That’s right.
It’s a life I never experienced, so I don’t know.
Sometimes you have awfully long dreams.
In that case, let’s do this.

Meet the Crown Prince first, and then get out of here.
Don’t you usually open your eyes to the real world when you receive a shock in a dream? If I end up waking up before meeting Cain, then there’s nothing I can do about it.
I quickly summarized my thoughts.

The maid was busy braiding my lilac hair to the side and putting real flowers on it.
I fiddled with the waist ornament and gazed at Celina’s reflection in the mirror.

You’re really pretty.

The woman in the light sky-blue dress was thin, but she was never weak.
I liked her unique straightforward and upright attitude.

I admired the arrogant and relaxed eyes, unique to those who possessed a lot of things hidden behind a weak appearance.
Her soft voice was also very treasured.

“That’s enough.

As I told them to stop, the maids politely stepped back.
I barely managed to save Celina’s hair, which was almost impossible to distinguish whether it was human hair or a flower garden in the backyard.

Well, I think it’s a little excessive, but I can’t help it.

“Ian, let’s go.”

To the place where those irritating things are swarming.
I held back those last words.

Elijah valued having meals with his family.
Even if you weren’t in the castle because of work or if you were sick, it was never allowed to eat separately.
In addition, Mikael would be there for the first time today.

I was very curious whether the same situation would happen here as in the game.
I got up from my seat, fiddling with the ends of my perfectly tied hair.

There was no specific reason for it, but the movement magic in the castle was usually done in the corridor.
It felt like it had become an unwritten rule? I grabbed the luxurious doorknob tightly and opened the door.

Then, I faced a wizard standing right in front of me.
Elijah Dell, who loosely tied the straight hair that came down to his shoulders and wore a gilded robe.

The mood sank sharply.
But my dissatisfaction melted away like snow as soon as I found Mikael standing next to Elijah.

“Hi, Mikael.
Good morning.”

I greeted him nicely.
Yeah, what does it matter whether Elijah is in front of me or not? Only I exist, not anyone else.

“Hello, Celina.
Did you sleep well last night? How are you feeling? I was worried all night.”

Mikael was wearing a fluttering black shirt and gray trousers with a slight tinge of blue.
The long earring hanging from his left earlobe suited him well, no matter when.
Generally, he could be easily concealed because he was someone with a pale skin tone, but as expected, color had nothing to do with this man.

Not bad?”

I replied ambiguously.
Sleeping in a dream wasn’t actually sleeping, but let’s just say I slept roughly.

“Come to think of it, how were you yesterday?”


“You must have met a lot of new people.
Didn’t you have any fun?”

Rather than having fun…”

Elijah suddenly cleared his throat, perhaps because he was sensing that the conversation was about to get lengthy.
I looked at him reflexively.

Hey, who the hell are you to cut off the main character!

[You should call him ‘father’.
Never use his name.]

A chat window appeared and quickly advised me.

What brings you here early in the morning when you’re very busy?”

“Mikael kept pestering me that he wanted to see you.”

Elijah didn’t seem to mind my sarcasm at all.
I turned my head back towards Mikael.

“That’s correct.
I begged.
I also tried to give Master an excuse to check on Celina’s condition.
It’s a little weird for me to visit alone.”

However, I was rather bewildered because he scattered a bright smile without a single hint of awkwardness and embarrassment.

This is impossible.
I must be crazy.
I guess I still didn’t satisfy my desires.
Was it not enough to hold hands yesterday?

“Let’s go.”

Elijah hurriedly checked the time on his pocket watch.
So everyone, including me, followed him.

I adjusted my pace to my company and discreetly looked around everywhere.
I felt like my mouth was going to open wide because of the magnificence.

As the original author, I was heavily involved in the creation of the game, so I knew everything inside the castle, but it was the first time I was seeing it in person.

In my setting, this castle, which Elijah built himself, was so high and eerie that once its shadow was cast, it created the illusion that night had come temporarily to the lake area.

I didn’t know how much of this place had been implemented in the game, but not even I looked around this castle when I tested it.

I had no reason to come to this area when playing as Mikael, because I was busy deciding the route and proceeding with the story, and inside the dream, I had no chance to come out of my room since yesterday.
So I got a little confused.

Was I this imaginative? This is too specific and perfect.
I’m not such a creative person.

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