This was not a fabricated story, this was actually Yin Yuan’s personal experience.
Yin Yuan had confided in Ruan An’an and Jiang Yi when they shared a dormitory in high school, and the two had been her emotional support pillar during those moments.


“Who the hell wants to be friends with him?!” Yin Yuan was still young, sobbing and bawling, “I used to get up at five in the morning to queue for his favorite Xiaolongbao! And you think this b*tch wanted to be his friend?!”


After that, Yin Yuan dated several boyfriends, but they did not seem to click, therefore her WeChat name was also changed to Yin-Has-No-Yuan (Yuan meaning marriage).



Ruan An’an reminisced for a while, and then made a concluding remark, “Actually, there was no one to blame.
I only said so much because I suddenly wanted to say–“


She paused, and for some reason, she lost confidence in her voice, “You know…  it’s usually difficult for men and women to have platonic friendship.”


Ruan Anan swallowed silently, but still did not have the courage to speak the words in her heart—


Just like me.

I just want to date you.


Gu Jue just watched her silently as Ruan An’an rambled on and on.
His eyes slightly brightened, and although his expression did not change, the corners of his lips seemed to curve subtly, which softened his features.


She stared at his face as if she had been hypnotised.
She completely forgot what she was talking about, the only thing she could recall was that she began her story with the word “friend”.


However, the expression of the person in front of her was more subtle, then he burst into laughter, as if he had heard a joke.


Gu Jue raised his eyebrows slightly, “Who said I am friends with you?”


Ruan An’an’s eyes widened sharply.


The look in his eyes changed after he spoke the words.
He was suddenly speaking freely; even the pace of his speech was reduced, accompanied by a fresh and pleasant mint smell that lingered between the two of them.


“I really don’t have much experience in this area, but I didn’t think you would think that way…”


Gu Jue’s expression was a little exasperated, and the corners of his shiny eyes were slightly bent.
He sighed and replied with a smile, “I thought it was obvious that I was courting you?”


The outer layer of the candy in Ruan An’an’s mouth dissolved to reveal its filling.
It was not only strawberry flavored, but the filling in the center was milky, with a unique sweetness.


Speaking of the word “courting”.


Ruan An’an indeed had a lot of experience of being hit on, but she has never encountered any suitors who were so frank to her to say or imply something like  – I’m courting you, isn’t it obvious enough?


Jiang Yi was right, this man is too good.


Ruan An’an continued to stare at the person in front of her, even forgetting how to blink.


Ruan An’an had never categorised her appearance, but Jiang Yi and Yin Yuan had always said that boys liked her type.
She looked pure and beautiful, a very typical type for a first love – it was always the same compliments.


She had received a lot of confessions, but the little boys in middle and high school were so innocent that even calling her “Ruan An’an” or “Classmate Ruan” was enough for them to blush for three minutes.


She had never met such a person.


So… Ruan An’an did not know how to describe Gu Jue, a single word did not seem appropriate.

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