wrist wrapped in bandages with his right hand.

When the bowl of tea was all drunk up, the Imperial physician and the assistant physician left the room.
The servant, whose left wrist was severed, also followed after them, saying that he would change the water.

While the chief attendant was watching, Zair approached the bed and looked down at the poor-colored emperor without saying a word, then asked a short question.

“In your opinion, when will his Majesty get back to his position?”

“It won’t be long since Prince Zair has shown his utmost sincerity as such.”

The chief attendant said, even though he knew that the end of the emperor’s life was just around the corner and that he would not be able to get out of his sickbed afterward.
This was not only meant to hide the emperor’s condition but also because he wanted Zair to look as relieved as he is now.

“That’s a relief.”

He was always blunt and reticent, but as the chief attendant who remembered all the kindness he had shown to the emperor, he thought that he was like a true son.


A small groan came from the lying emperor’s mouth.
The chief attendant, who was about to get close to the bed quickly, knew that the emperor, who had opened his eyes, would be looking for the young servant first, so he waited for his orders.
No matter who is by his side, he will habitually call the young attendant’s name first.

However, no matter how much he waited, the emperor did not call the young attendant.
He just blinked his wrinkled eyes a few times, opened them, and looked up at Zair.

The emperor, who reached out his weak hand to Zair, closed his eyes again as his hands were caught in two solid hands.
Then the sound of his breathing made the same sound as before, as if waking up for a while was just a lie.

Zair seemed satisfied with that alone.
He slowly laid the emperor’s hand down on the bed and left the room, asking the chief attendant to take good care of him.
The chief attendant looked bitterly at Zair’s back, which was seen through the closing door.

After leaving the emperor’s bedroom, Zair asked the two knights guarding the entrance to protect him well then walked down the wide hallway.
His eyes, which had been filled with regret, suddenly turned cold.

As he passed the hallway and reached the stairs, he saw the young male attendant coming up from below with a clean wet towel and a basin of fresh water.
Seeing him taking the courtesy greeting like before, Zair approached him and asked in a low voice.

“What happened to your left hand?”

The young male attendant did not readily answer.
Hesitating, he answered only after being urged by Zair once more, ‘Because I offended Prince Sethian.’ Since it was so common for a servant to die because of offending the royal family, there was no reason to not believe it.

Zair kept his gaze fixed on the bandaged arm of the young attendant who was barely holding the basin, and asked so low that only he could hear it.

“Do you know the value of your left hand?”


The round eyes of the young attendant opened suspiciously.
Those eyes met Zair’s cold gaze.

“Sethian took your hand because he knew its real worth.”

“Your Highness, what are you trying to….”

“Think carefully and come to me once you realize its worth.
Your ignorance is pitiful.”

Zair passed by immediately as if he wasn’t willing to hear an answer, and didn’t turn his head afterward, even though he knew that the young servant’s gaze was fixed on him.

As he went out and headed towards his castle, he found a crow flying in a circle in the sky.
The crow snuck through the window of Zair’s room, which was open, and did not go out until the owner of the room arrived.

Upon arriving in the room, Zair saw the white butterfly which was following him, passed by him, and entered a transparent bottle on the table.
Despite the novelty, Zair locked the butterfly by closing the bottle’s opening with a blue plug without changing his expression.

Meanwhile, the crow, who had entered the cage that was open in the corner of the room, was silently watching Zair, who pulled back a curtain and placed the glass bottle inside.
Zair, who had filled the glass bottle display stand with butterflies with the one from a while ago, came out with a bottle of white powder from its end.
When he sprinkled some of the powder on the feed in the cage and closed the door, the crow dropped its head and collapsed as if it had been waiting.

Something pure white came out of the black crow’s body like smoke.
It was the same butterfly that Zair had locked up in a bottle a while ago.
As the butterfly escaped, the crow, who woke up as if nothing had happened, rolled its eyes and began to peck the feed in the cage.
The colorless, odorless, and tasteless, ‘Possession Potion’ that was mixed in evello seems to be quite edible for that crow.

Throwing his gaze at the butterfly floating in the air, Zair said.

“Start your report.”

As if understanding the words, the butterfly floating in the air flew towards his forehead.
It flew without stopping and was sucked into his forehead as if seeping into it, and Zair closed his eyes and frowned.

It wasn’t long before the butterfly came out.
As was the case with the crow, who is now eating with his eyes open, the butterfly slipped out like smoke.
Zair’s eyes, which opened afterward, were filled with conspicuous brilliance.

“…Joo Yi-Gyeol.”

A small smile appeared on the corner of Zair’s lips as he rolled the name for the first time in his mouth a few times.

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