Her heart rate slowly dropped as she took a brand new notebook and pen.
She mentioned the matter as she passed a pen to Gu Jue as usual.

“Did you know that we need a team of five to participate in the Game Championship? Someone in the corridor just asked me to team up with them,” Ruan An’an scanned the classroom and pointed at the three people she met earlier, “It’s those three.”

She wanted to say that she would follow him if Gu Jue wanted to team up with someone else, but she did not expect Gu Jue to nod after just a light glance at them.
“It’s okay, it doesn’t matter to me.”


Winning was probably not Qiu Yan’s priority and the other two boys were probably close to her as they had let her decide on her teammates.

But why was Gu Jue so carefree about it?

Ruan An’an stared at him for a while, wanting to speak.
Gu Jue soon noticed it and reached out to touch his face.
“Is there something on my face?”

Ruan An’an shook her head, disclosing her doubts euphemistically.
“I thought you would want some time to think about it… Do you agree to other people’s requests to form a team so easily every time?”

Gu Jue was taken aback.

He began to recall the expressions she had earlier and wondered if there were any hidden thoughts that he did not understand.

“… Do you want me to refuse?”

“En?” Ruan An’an was bewildered, then immediately explained.
“No, I just thought…”

“Because I heard from my friend that everyone would want to team up with the best, but you agreed to team up with me just on our second meeting.” She paused.
“The same thing happened just now.”

That was too decisive of him.

Teammates never mattered to Ruan An’an because she never thought of relying on them.
She could only blame herself for not being skillful enough if she could not win the championship; but what was Gu Jue’s reason?


Gu Jue did not expect her to ask him this question.

Ruan An’an might not have noticed her own expression in the milk tea shop.
Her head was slightly tilted and her eyes were bright when she invited him to be her teammate.
Her face glowed with confidence that said “allow this Honored King to lead you to the glorious path”.

Although he did not know where she got her confidence from, she looked unequivocally adorable, and inexplicably happy.

Gu Jue replied with a clear smile.
“Because you looked very confident, why wouldn’t I agree?”


Ruan An’an raised her hand uncomfortably to smoothen her hair.

It was not surprising for her to be confident.
After all, she ranked tenth in the international PWM competition, which was similar to the Game Championship.
Moreover, there were only two Chinese students in the list of top ten winners in the singles competition – one of them won the first place and the other one was her.

We shouldn’t be unnecessarily humble.

At this thought, Ruan An’an suddenly felt an urge to give Gu Jue some confidence to assure him that he did not believe in the wrong person.

“You are right, I am quite confident,” she said, “…You can count on me to carry you.”

As soon as she finished her sentence, Gu Jue, who was sitting next to her, laughed.
The corners of his eyes curved, as if she just told him a funny joke.

Ruan An’an lost count of how many times he laughed, but Gu Jue did seem to like laughing, though it was always a kind of faint and soft laughter.

This time seemed to be different from other times.

The corners of his mouth lifted, exuding a sense of mischief, like a carefree youth.

Ruan An’an was startled by his smile, and a little embarrassed.

Did he not believe me or is he looking down on me?

Do I not look intelligent???

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