Ruan An’an jolted from her movement.


Everyone turned to look at her.


“Player Ruan An’an! Look everyone, this student’s score is very high.
She almost scored full marks, and it is the highest score in this practice!”


Ruan An’an’s eyelids twitched at the exaggerated mention of the teacher, sensing an ominous premonition.


“We still have four to five minutes left,” the teacher said kindly, “Ruan An’an, would you like to share your reflections in studying with the class ?”




Ruan An’an froze for a moment.
It had been years since she was last asked to “share studying reflection.”


She came back to her senses and was about to tactfully refuse, but the jester trio in front of her took the lead and applauded in unison, “Okay!!!”


Then the whole class started cheering and applauding for some reason.
In the chaos, she realised that Gu Jue also joined in the fun, and even winked at her.




Ruan An’an braced herself and made her way up to the podium.
She felt prickles down her back as she faced her fellow classmates looking up at her with curious eyes.


“Ruan An’an, you can start!”


The jester trio spurred another round of applause.




What the f*ck should I say?


Thank myself for my long years of studying at Harvard?


The girl standing on the podium was dressed casually, with a short-sleeved blouse, a skirt and baseball jacket.
Her exposed legs were fair, long, straight and slender.
Although the expression on her face was not exactly attractive, it did not affect her beauty under the classroom lights.


It was just a small test, but to get an almost perfect score for a mock test for the Game Championship, one would have to be considered as a genius.
Beauty and brains were always at the spotlight, not to mention when one person possessed both components.


Some girls were already secretly taking photos and sending them to friends in other classes.


[This is the exchange student from our class as mentioned in the forum! She’s not just beautiful, but also a f*cking genius! F*ck me!!!]


At this moment, Ruan An’an’s brain was spinning wildly, desperately thinking about what she should “share”.


Other than a simple “Thanks to the all nighters I pulled in Harvard”, some other stupid lines would be-


“Have you seen what the Harvard Library looked like at four o’clock in the morning? I have seen it.
That is the secret of my success.”


“Believe it or not, in fact, Harvard has taught me much more than that.”




It’s fine to just think about it, but I would be asking for a good beating if I really said it.


Ruan An’an closed her eyes and pondered for three seconds, and then—


She fabricated an accurate storyline using “My family had been reading financial newspapers since high school, so I have developed a good habit of paying attention to the stock market”, “Because I am more interested, I have purchased software related to the Game Championship for practice”, “Always be well prepared, keep working hard and you’ll be able to do the impossible, if you keep telling yourself that, you will believe it ” as the main points of her tale.


The story was seamless and extremely convincing that even she admired her own bluff.
The content also aligned with what the teacher wished to hear.
He took the lead to applaud when Ruan An’an finished her speech, with the rest of the class echoing his claps loudly.

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