Debt of Fate

Ch 7: Locked in [pt3]

”My lady, here are the clothes you ordered. Please forgive this young one here since she is new and has not gotten used to serving people. ”

Natasha observed the new maid with a critical eye. The new maid looked older than her but this was another face she had not seen before.

Her arms were well-defined and her frame was strong as well. Natasha would have taken her as a knight if she had not introduced herself as a maid instead.

Unlike the clumsy maid from before, the new maid was standing tall and proud. Just like the first one, the new maid also did not look at Natasha when she spoke. Instead, she kept her head bowed and her eyes fixated right in front of Natashas bad.

”You can leave the clothes on the bed and leave the room. I wish to be alone for the time being. ”

Natasha waved her hand in dismissal. She was surprised to see her orders being followed as soon as she gave them. She had never seen her servants being this obedient to her commands before.

It was such a big change compared to her past. And Natasha was a little hesitant to go probing into this new change. She did not want to end up being disappointed after all.

It took Natasha some effort but she was able to concentrate on the footsteps going further and further away from her room. But she was not optimistic enough to believe that she would be left without surveillance.

Richards attitude had been firm and unyielding. His reaction to Natashas possible dissertation had been strong as well.

In such a scenario, it was not difficult for Natasha to believe that he had ordered the servants to keep a watch on her.

She quickly unfolded her clothes and was relieved to find her usual work clothes instead of the useless dresses she used to wear before. At least this would not become a hindrance to her now.

”It looks like I did not grow much ever since I fell into a coma. Either that or someone ordered an identical set of clothes for me to wear. ”

Natasha quickly changed into her new clothes after a quick run down in the shower. By the time she finished, she could not help but feel like she had spent all of her energy. Every step she took felt like she was dragging her body for cooperation.

Maybe Richard had been right and Natasha was in no condition of running away. But she refused to become a sitting duck and wait for the unknown future to happen.

The outside corridor looked to be empty and devoid of life. There was no sound of footsteps or any other kind of activity. And this kind of atmosphere was the best kind for sneaking around.

Natasha had enough experience with cracking the locks so this one felt like childs play to her. The door was opened in a single flick of her wrist and Natasha quickly slipped into the hallway.

As she had expected, there was no one in sight. But despite having no human presence, the corridor still looked well-kept. There were no signs of dirt or other kinds of neglect around her.

Finally, Natasha reached the end of this corridor and this was also the place she had heard the maids footsteps disappear into.

Despite her bodys protest, Natasha pushed it to its limits and dashed out in a flash. She took the bulky maid by surprise and managed to knock her out.

She looked toward the other maid, wondering what she would do now. Natasha had no energy left in her to fight after all.

”W-Wait, I surrender. I don know how to fight anyway so I am useless and- ”

Another small jab knocked this maid out as well. Natashas arms and her legs hurt by the end of her small exercise but it was well worth it in the end.

”I don sense anyone else around me. I guess this was all I needed to encounter. ”

It made sense why Natasha did not have a lot of guards around her. And frankly speaking, she was still surprised that she was able to move.

But despite how much she had been able to accomplish, there were still some things Natasha needed to take care of. And by small things, she meant big concerns of hers.

The most important thing to acquire right now was money. Since Natasha has always expected herself to die, she had not set aside any kind of funds. She was not optimistic enough (or foolish enough) to leave the palace without any means of future survival.

”Royal treasure it is then. I doubt that fool of an emperor would even notice if some of his possessions went missing. ”

That old man would notice. Natasha was sure that he would notice and then fume once he realized that his precious ornaments were taken away by Natasha of all people.

Natasha wished she could stay behind to see his face be twisted in rage once he realized who was behind this theft.

”Now then, lets see where I am and how I can find a way out of here. Gosh, I miss my system in times like these. ”


Crown Prince Richard was having the best possible day. There was nothing that could make this day better for him.

After finally waiting for seven years, his sister opened her eyes. He had finally been able to see those blue eyes he longed to see again.

”Prince Richard, you look happy today. I don think I have seen you in such a satisfying mood forever. ”

The smile Richard had slipped off his face and he quickly turned around to face the one person he wanted to not see. Black hair framed a pale but beautiful face. The golden eyes looked back at Richard with a challenge in them.

Yes, this person – Ashley Ford, the only heir to the Ford Duchy and the reason his sister was in her condition in the first place.

To think that there had been a time in his life when they both had been friends. It felt like ages ago, a long-forgotten dream that had no chance of being revived.

”Ashley, I thought I banned you from entering the section of the royal palace. But I can see that you did not bother paying attention to my words. ”

Blue and gold collided. The servants who were passing by quickened thier steps to not get caught up in this fight.

”I am sorry Prince Richard but I am afraid I have the emperors seal of approval to be here. After all, this is the palace my fiance is currently being kept in. The emperor was all too happy to grant me access. ”

Ashleys face had an easy-going smile on it. It had just enough hint of mocking to break any illusion of it being sincere.

Richard did not need to overthink the reason his father had granted Ashley Ford access to the quarters his unconscious sister currently resided in. It was all because his father could care less about Natasha and her reputation.

The engagement Ashley Ford spoke of was also a result of this disinterest.

”Stop saying ridiculous things. We all know that my sister is not engaged with anyone. There was never any official document certifying the claim of this engagement you speak of. Stop trying to spread rumors about things that will never come true. ”

Richard was angry and he was not afraid to let his displeasure known openly. Everyone knew he had a soft spot for his sister but they could not be further away from the truth.

There was no sweet spot when it came to Richard and Natasha. Richard was in love with Natasha and that was the truth. But everyone and everything felt like an obstacle to him.

”Crown Prince Adam, you should be more than well aware of what it means for the emperor to not deny my claim of being engaged with Princess Natasha. Doesn that mean he had accepted our union? ”

Richard would have punched Ashley Ford if he could. He did try to punch that pale face but he missed.

If there was one person who could rival Crown Prince Richard in magic, then it was the next Duke – Ashely Ford. But Richard refused to lose his precious sister to this bastard.

”You, stay away from my sister. You have no right to even look at her after what your father did to her. ”

The easy smile slipped off the future dukes face and he finally looked serious. His golden eyes glowed as he looked at Richard.

But the conflict finally came to an end when Ashley turned away from the future emperor and shrugged his.

”Fine, suit yourself. But don come crying to me once you lose Natasha to me. Now that she has woken up, I will not hold myself back from courting my lady. ”

Richard wanted to swear at the news. This was the last person Richard wanted the news of his sister to reach.

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