A loud noise made me wake up from my sleep immediately.

I came down from my bed,wore my slippers and walked out only to meet out house upside down

Mom,dad, whats going on? I asked in total horror.

Avery you are gonna complete 20 tomorrow. I am very sorry we forgot, they are coming for you,go get your things mom said.

Mom this is crazy whos coming for me,I said annoyed,I could feel power radiating from me.

Darling it started, mom said.

Mom, you guys are scaring me, please tell me whats going on, I asked in frustration.

The truth is that you are not our child, your mother gave you to us before she was killed by the wicked king,you are not human, mom said.

What am I,I asked.

You are a witch mom dropped the bomb.

This is the funniest joke I had ever had in my life and I burst into laughter .

Baby its true, haven you been behaving weird, dad asked,that was when reality struck me,the hair stuff in school,no this is some kind of joke it can be I said crying.

My child, you don have to cry, mom said.

They are here dad screamed in total horror,just then the door opened and a guy came in with five guards.

Please just let her live shes innocent mom said crying and kneeling down .

I looked at the guy standing in front of me, he had brown eyes and hair and a nice body ,I must say his **ing cute .

Get her, he said to the guards .

They rushed towards me and held me,let me go. I screamed and immediately a strong wind blew and took them away, and the guy looked at me in anger.

You are stronger than I thought he said smiling.

Get out of my house,am not a witch neither am I anything am just leaving my life peacefully I said crying .

You can deceive me he said and the next thing I back out.

Hours later.

I heard chanting in my head and my eyes opened immediately.

I saw that I was tied to an altar, suddenly the door opened and people wearing black on black entered with their faces covered and they were changing some things.

Where am I,let me go I screamed as I struggled to free myself from the rope,but the idiot didn mind .

Am innocent, please let me go and not a witch. I am just a normal human being, I said crying.

.they are all liars I heads someone say and the rest laughed like it was some kind of joke,just then I felt someone stronger enter it was guy, when I manage to look at him,oh God save your daughter,this guy is **ing cute,I had never seen a guy as handsome as him,blue eyes nice body black hair I just say his a demi_god .

Immediately his eyes ran into me and he froze on the spot,I felt a force connecting me with the guy,all I wanted right now was to be in his arms.

The guys face looks of confusion, sorrow , happiness and sadness.

My Lord Should we continue with the ritual someone asked but he ignored them, his eyes not leaving mine .

.they started chanting that was I felt myself begin to choke .

Please help me. I cried as hot tears poured from my eyes and immediately his eyes opened.

He commanded and they stopped.

But my Lord shes a witch and a very powerful one and we must kill her, a guy said.

The guy immediately snapped his hands and suddenly the guys head fell off.

.shit I screamed in total horror as his blood filled everywhere.

Now lose the rope he commanded.

The guards lost my ropes and he walked away.

. follow me I heard him say in my head I almost freaked out .

I ran after him passing through the most cutest place I had ever seen,though it was dark there was light everywhere,it seems this is our second world.

I picked up my pace so I could catch up with him .

Are you,are you sure you are human? I said behind him but he ignored me.

I don talk and you keep quiet. I might beat the hell out of you,I don care who you are,I am not a witch, just a normal human being but you sent that dickhead fool to come and get me,where are m y parents? I asked .

”Don get on my nerves young lady, if I were you I would have shut up and wouldn want to see your head on the floor ”he said.

”Whoa whoa,clap for yourself. Did you hear yourself right?, you wanna kill me just the way you did to that guy and who said I am afraid of death ” I said mockingly.

”One more word from you, you are dead ” he said & turned to face me.

” You have the guts to tell me that shit, you kidnapped me against my will, people are sleeping now but here I am, kill me if you want to ”I said angrily.

”Did you just talk back to me? ”he asked.

”Of course I did,are you God? ”I said.

We entered a room,I could see it was well furnished and good looking,it was thrice as my room, everywhere was decorated with gold. ”This guy is **ing rich, but what am I doing here? ”I voiced out before I could stop myself.

”This is our room ”he said

”Tell me,is this some sort of stupid joke? ”I asked Angrily.

”Am not joking, this is where we would be leaving from now,on get it? ”he said.

”You are the most dumbest person I have ever met in my life, what makes you think im gonna live here with you?,am gonna leave this place ”I said angrily.

”Don even think of leaving this place because the punishment is gonna be hot, ”he said.

”And you think I would listen to that shit that you are gonna keep me against my wish? ”I screamed & grabbed a cup I saw and I used the cup to hit him on his head.

”Did you just hit me? ”he asked & turned to face me, that was when I saw his eyes were bloodshot.

”Am sorry ” I said scared

”I don care, ” he said, making me shocked.

”I didn get you, ”I said.

I said strip naked now he screamed at me.

I said strip and screamed at me angrily. I smiled to no one in particular,do you think am

gonna do that,strip in front of a dick head like you I said Angrily.

He walked towards the bed and sat on it his eyes not leaving mine, you have a minute left he

said. I stood my ground but suddenly I felt as if I was being cut invisibly, what are you doing I

screamed as hot tears poured from my eyes. You better strip now or you are gonna kill yourself he said smiling. I cried as I felt my body began to tear to pieces,l

didn know when I grabbed my shirt and tore it off, the pain stopped and it resumed again

I hastily pulled off my jeans,my breasts showing because I was braless.

I slowly pulled off my pants and a growl came from his mouth.

Hot I heard him say under his breath as his eyes roamed my body.

Are you done? I asked when I finally found my voice.

Yes he said smiling.

I picked up my clothes and wanted to put them on,hot tears were coming from my eyes. I had never been this embarrassed in my life before.

Don put them on, you haven served your punishment, he said.

What sort of person are you? I screamed at him and he faced me sharply. You don talk when am talking he said and I

nodded. I can go through the pain I felt a moment ago.

Follow me, he said.

I walked behind him naked,I was so shy of myself,still can believe I was being treated this

way by a guy and I couldn do anything. So what can you do he asked.

Are you in my head? I asked, annoyed.

Be careful what you say, don think you have any right, you are a witch and am keeping for reasons best known to me he said.

Am not a witch,am a normal human being,i just woke to meet this weird feeling I don even

i know what I am but I am not a witch, I said crying.

I don care now, he said and pointed to a room filled with Ice.

What am I gonna do here? I asked.

Get in he screamed at me angrily and I immediately entered the place is as cold as **.

This is where you are gonna spend the night, he said , turning back.

No you can leave him here I might freeze to death I said holding him.

I don care, he said and pushed me in and immediately the door shut.Please I said crying but he paid deaf ear and left.

I wrapped my hands around myself, I could feel my teeth shaking,this is it Im gonna die soon I cried as I closed my eyes.


Next morning

Where are you

Where are you? I heard angry voices in my head.

Damon you have to come now elders are mad

Michal said through my mind link.

I shut up everyone and wore my robe and walked out,all the maids bowed as I walked out.

I got to the inner chamber only to meet the angry stares of my elders,I walked silently to my throne and sat down, asking what the problems I asked.

You spared a witch.

You are keeping her.

Which is against the law.

Silence I said and everywhere became quite, am

not killing that witch and no harm must come to get,I mean no harm I said.

Why did the elders ask?

Because shes my mate I said and everyone gasped.

Mate Michal asked, shocked.

Yes I said standing up.

We don care if shes your mate, she must have killed one of the elders.

I looked at him and I ordered for fire to burn him. He caught fire.

He screamed in terror and pain while I watched in pleasure.

Damon, you are gonna kill him, Michal screamed at me through the mind link. I looked at him,his face was burnt then I ordered for it to stop,the rest were shaking.

Anyone still have something to say I asked.

No my Lord they all said and bowed.

Now you are all dismissed said and they rushed out.

What do you think you were doing? Michal asked.

He was lucky I said.

So you mean the witch is your mate he asked as we entered my room..

.yes I said and nodded.

Wheres she? he asked.

I locked her in the freezer for disobeying me, I said.

You did what he asked in total horror.

I locked her,she disobeyed me I said without any emotions in my voice.

God, Damon you are the stupidest friend so far,you locked your mate naked in a freezing room he yelled standing up.

And so what I said and he ran off.

I waited for minutes to see him back with her but he was taking time,I was becoming breathless.

I walked towards them and what I saw made me halt,he was already wearing his shirt.

Whats wrong with her I asked.

You fool you are asking me that shit, shes dead he said and instantly I felt half of me die.

No no this can be happening. I walked towards her and carried her. Her skin was cold and her lips pale.

Shes dead.

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