The unpleasant topic was quickly dropped between the two.

After lunch, Ruan An’an heard Lin Songbai sighed emotionally while drinking the tea made by the nanny.
“I didn’t expect you to graduate so early in advance…”

The Lin family owned a large corporation with many complicated side branches.
It was unrealistic to have himself step down and hand over to a successor all of a sudden.
Lin Songbai had started to plan his replacement around Ruan An’an.
He had drawn up a perfect plan where he would have completely paved the way for his granddaughter when she graduated with a master’s degree in five or six years.

For the past three years, except for the Lunar New Year, Ruan An’an stayed back at college during the holidays to study and gain experience in the Lin family’s overseas industry.

Her return ahead of time left the old man dumbfounded.

However, her early return also gave her some spare time, otherwise she would not have time to visit University C.

She smiled.
“I graduated early with my own abilities, do you have any objections?”


Lin Songbai frowned again: “You little girl, are really… if you told me that you had graduated early, I wouldn’t have allowed you to return to China? You can further your studies to get a PhD!”


That’s why I was f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g̲ smart enough to not tell you anything.

Ruan An’an toyed with her teacup while the old man sighed.

Closing one’s ears to the words of the elderly will gain you happiness for several years.

Happiness is awaiting for I have found the handsome man that I yearned for.

The official opening of the Game Championship was during the universities’ mid-term exams.
Once every four years, the Department of Economics and Management would offer a Game Championship training course as a specialised course.
Students from the Department of Economics and Management were required to take the course and students from other departments were allowed to sit in.

Ruan An’an attended her first class in the morning two days later.

It took her half an hour to get there as she had never been to that classroom before.
When she arrived, she was stopped at the door again.


“Classmate, classmate! Hello-“

She was a really cute girl with chubby cheeks with a clear and crisp voice.
“Let me introduce myself! I am Qiu Yan, from class one of International Trade!”

Ruan An’an found the girl’s face pleasing to the eyes and returned the greeting with a smile.

“Excuse me… Are you an exchange student?”

“I am, but how did you know?” Ruan An’an was taken aback.

“I guessed it from the forum post!” She smiled happily and spoke quickly.
“That’s right, I wanted to ask – are you already in a team for the Game Championship? If not, would you like to join me?”

Qiu Yan pointed somewhere a short distance away from them, where two boys were standing side by side.
“They are the other two team members.
The three of us have good grades.
What do you think, classmate?”

Ruan An’an was a little surprised that she was stopped for this purpose.

The requirement for the teams participating in the Game Championship was indeed groups of five people.
It did not matter who Ruan An’an teamed up with – as long as Gu Jue was there.

She had taken a liking to this girl.
Ruan An’an pondered.
“I was supposed to team up with another boy… Although I have no problem with that, I still have to ask him.”

Qiu Yan had known about Ruan An’an and Gu Jue from the forum post, and figured out who the “other boy” was.

“It’s okay! It’s okay!” Her eyes lit up.
“It doesn’t matter whether two other boys team up with me or not as long as I team up with you!”

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