The three girls chattered and laughed while they were escorted upstairs to the private room by the bar manager.

It was not a special occasion.
They just decided to meet up in their free time to have fun together.
In addition, Ruan An’an had yet to tell them about the events that happened between her and Gu Jue for the past few days.
She was overwhelmed with the desire to confide in them.

In the first half of the evening, the three of them were served a meal prepared by a specially appointed French chef in the private room.
They did not drink much wine, leaving it for the second half of the evening.

After dining, they moved to the bar on the second floor, dedicated to drinking.

As the closest person to changing her relationship status, Ruan An’an did not disappoint everyone.
The moment they sat down, she began rambling about what happened the past few days.

Ruan An’an finished her first glass of wine, “Didn’t I tell you about the WeChat incident on the first day? Well, although we didn’t chat much after adding each other… No matter how I look at it, the expression on his face at that time was suggesting something!”

“We’ve been through this right? It was an obvious hint that he was interested in you.” Yin Yuan waved her hand.

Ruan An’an started drinking on her second glass of wine, “Then there’s the next day after we added each other! I didn’t sleep well the night before because I was too excited.
After arriving in the classroom, he asked me if I was sleepy, and I admitted it.
Unexpectedly, he actually gave me a mint candy!”

“Wait,” Yin Yuan interrupted, “There are so many people in your classroom, why would he ask you and not the others? You two are just ordinary classmates, why would he only give you candy just because you’re sleepy?”

Ruan An’an was baffled.

“If he wasn’t interested in you, there were plenty of others who were sleepy so why didn’t he give mints to others? It’s not like he sells candies!” Yin Yuan continued to probe.

“…Damn you are right! F̲u̲c̲k̲!!!”

Jiang Yi was speechless.

Ruan An’an and Yin Yuan began to drink their third glass of wine.

“Ahhhhh, let me tell you!” Ruan An’an suddenly thought what happened that morning and spoke animatedly, “I asked Perky Butt to join my team for the Game Championship and he agreed immediately, which is so strange.
Wasn’t he afraid that I might drag him down?” Ruan An’an continued, “He didn’t know that I graduated from Harvard.
In order not to dissuade him, I told him not to worry and I will carry him.”


“Then he said…” Ruan An’an blushed, “Carry me then…” After a pause, she added, “He deliberately whispered it into my ear!”

Jiang Yi almost spat out the wine in her mouth, choking in shock, “Oh, this man is good.”

“What do you think?” Yin Yuan raised her chin, “How do you think he seduced someone who had been pure-hearted for more than 20 years?”

Ruan An’an took out her phone while the other two were chatting away, and had an inspiration to post something in her Moments.
She smiled sneakily as she set it to be visible to only one person.

Jiang Yi watched the rest of the show.

They started on their fourth glass of wine-

Ruan An’an shouted, “Chi Chi Chi! Chacha!”

Yin Yuan continued, “Gu Gu Gu! That’s what I said! He must be interested in you!”

“…” Jiang Yi tried to stop them, “Wait, why are you suddenly so excited? Both of you can’t continue to drink anymore.
The alcohol content of this cocktail is not low, so don’t…”

It did nothing to stop them.

By the time they were at their fifth glass, Ruan An’an straight up declared, “Perky Butt definitely likes me!!!”

Yin Yuan was just as bold, “If he doesn’t like you, I would not have s*x for a lifetime!!!”

Jiang Yi, who was still on her second glass of wine,  “…”

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