Centuries ago.

The vampire, witches, wolves and demons lived at peace without any trouble.

They took turns to rule themselves after four years, it was said that witches Shouldn mate

with vampire wolf or demon but themselves, but what happens when a witch fell in love with

a man who was a vampire a wolf and a demon

He was the king of their world.

A secret affair kick up between the two of them,despite knowing the consequences of

what they were doing.

It was love at first sight. Anna fell for the king.

She was a maid in the palace and not knowing how it happened the king fell for her,they started dating and the greatest thing they did was Anna is pregnant.

It was a shock to them,Anna lied to her kind about who owns pregnancy,knowing that if the

witches found out they would want to kill the child and she doesn want that to happen knowing that she was carrying a disaster.

The king couldn ask her to abort; it was the first fruit from the love of her life.

When nine months of calamity struck and that was the day Anna was to be put to bed, instead of normal water to come out,blood came out which sent a bad warning to the witches.

Anna tried to deliver her child as she was placed at the altar in the coven as tradition demanded but the altar broke into pieces.

The witches were mad with anger,they asked for the father of her child she had no choice than to tell the truth.

When the child was coming out,the earth shook,a mighty wind blew everywhere causing fear and panic.

The child came out with a cry everywhere and became quiet because he had the aura of authority.

The child was to be killed to avoid destruction but the king wouldn hear of it.

The witches wanted to take over power since they already had a bad plan for years: they wanted to be leaders of the whole world.

Anna was cast to the bottomless pit and chained despite her parents pleas.

The witches took the child and threw him away waiting for dogs to feed on him.

They went at night and captured the king because he couldn be killed, before anybody could do anything, they already took over power.

Two years later a war broke out and all the witches were killed and news came that the child was still alive despite being neglected.

The few witches that could escape left while they were being haunted.

The elders came together,not wanting either to rule anymore; they needed someone who had their blood in them and when the child was brought he had so many good looks.

He had grown over his age,his face was calm but his heart was of stone,they had no choice but to make him king though he was young which brought him more enemies from his brothers but no one could complain because he had the

blood and authority in him, he was feared all over as he ruled ruthlessly without any mate,yet was cold hearted, a monster he was named the son of the devil.


I stared Angrily at the bitch culled up in my bed,the thought

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