Avery I heard someone say in my head,but I Ignored it and continued sleeping.

Avery I heard it again and this time,water poured on me and jerked up immediately.

Mom I screamed as I opened my eyes. Avery whats wrong with you, its already 8:30 and you are still sleeping, mom screamed at me Angrily.

What the **,its just 8:30 and not 10:00 I said

angrily. I have told you to stop this rude character of

yours it won take you anywhere mom said. Whatever I said and scoffed.

Am giving you 5 minutes to get your ass down here or you are gonna hear from me mom said and walked out. I hissed Angrily and entered my bathroom and

turned on the shower and let the water pour in me,sorry for not introducing myself,am avery, 19

and the only child of my parents,I will be 20 tomorrow. All my life I have lived in this small town with my parents. Im that type of girl that doesn take shit,I don have any friends you might call me weird because I don dress like a lady,all this girly and

relationship stuff doesn interest me,but mom wouldn hear of it,most times she would start preaching to me,swrs its making me sick.

I came out of the bathroom wrap in my towel,l pulled it off and applied lotion on my body,l wore my panties and left the bra,I don like

wearing them,it feels as if im tying a hook around myself.

I wore a pullover to avoid my nipples From showing and a crazy Jean.

I packed my hair in a ponytail,I don leave it down, it sucks,my hair is really long and I wanna

cut it short but mom wouldn hear of it but am gonna do it soon I thought as I walked out of my room.

And what is this you are wearing mom scolded.

Mom, chill , its not the first time I am wearing this, I said.

Avery, you have to change, dad said.

Dad in your dreams,I like being like this I said. You are gonna be single forever, mom said.

Mom thats what I want and enough of this lecture I said and grabbed my car keys and walked out.

Moments later.

I pulled at the doorway in school and walked towards my class ignoring all the states people

when they were giving me,I got in and the English teacher was teaching.

Avery , why are you always late? he asked. I turned to face him Angrily,do you have a death I wish I had asked.

And who are you to ask me what he said?

Just shut up old fools and mind your business.

Am taking you to the principal, he said. The one you screwed last week Friday I said smiling and everyone gasped. You don have proof , he said confidently. I brought out my phone and played the

video.yeah.yeah mr Collins ** me harder, the principal screamed,his face turned to that of total horror and he ran out.

Am gonna post it so you guys can be calmI said and everywhere became quiet. I walked to my seat and sat down just then I saw the three idiots coming. How much I hate these girls,they call themselves A3, Abigail,Abby and Anthonia.

You must be feeling like a God now Abigail said but I ignored them.

Did you lose your tongue Abby asked. Do you guys have a death wish I asked

What can you do, anthonia said.

You Don wanna be on my bad side I said standing up in anger I could feel power radiating from me and I heard the whole class gasp

Oh my God what are you Abigail with total horror on her face.

Shes a devil anthonia said, running away. I walked out and looked at myself in the mirror,that was when I saw it,my hair was long

to the ground and it was pure white,ok this isn

good at all I didn know when I screamed and ran out of the class.

The old witches. Prophecy had began to come to pass the first

witch said.

Yes its time for us to take our lost glory, the second witch said.

And its time for us to make them pay for treating us like animals the third one said and

the guest into laughter.


After killing the bastards that threatened me yesterday I felt at peace for a very long time.

I sat in my garden enjoying the cool sight, I really don wanna be disturbed.

My king, I heard my personal guard say. Anything I asked calmly,I don really know why

but I felt part of me being restored.

My king , Abigail, said she has important information, he said.

Let her in I said, Abigail is my personal bitch and spy,l use her anytime I want to,do you have a death wish I asked as she got to where I was and gasped, whats the matter I asked. My Lord someone said those same words to me she said.

I asked curious.

A witch she said.

A witch I asked and stood up .

Yes, in my class she responded.

I smiled to myself,Abigail had lived a thousand

years, but look younger like me.

My Lord, what do I do she asked.

You can go now I said and mind link Michal.

Why does it have to be when screwing a bitch he said.

Shut up fool Abigail saw a witch I said.

A witch he asked shocked.

Yeah and I want you to go with Abigail and get me here and bring her alive without any scratch I said, I don really know why but my demon told me too and he never lies.

Am gonna feast on that little witch I thought.

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