Awaken my power

New student

When Aris arrived at the scene, he was shocked by the scene he saw, the truck that nearly hit him was upside down and there were many potholes on the ground. There was a burning trace on the ground that looked as if a battle had taken place here

”What the hell happened here? ” Ares looked at this scene and said with a frown

”Is that who those men did? Also why were they after the truck owner? ” Ares remembered the men who were after the truck and couldn help but wonder

”But most importantly, it all happened silently, car crashing and crashing into the ground without making any noise, it just gets weirder… ” When Ares thought a little, he became even more skeptical about it. ”Yes! There was no trace of anyone in the area looking as if The area is deserted. ”

”Shut up! It doesn matter I think its better to leave Ill leave it to the police to look into it, more importantly my sister and I are fine now ” The more Aris thought about it, the more frown on his face in the end he couldn help but sigh

I think I still have five minutes left, I have to hurry Finally, Aries chose to leave it, because in the end it had nothing to do with Aries, got on his bike and drove off to his school. While he was riding his bike a blue card fell from him without Aries knowing it

And when Ares left.

”Hmm, this is the same person who escaped earlier, I think its right that I stayed here. ” A womans voice emerged from the void, then a trace of energy flashed, then a body of months from toe to head, what appeared was a woman with a very beautiful oval face. She has pure white skin, crimson red hair in a ponytail, and crimson eyes that radiate a seductive glow.

In her right hand she was holding a long katana, and her left hand was holding a mask with the face of an imp, and she was wearing a black jacket, which gave her an extra beauty.

”Ive got to tell Arthur quickly, ” she said seriously, Then she took the card that Ares had dropped and glanced at it and then as she showed up, her body seemed to disappear little by little, leaving no trace behind.

Aris didn know all this, now all his attention was focused on the school in front of him

Aris walked forward and entered the school, Well, there are many students, Aris thought while looking at the crowds of students that were entering inside. Among them were chatting and acquaintance with each other and many others, Aris continued his way and did not care about making friends and gossip with them

Ares entered the teaching building, there were a lot of classes،

”There are a lot of classes..Oh I think Mary gave me a card with information written on it in addition to the class I belonged to. ” When Ares was confused, remembering the card his sister had given him, he reached into his bag and looked at it.

”It doesn exist, Im worried that Marie put it in the bag, now how do I know my class ” Ares frowned and said in annoyance, Ares searched for his card but couldn find it no matter what and couldn help but scratch his head.

”Uh, maybe I should ask the teachers? Well I have no other choice. ” When Aris couldn find his card, he decided to use the teachers, then asked some students and headed toward the teachers room.

When Aris entered the teachers room, there were many offices, but they were all empty.

”Maybe he left for their ranks, ” Aris thought

”Do you need something? ” When Ares was baffled, a womans voice sounded behind him.

”Huh!! ” When Ares widened the voice behind him, he quickly turned around and took a few steps back.

”Haha, don be afraid. Are you a new student, maybe this is your first year, ” the woman said with a smile on her lip. Her hair was black as night, her red eyes were very beautiful, and the tight skirt that accentuated her feminine features and made her long legs very sexy.

”She was behind me but I didn feel anything! ” Ares frowned while looking at her, then gave a helpless smile and said, ”Um, are you a teacher here? ”

”Is this a question to be asked? ” She smiled once and tilted her head and said

”Haha, yeah, Im sorry. I wanted to ask where my class is, so I couldn help but come here. ” Ares replied and explained the matter.

”I think we have given cards containing all the information the students need, ” the woman thought, and then said.

”Oh, sorry but,, I guess I forgot about it at home so… ” Ars couldn help but make up an excuse.

”Okay, okay, but you have to pay attention next time. ” The woman said with a smile, then went to the office on her right side, then sat on the chair and took a look at the computer. Then she said, ”Well, what is your name? ”

”Aris Black, ” Aris said

”Mm, Ares Black… oh well, you
e in class 1_B, ” said the woman, then looked toward Ares and continued, ”Its on the second plate you can ask some of the students over there. ”

”Thank you teacher ” Ares smiled and thanked the teacher.

”Its okay, maybe— ” When the woman wanted to say something, the phone rang on the desk, interrupting her conversation.

The teacher took a phone and glanced at the callers name, then smiled and said, ”Sorry, its an emergency call, you can ask the students where your classroom is. ”

”Its okay Im leaving now. ” Ares bowed a little to show his gratitude and then took a few steps toward the door, meanwhile the woman opened the phone and answered the call, ”Hello, Kasia, how are you, huh, you
e always cold, okay, oh, what a coincidence, okay Ill take care of it،،. ”

During her call, she glanced at Iris who was leaving, then smiled and then hung up the phone.

”Wait, Ares, I think there was a mistake, ” said the teacher, then stood up and walked toward Ares.

”Huh, wrong, but,,, ” Ares was suspicious, but the teacher interrupted him and said, ”There was a computer glitch, so I will personally take you to class, and it just so happens that its the class I teach. ” The teacher said with a smile.

”So I will officially introduce myself to you, Im Lara Cheetos and Ill be your teacher for your class ” Lara said while looking at Ares

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