Yi-Gyeol secretly wiped his sweaty hands on his pants and received the paper from the crow.

Perhaps because what was being handed over was only an undisclosed letter and not an official or formal one, but the paper used felt a little coarse, not like the luxurious paper privately used by the royal family.

Within the unfolded paper, lines written in a rough but neat manner could be seen.

Since studying this world’s language all day has become his daily routine, he was able to read its content albeit a bit slow.

A warm smile appeared on Yi-Gyeol’s face as he read the content of the concern-filled letter.

But contrary to the appearance he came across to the crow, his head was still distant.

‘Helpful information?’

Yi-Gyeol unknowingly flinched after reading the sentence following the mysterious words.

Yi-Gyeol’s hand squeezed tight without him realizing it and the shape of the paper slightly crumpled.

Zair was already aware that his body was just a ‘made-up imitation’.

He doesn’t know if it includes the fact that he was the golden butterfly he met in the garden before, but the glaring certainty contained in this written sentence was not something to ignore.

But what bothered Yi-Gyeol even more was the word ‘lifespan’ mentioned in it, rather than the fact that he knew he was a soul settled in a constructed body.

Technically speaking, what he learned is that a synthesized body has no life expectancy.

He doesn’t know most of it since he didn’t hear much from Sethian, but he said that a constructed body could live without dying and doesn’t have a significant lifespan.

A vessel – in the form resembling a human – was created to contain a dead soul.
It was like creating a lump of flesh that was close to an inanimate object.

Therefore, that forged body can live without the need for any particular maintenance for the rest of its life, and with the same appearance as the moment it was created.

It would be enough for the conjuror to give their vitality once a year, including when the body was conjured, for it to stay alive.

However, he was substantially different from such cases.

As his body was made and maintained based on all the information from his soul, including his memories, what was created was no different from a human being, from its interior to its exterior.

When the time comes, he can get hungry, sleepy, and gain or lose weight.
Even if he doesn’t catch a major disease that will make him bedridden, he can also feel tired like yesterday.

It was a body practically as good as a human, but it was also a high-maintenance one.

This body could only survive if it was supplied with vitality at regular intervals.

It was said that it wouldn’t be necessary to receive vitality every day as it is now after some time, but in that case, he should receive sufficient vitality that would last a month.

In addition, if the vitality provided is insufficient, the weaker the body becomes, and eventually, moving would be implausible at all like the first day the body was created.
Soon, the body will die shortly.

Yi-Gyeol also knew that delicate truth, so he was compelled to be sensitive regarding the ‘lifespan’ that Zair mentioned.

Because he wasn’t a normal human being from the start, but a life based on the body that was created.

His normally beating heart suddenly seemed to have made a rattling sound.

A feeling of uneasiness came as if his heart was caught on something, creaking and couldn’t roll properly.

Even though he knew it was just his delusion, it kept making a flop, flop, dropping sound.

Creating a chance for them to meet in three days… He wondered if that would be possible.

Since everything is within Sethian’s hands.

For three days, it will only be watching you.>

Unlike the kindness felt at the beginning of the letter, the following content was nothing but extreme detachment.

This means that he can’t give Sethian information until the moment they meet.

‘What should I do?’

If he refuses, he won’t be able to figure out what Zair is up to.

Not to mention the words ‘your lifespan won’t last long’ mean.

If he says yes, a soul that only he can see will straightly settle within this room.

It seems that it would be following him around, observing everything he does, and watching what comes out of his lips.

As if a way to keep his mouth shut in case he leaks even a little of the letter’s content.

‘Still, I don’t think he’s aware that I’m capable of leaving my body….’

The only people who knew his ability to shift his soul were Sethian and Roa, including his confidants, the Knight Commander Lenox and Kirsty, who is now outside guarding this room.

It isn’t surprising to be so, but it seems that Zair didn’t know that he could use his out-of-body ability or move into a soul state as he pleased.

‘If he knew, he would’ve asked to meet me anytime in the soul state.

Because he is a person capable of seeing my soul and hearing my voice in my soul form.’

He somehow felt relieved, thinking it was the only important ability he was capable of.

Yi-Gyeol had no choice but to agonize.

Should he keep this secret from Sethian for three days while being watched by the soul, or refuse the offer and tell Sethian the contents of the letter?

He wasn’t sure about anything else but one thing was certain.

If he chooses the latter, Zair will not contact him directly like this in the future.

Perhaps he would even give up the thought of using him.

Yi-Gyeol’s pounding heart gradually moved at a faster speed.

He could feel the heat spreading little by little within his indifferent mind.

He really wants to know what Zair has to say regarding his lifespan.

Unlike the time when he chose to end his life, he badly wanted to live now.

After finally feeling some warmth from being deprived of affection, he doesn’t want to feel the sensation of closing his eyes again while dying coldly.

It could also be just a lie to bait him, but finding out whether what he wrote in the letter was real or not was already enough.

In addition, it was an opportunity to exactly find out how much he knew about himself and the reason he was trying to lure him.

Yi-Gyeol grabbed the small glass bottle in the form of a necklace on his chest under his shirt.

In case his body falls into danger, he can quickly fall asleep and escape through the soul state.

His abilities would be exposed that way, but he thought it would be good, as long as he can tell Sethian – who can hear him – about everything he did with Zair.

The moment he took his eyes off the last line of the letter, his chest gradually calmed down and his head, which heated up, regained stability.

‘He’s definitely not just going to give me information one-sidedly.

There’s got to be some proposition in return.

A proposition that’ll put Sethian in danger.’

It is Zair that Sethian said is the most dangerous among his siblings.
So it is even more necessary that he does it.

‘I need to know what he’s trying to do.

The lifespan would be second.’

Anything that would put Sethian in danger, he will destroy thoroughly.

Yi-Gyeol made eye contact with the crow that was staring at him.

“Tell Prince Zair that I’m accepting his offer.”

一 Good.
I don’t know what it’s about, but you’ve definitely made the right choice.

The crow shook its head as if in delight, then raised its front foot and took the letter in Yi-Gyeol’s hand.

一 Wait here for a second.
A soul will be here soon.

The crow held the letter tightly and flapped its wings without waiting for Yi-Gyeol’s reply.

Yi-Gyeol watched the crow moving away in an instant from the window, feeling regretful that if Sethian was only here at this time, he would have been able to tell him the contents of the letter immediately.

As soon as he turned his head, erasing the expression containing a warm smile, Yi-Gyeol had the illusion that the front of his eyes had turned white for a moment.

一 Hello.

He doesn’t know since when it’s been there, but the white butterfly that suddenly appeared in front of him fluttered its wings gracefully.

一 We’ve met in the garden before, do you still remember?

At the delicate voice of a woman, Yi-Gyeol finally realized that the butterfly in front of him was the soul butterfly he met during his walk.

The joy he felt was short-lived.

If the butterfly in front of him was connected to Zair, it was clear that he had been after him for a long time now.

The reason he crossed the garden was because of the soul butterfly in front of him.

Yi-Gyeol welcomed the butterfly with the same warm smile that he showed the crow.

“I remember.
It’s amazing, how…!”


The sound of the door opening was heard.

And only a single person could open the door to this bedroom without saying a word.

For a moment, he forgot that a butterfly was floating in front of him and ran to the door immediately.

As soon as Sethian – who was clearly back from outside just by looking at his clothes – was in sight, he had almost reached out his arms and instinctively hugged him.

Then the anxiety that started to raise its head again prevented him from doing so, making him pause in his place.
but as usual, Sethian amenably reached out to him first.

“Come here, Joo Yi-Gyeol.”

He rushed into his arms as soon as he got permission.

The bedroom, which felt freezing cold in the middle of winter just until a while ago, was filled with warmth in an instant.

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