Two young men walked down the streets of Miami with a moderate pace under the leaves of the swaying palm trees.

It was summer, meaning that men and women of different ages took the opportunity to flaunt their chiselled and well tanned bodies with the revealing summer wear, whilst also resisting the morning heat.

Of the two, one was wearing a pristine white office shirt with the collar unbuttoned, a lavish pair of black flat front pants with an elegant black leather belt and well polished black loafers settling over the rest of his body.

He was slightly taller than the other man, with dark hair done into an undercut, honey coloured almond eyes, a straight nose and clean shaven face distinctly decorating his head.

His right hand was in his pocket and the way he walked exuded a gentlemanly elegance, further elevated by his muscular figure.

”Do tell me, brother. Why choose such a lavish city to reside in? Youve never been the type to live in such….lively places, ” he said to the other man.

”Before I answer that idiotic question that seems to poke at my ability to handle fun, I must strike you back with another question, brother. Why in the blazes would you wear your trade mark attire even in the scorching sun? ” asked the other man as he glared at his counterpart with exasperation.

He wore a long sleeved polo shirt and tight black jeans of the same colour. On his feet were navy blue running shoes that strangely contrasted his eye-catching amber hair made into a modern quiff.

Brown eyes, a raised nose and a neat stubble could be seen on his face but with all a dash of similarity to the other mans face.

”Truthfully we are both oddities in this weather. Your choice of clothing is no better than mine. It hasn changed either, ” the man in the white shirt said.

”Fair enough, you never took jokes well anyway. As for why I chose this place, the reason is quite simple. Enjoyment. After four whole centuries I simply chose a city that embodies the fresh, cool and fun atmosphere I was looking for. I have no doubt that if you look around youll be pleased by what you see. ”

Was it?

A young lady passed the two, going in the opposite direction.

She donned a yellow off-shoulder crop top and sexy tattered studded shorts.

She had exquisite smooth curves and honey coloured skin that glistened in the sun, accentuating its flawlessness and when she walked with the healthy bounce of energy, one couldn help but admire her long legs.

The man in the white shirt turned and perused from behind admiring the view with a slight smile.

The girl, as if sensing his gaze, turned and gave him a wink.

”Indeed, ” he said, much to the other mans delight as he wore a triumphant grin.

”Yet I find myself more interested in the news that made me hurry all the way here. Not the way I wanted to meet you again after so long but its better than nothing. Are you sure it was him, Edward? ”

The man in the long sleeved shirt wore a grim expression and answered.

”Yes. Im no fool. I had my loyalties scour the entire country. There have been four victims so far with six bite marks on their necks. Im sure thats worth being vigilant brother. ”

”That proves nothing. Over the centuries weve discovered that there is more than one Progenitor. This could be another and itd be best if we stay out of his way, ” the man in white said.

”Don tell me you
e still on this path of letting go, brother? Have you forgotten so easily the pain we have suffered for centuries? ” Edward, as he was addressed, asked in an irritated tone.

”I hardly have the capacity to forget, brother, even if I wanted to. But whats an eternity of life if you can enjoy it. Im not about to spend the rest of my endless life searching for an all powerful immortal just to ask him the question Why?. ”

Edward creased his brow at this.

”Enjoy? When was the last time you enjoyed life brother? I recall every detail. You were strangled by the binds of love only once and when it fell apart youve been too much of a coward to try again. That woman was a blot in your life for sure and I still stand by it, ” Edward said.

The man in white stopped, hand still in pocket.

However, when he stopped everything seemed to stop along with him.

The people on the street kept walking but the sound of their footsteps vanished. The sound of the engines of vehicles on the road dissipated leaving a great silence.

Edward stopped a few steps ahead and a took a deep breath.

”Take that back, ” the man in white said.

”Brother, I- ”

”Take it back. ”

Edward slowly turned and saw the casual gaze his brother was giving him. There was no frown, no anger, no rage. Only the slightest of smiles perched on his handsome face.

”Sorry, ” he said.

”Good. ”

The man in the white shirt resumed walking and sound returned to the world.

”Where shall we dine while we wait for Pepper to arrive? ” the man in white asked.

Edward sighed helplessly.

”First I want you to meet someone, ” he said. ”And just in case, take these. ”

He handed keys to his brother that had a horse-shaped tag with a residential number.

The two walked onward and turned to another street facing a cafe with an outdoor extension.

There were circular particle board tables arranged in a neat fashion, white umbrellas overhead to give a nice shade and elegant wooden chairs that perfected the view.

On one of the chairs was a young lady drinking coffee from her cup while enjoying the view of the street with a light smile.

She had chocolate brown hair made into a choppy bob, sand coloured skin and hazel coloured eyes that twinkled with the sunlight.

She wore a multicolour skater dress and had one leg on top of the other as she sat, giving her carefree nature a highlight.

Edward walked up to the lady followed by his brother.

On seeing him, a radiant smile appeared on the ladys face as she stood up and embraced him, giving a passionate kiss to his lips thereafter.

The man in the white shirt raised a brow and took a deep breathe while looking sideways.

After the kiss, Edward gazed intently at the lady and smiled.

”Someones in a good mood. Are you happy about something? ” he asked in a cheeky tone.

”Playing dumb won make me forget about tonight, Ed, ” the lady said, her smile still on display.

”Indeed. Though, I wouldn dream of making you forget. ”

The lady shook her head and peeked behind her lover to see the man behind him who was looking through the cafeteria window.

”Whos your friend? ” she asked.

Edward turned to the man in the white shirt and smiled.

”This is- ”

”Richard Wright, ” the man said with a brilliant smile as he extended his right hand for a classic greeting, effectively cutting off Edward.

The young lady obliged and shook his hand with surprise.

”Hes your brother? ”

”Indeed, ” Edward said. ”Richard, Marcy. Marcy, Richard. ”

”Such a succinct introduction, brother, ” pointed out Richard, as he was named.

”Yes indeed. Marcy is my girlfriend. Forgive me for being nervous about giving such an introduction to my older brother. ”

Marcy started laughing, much to the two brothers confusion.

”The way you two talk is the strangely similar. I thought it was a unique trait of Edwards but turns out it runs in the family, ” she said.

”Yes, we both do share…..ancient tastes, ” said Richard said with a smile. ”Let me not intrude. Ill be waiting for Edward at home. It was a pleasure meeting you, Marcy. ”

”Indeed, ” Marcy mimicked Richards aloof manner of speaking with an exaggerated masculine voice.

Richard only smiled and walked away.

Once he reached the corner he vanished.

”Don tell me you
e falling for him already? ” said Edward with a smile as he directed Marcy to sit back down.

”No. Hes too… beefy for me. ”

”And you
e too carefree for him, ” Edward said.

”Hmmm, it definitely seems that way. I must say Im kinda disappointed that you never told me that you had a brother. I thought 3 months was like, the standard for when I get to know more about you. Are you on bad terms perhaps? ” Marcy asked as she sipped her coffee.

”Im sorry about that. Its… complicated. Its certainly not a matter of conflict. Its the opposite actually. Our bond is too strong and too enduring to allow that. Now that my brother is here, we can start from there. And Im sure youll love my sister though. ”

”Theres a sister too? And here I thought I needed to get some new echniques to get it out of you. ”

”Oh don be modest. However, if you did learn a trick or two we can find out tonight. I have made reservations for us at a very nice place. ”

”Hmm. I was hoping we could go to my house and have a regular dinner. ”

”Why is that? Shouldn a special night be celebrated in a fancy establishment? ” asked Edward with a tilt of his head.

”Well, yeah. But… ” Marcy said as she reached for Edwards hand. ”I tend to cherish moments when there is nothing to distract them. No fancy clothes, chandeliers, food or people in the background looking all judgey because we
e being intimate. ”

”Id rather be with you, sitting on my couch, cuddling and watching a cheesy movie. Nothing too extravagant. ”

She looked at Edward intimately, a smile blooming on her face as she saw his reaction. He seemed both surprised and pleased.

”You should have told me to stop trying so hard all those months ago, then. ”

Marcy burst out into laughter.

”Maybe. ”

”Alright then. What milady wants, she gets. Though I wish youd be the one picking me up as an offering of peace. I have to cancel my reservation and lose face. ”

”Dream on! What face could you ever need other than this one, ” Margaret said, pointing at her face.

”Point Margaret. ”

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