Awesome Lawyer

Chapter 5 Atty. Aris protected Mia

Much light reflected to their hearts while taking their pleasure above the air. Such moment, Mia might have fallen down her feet to the green ground, but Stephen actively placed his hands to the stunning girl. It took two hours traveling from the hot city to paradise. Her eyes were pleasantly many astounding flowers and bountiful places. Her heart laughed and gazed at it, so far she had not seen it before. She still wanted to stare at it, however the wind informed her, ” its already paradise, ” that time, her cool sweetheart sweetly brought her to the icy mountain where the fresh wind and shimmering star might ultimately witness their nights.

Mia awkwardly gazed at the entire paradise, though her eyes have satisfied the whole creature, however she has not seen the house where they would take their first night. Her mouth uttered such complain to him, a quick response, ” I will magically make a house for us, just allow me to live your heart tonight, ” then, the star bonked above their heads, ” do you see it? I invite the celestial object just to see my sincere love for you, ” he said.

A romantic voice came out from his mouth, ” then, Ill take your heart tonight, is it okay? ” Then, he began to kiss her, which Mia felt too nice attaching with him, so far she had not allowed anyone to kiss her face before. Her internal organ ultimately shifted when she sweetly touched Stephens nick.

When the icy wind bonked their heads, the full moon appeared above the tree. And then, Atty. Aris angrily gazed at them, his mind still doubtful if they hadn seen him. So, he slowly moved backward. There was a loud voice, ” its your time to fight your love for Mia, ” the moon said.

Such time, Stephen finally gave his best kiss for her, but his arms felt that Mia did not like his environment. So, he brought her to the shimmering object which automatically transformed into an awesome house. That time, Mia transparently saw the hot man who attempted to bring her body to the star, ” excuse me Stephen, can you please allow me to meet the invisible object? ”

A mad voice, ” no, its our time to take our second date inside the house, ” his eyesight looked blurred upon casted back what the stunning girl asked. To begin, his hands confidently removed his t-shirt, just to get Mias virginity, that time, the cloying light sweetly bonked to Mias mind, ” don allow him to touch your body, Ill be right back to your life, baby, ” that voice was identical to Aris voice. Indeed, Mia got insane to hear it, so her eyes stared at the cool guy, ” can you please wear your t-shirt again, I don have enough appetite to give my body and soul for you, ” she said.

Aloud voice, ” what? Why didn you like me? The star had registered our nuptial earlier, so you must accept my offer, anyway we would both benefit to it, right? ” That time, Atty. Aris silently reached the room though he did not have a key to open it. His intention was just to observe what might be Mias reaction regarding what Stephen offered for her. That time, Beatrice dreamt that her son had finally visited the world. So, she quickly drove her car just to reveal to Dr. Shelly, unknowingly that the doctor has been informing the police to arrest Beatrice because she was insane, her heart never expected any response from her anymore.

Can deny the fact that Dr. Shelly got sick due to her unconditional love for Atty. Aris. Her nose sometimes scented his awesome heart, but her eyes were considered as blind to seek for him. Her family craved to buy heaven and earth, just to give perfect happiness for her. On the other hand, Clenched faced at the plain mirror, what she genuinely saw was the prepossessing woman who was ultimately touched by Stephen. Of course she felt green with envy to see how awesome their relationship was, ” should I go back to my ex-lover? How to abduct his pleasant heart again? ” In short, she was regretful why she had left him without any valid reason. Meanwhile, there was an icy wind which sweetly passed to her shoulder; what she hypothetically thought that Stephen had craved to accept her dreams. In fact, it was the sudden reaction of Stephen when his sweetheart declined his request to get her pearly body tonight.

Too clumsy trudged the floor staring at the hot guy, Mia longed to slap his face, however she felt affright if ever Stephen won return her body to the earth. Unknowingly, Atty. Aris stood up at the back of her cool shoulder, indeed his hands clutched to her hair, ” hey, what are you waiting for you? ”

As Mia turned her head to the right side, unexpectedly the hot shadow converted into her first lover who still haunted her heart. That time, Stephen awkwardly stared at her, ” who are talking with darling? ” Then, he confidently removed his pants just to give his impeccable night exclusively for, he wanted to marry her but his heart craved to have an assurance.

A slight light slapped his face, ” can you leave my sweetheart? She is my mine not yours, ” Stephen abnormally gazed at the corner, however she only found the bed where Mia currently lay down. A loud voice, ” Mia, you may now ride my hands, lets depart this paradise, ” such a voice imbibed to the civil engineer who has an interest to express his painful love for her.

That time, Mia abnormally hugged the handsome lawyer, even though her mouth had been pledged to Stephens heart. The Loud voice, ” I love you goodbye Stephen, maybe you
e not my perfect man, ” such a statement irritated him. His ears won accept the fact that his girl may depart from him. He longed to destroy the moon, so that Atty. Aris no longer disturbed his feelings for Mia.

While waking the way, there was a pleasant voice, ” you may now go back to my life baby, I know Mia is not the right girl, but my heart should be responsible to haunt you, ” that moment, Stephens hurt slightly removed but he won longer go back his ex-lover, whatever may happen in the future. He would be willing to take revenge with Atty. Aris.

Cool wind hit Mias body, then the hot lips kissed her face. Of course she perfectly liked it since the dream guy who definitely did it for her, a cloying voice, ” I won leave the world Mia, if I can marry you, although my body will be automatically gone after the full moon may disappear, but bear in your mind, you
e my hope and reason why I existed on the earth, ” it gave a definite attraction to the flawless girl.

Slight chuckled, ” nice to hear that baby, I hope you will touch my heart forever. Without you, I haven felt the genuine world, ” she said. That time, the full moon got ready to disappear.

Would Atty. Aris still display his body beside her?

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