FALLEN (Sequel)

Fire & Friction 2

Ah so, how do you like your eggs, Belle? Mark asked smiling at me. Ojichan, Mama and Shita were looking at each other and then to Mark and me like we
e in a battle, what is she or he gon
a say battle .

Eggs, huh, I don know, how do you like Kochikos pu***y (blank, blank!!!! Sensored word, Im sorry) Belle shouted in anger, now crying, she stood up from the table and ran out of the dining room. Mama is now covering Shitas ears who is smiling devilishly. Ojichan is looking at Mama and Mark half questioning whats the matter with Belle this morning. Mark curled his brows wondered what did he say wrong, now. You better follow her Mark!, go and talk to her!, Mama thoughtfully said and brushed his shoulder to go after Belle.

Belle, Bel….whats wrong? Mark shouted, running after her on her bicycle. Stop following me Mark, leave me alone, Im so embarrassed throwing myself to you like that last night and you just ignored my feelings. You turned me down and I felt silly.

What about Kochiko, I saw you and her this morning…and…Belle said being jealous to the max now.

What about her, shes a friend and since shes your family, she is mine too. She invited me to her room but I refused since I need to cook breakfast for you and your family, Mark said honestly, drying a tear from her cheek.

You know I can run or fly to follow you even to the ends of the earth, and ask for your forgiveness even if I burn in hell loving you…Mark added stopping the bike and holding her hand. Love…meee!! Belle said now confused.

Yes, I love you so much it hurts. If I give in to what you desire I would be hurting you more, what if I leave all of a sudden??? Mark added with mixed emotions.

Ill wait for you, Belle instantly said. What if something happens to me and I died or what? Mark added. You can never die, you
e an angel, Belle replied lifting a brow. Okay, how about if I went to a mission and it takes a month, year or what, will you still wait for me??? Mark asked crazily and now cupping Belles tiny delicate face with his big hands though its looking down. Ill still wait for you, however long it takes, because I love you Mortha, Mark, whatever, whoever you are!, Belle added now looking at Mark steadily, her eyes fixed on his beautiful face. Yes, yes, I know, I feel you will, but its cruel for me to do that to you. I want you to have a normal life, with someone beside you until you grow old. And its not me. I am immortal and it hurts to think, you will live, grow old and die on me. I think I won be able to take that and….Mark said now teary eyed. Sshhhh! Please Mark, don think about that anymore, I am here and we will make it. Lets do this one step at a time. Maybe, a miracle can happen and I believe that it can though I am not that religious, Belle replied smiling at Mark and giving him a smack on the cheeks and then on the lips. Marks whole being swelled up like he is so full inside he can die of happiness right then and there. Oh, my Belle, you make me so happy!!! Mark said kissing her deeply now and then it rained. It poured so hard, the couple ran to a near barn beside the lake. It is an old one with nothing but dried hay and worn out constructions. It was being rebuilt a couple of years ago, since my dad was the one who wanted to reconstruct the barn. Yet when he died the rebuilding didn happen. The rain seems not stopping and both of us are really wet that we needed to hug each other to form heat. Mark held me close to his chest and as if like magic I felt warm, so warm I don feel cold. I looked at Marks face, his eye balls changed to golden yellow and he is like seeing through me, my soul, my heart and my mind. I was so mesmerized, like a magnet, I kissed him. His lips caught mine and his tongue wanted entrance, I gave him permission and he moved his tongue around my mouth and tasted every bit of me there. I loved the warmth and the passion. He is so hot and I feel hot inside that I wanted to burst into flames right now.

Ah, uh!!!! Maaarkk…I whispered, loving his mouth and his breath in mine. Mark then moved his touch to my face, neck and breast. He took my blouse off. Since, yes Im a feminist I don usually wear bra. So its an easy access for me. Mark smiled when he saw my breast, they are soft to touch. They are not really big but he can hold it with one hand and he kept on caressing it, while I am almost on the brink of exploding to his touch.

Haaa….haahh…Ma…., I said breathing hard, since his mouth is still on mine. Now he moved down to my neck and bossoms. He kissed my chest and folded the right and hardened my nip. While hes making a bonfire of me, I then took his shirt off and his pants since its fitted, took me several minutes to take off. He pulled it off with his left hand still holding my right breast. He also took off his underwear and after he did that, he took mine in the process. Mark doesn want to release his grasp of me, for as if Ill disappear right from his eyes. I felt the same too, so I kept my distance as close to him. He then grabbed me from the waist and kissed me now deeper than before. Mark moved his lips down my bossoms then my stomach and my middle. My legs are wide open now to accept his tongue playing and deepening at my center. I touched his back and worked my way on to his buttocks, rubbing it on mine to feel the friction. It is the most satisfying and amazing feeling inside of me, being wanted and loved this way. I feel like a queen being held by a god, literally he is an angel so I am the love of an angel then. Mark still continued his quest to make me steam with desire. He knew I am still a virgin so is he so we went slow and right at every move. He placed his to mine and tried to rub it on top of my bud to feel the sensation. I was wet now thus he decided to move in and went in slow and carefully. He went in and out slowly, then faster and faster. He still kissing me on the lips while touching my breast. My nails are now buried on to his back that he moaned with the hurt. I groaned and yelled his name again and again. He pumped and pumped until I felt that I feel like Im going to let all of my steam and emotions out, even my creams. The wetness is tremendous I feel him inside me with the enormous desire, lust and fire that I can contain myself until I exploded. Mark and I popped like fireworks and moaned, breathed hard and as if endless. The ecstatic, electrifying emotions burned me and Mark but in a good way. The heat is so excruciating but satisfying inside and out. Mark is still on top of me and kissing my lips when I said, Im sleepy. The rain seems not stopping, so, after saying this I dozed off. I saw Marks face smiling and thats it I passed out.

I woke up without Mark on my side, with clothes on and my body heavy. Maybe because of the sex, the wonderful sex I had with Mark. Hi hi!, I thought smiling at myself. My God, it was the best feeling ever, like I was in heaven. Wow, making love with an angel is another thing but the heavenly feeling is like nothing I can ever explain, ever. It is so wonderful, I want to die in his arms forever. Hmm, where is my love, now?, I asked while turning my head from left to right. Huh, Im at my room. When did I come here? I wonder. I then decided to go out of my room and saw Mama fixing dinner, maybe, what time is it anyway?

Oh, Belle! Yoi!, you
e already awake!, have some dinner, Mama told me while placing the yummy sushi in a plating. Its only me and her at this time. Ya, wheres ah Mark? Did he say anything? Belle added curious. Oh yes, he said hell be out for a bit and will be back in a few days.

Hmm, but he didn mention anything to me, Ah, maybe he just forgot, because of ah… Belle said then stopped when Mama is looking at her questioning her thoughts. Ah, yes, probably to do some work at somewhere…hehe!, I added smiling at Mama now relieved. So both of you are fine now? I guess you made up??? Mama said teasingly. Oh ah. Yup yes, we did ( literally!) I replied hiding my excitement. I want to tell her the whole story but she is very conservative, so maybe when shes ready.

Where could Mark have gone? I hope that he is okay and safe, I added thinking of Mark and remembering what he told me suddenly made me worry.

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