Ruan An’an was relieved at first, but the applause didn’t stop even after she stepped off the podium, especially her team members who yelled and roared loudly even when she reached her own seat —

Qiu Yan’s eyes were glowing, “Ahhhhh, you’re so awesome! An’an, you are my goddess from now on!!”

Chen Song hooted, “The hope of the whole class!”

Lian Hao could not help crying out, “F̲u̲c̲k̲, I didn’t expect you to be a master! The hell, I thought you were joking about the top 50!!”

Chen Song hooted, “The hope of the whole class!”

Gu Jue was the most calm.
“Yes, that’s awesome.”

Chen Song hooted, “The hope of the whole class!”

“…” Ruan An’an looked at them speechless, and finally could not help saying, “Chen Song.”

Chen Song looked up with a smile on his face, “Yea?”

Ruan An’an: “Are you suffering from a vocabulary deficiency like Murong Yunhai did?”


Chen Song was ridiculed and teased all the way after class by his two childhood friends.
Extremely embarrassed, he vowed to improve his vocabulary by surfing Weibo to avoid embarrassment again.

Ruan An’an originally thought that Gu Jue would ask her about her performance earlier, so she already prepared an answer.
However, he was very calm, and did not mention anything except for the praise earlier.
Ruan An’an was relieved.

Look at him! Not surprised at all, he’s obviously someone experienced!

He indeed deserved to be the man she set her eyes on.

Ruan An’an was all alone for the next class.
She arrived a few minutes earlier, and decided to tap into the forum to take a look.

And found herself on the main page.

Title: My whole family is shook up! The exchange students in our class are too impressive! They’re actually hidden geniuses OMG!

Ruan An’an was speechless.

Ruan An’an dived further into the thread.
As expected, the opening poster recounted the scenario in the previous class in a slightly exaggerated manner.

But what she did not know was that Gu Jue was placed second.

4th Commentator: I’m so jealous of their team members! No wonder everyone loves bootlicking, it’s so cool to bootlick!

5th Commentator: So am I! I know I suck and I don’t mind being a burden to the team, but I can’t do anything if they don’t want me.

Because of the photo, a wave of praises flooded the thread, all the way to the thirty-eighth comment.

38th Commentator: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I really like this kind of couple who are both beautiful and smart!!

Ruan An’an’s fingers paused.

She could not hold back and liked the comment with the word “couple”.


After everything ended, Gu Jue and Ruan An’an parted ways and drove directly to their respective companies.

Although the businesses owned by the Gu family in China did not perform as well as their counterparts abroad, there was no doubt that the Gu family’s industry was stable, not to mention with the addition of the booming industry of gaming softwares in recent years.
Therefore, Gu family’s position in the market was still top ranked, in the same par as the Lin family.

There was a special elevator that led from the basement straight to the office on the top floor, without needing to pass by other levels.
He had only met with limited people, and all of them were close ones since he came back to China, so the news of his return was only spread within that small circle.

Zhou Ming was waiting by the elevator entrance as he stepped out of the elevator, “Mr.

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