]

Ares lifted his foot from the pedal and then hit the ground،When he hit the ground


The ground shattered within a meter and became like a spiders web. Then, like a flash, Ares sped away very quickly, leaving behind nothing but a golden flash.

what!! ”

If Aris looked at the expressions of the masked man and the truck driver, he would laugh at their expressions, but he did not have time for that. When he moved quickly, there was a street in front of him.

When Ares crossed the street, Ares stopped activating his power and the aura around him disappeared

”It hurts a bit. Im not used to using this power yet. ” When Ares deflated, he felt a few tingles of pain.

”But I need to get out quickly, ” said Aries, then put his foot back on the pedal, then move quickly and take turns right and left.

Then when he got a distance, he reached a park, stopped a bike and got off it

”Maria, you can open your eyes now. ” Ares said to Maria

Maria opened her eyes and looked around trembling

”Don worry, we
e far away, now we
e safe, ” Aris said, calming Maria

”My brother, woo woo ”Maria started crying, although it was only a few moments, she really felt like death. She didn know what had happened, but she was sure that her brother had saved her now.

”Its okay, its okay, we
e fine now. ” Ares smiled and hugged Maria

When Maria calmed down, Aris said to her, ”I think it is not appropriate for you to go to school today. I will take you home now. ”

”But I don want…. ” Maria wanted to say something, but Ares interrupted her, ”No, Ill take you back. If you go to school like that, youll make a bad impression on me. You don want that, do you? ”

”I… well I won go ” when she wanted to say something but when she thought about it, she couldn help but agree

”Don worry, Ill explain it to the teachers, okay, lets go ” Aris said with a smile

Then Aris brought Maria home, but this time he took a different path than the one he came from

When they got home, and Maria wanted to knock on the door, Ares said to her, ”Maria, lets make this a secret between us, and don tell our mother about it, so she won worry, okay? ”

Maria turned to Aries and said with a smile, ”Don worry, I won tell her what happened. ”

”Okay, go get some rest, ” said Ares, brushing her hair a little, and then riding his bike،When Maria entered the house, Aris ran off

That person wearing a mask gave off energy like mine When Ares remembered what had happened before, he thought seriously about it.

No, its different, he seems to have increased his speed, I could only see his stray, then does this mean that the people behind him also have abilities, it seems that it is not only me who has them

But why does it look like they
e chasing the truck owner? And also a truck driver who didn care about us was apparently aiming at us in the first place. When Ares thought he had almost run over him and his sister, a fierce look appeared in his green eyes.

”I shouldn go check it out now, ” said Ares, and sped off to the scene of the accident

A few minutes later, when Ares arrived at the scene, he couldn help but stand there in shock

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