After all, she was the one who did not watch her step and caused this accident.
After regaining her senses, Ruan An’an apologized before raising her head: “Sorry, are you–“

Just as she was about to complete her sentence, she fell in daze after seeing his face clearly.


Her voice gradually faded.

He was very tall and his eyes were half-closed while looking at her.

He had thin eyelids, his eyelashes were long and curled, and he had delicate eyes.
His hair was pure black, but his eyes were bright, and they looked soft and gentle in the afternoon sunlight.

His skin was fair even in contrast with the white shirt he was wearing.
He was handsome with a beautiful jawline and had deep facial features, like an exquisite and perfect painting made by God.

During those few stunned moments, Ruan An’an could smell him, and his scent was clean and fresh.

Before Ruan An’an could react to the folder that had fallen onto the ground, the person in front of her took the initiative of doing the deed.
He bent over and picked up the folder with a stretch of his arm, then handed it to her.

Her eyes fell on the hand holding the folder.

His nails were short and clean, the fingers were slender and pale, the bones were on the thin side, and the protruding bone on his wrist was delicate and beautiful.

Even his hands are so beautiful.

Ruan An’an took the folder and raised her eyes again, “…thank you.”

“You are welcome,” Hottie replied.

His voice was still just as mesmerizing.
It was a little nasally when listened in close range and the intonation sounded a little lazy.


Then he suddenly curled the corner of his lips and said, “Fellow classmate, remember to watch your step.”

Ruan An’an was completely blown away by the sight of his slight smile when she met his eyes at such a close distance.

The voice of a clear spring and the appearance of jade.

Ruan An’an stared at him.
For the first time in her life, she felt her heartbeat elevating at such a rate for the first time, and was still continuing to increase.

The feeling was indescribable, like a pebble thrown into a clear stream, or like a clear sky after the rain.

In simple words —

She fell in love.

The same night, nine o’clock, inside the VIP room of Yuanjiang Private Club.

Jiang Yi listened to the woman sitting in front of her using various non-repetitive adjectives and exaggerated terms to describe Perky Butt for half an hour.

As the audience, Jiang Yi only grasped one important point.

“So, Ruan An’an,” she paused, and asked incredulously, “You went to University C to donate a building today, and you fell in love with a college undergraduate?”


The statement actually summed up her experience this afternoon very well, and Ruan An’an immediately nodded: “Yes!”


Yin Yuan, who had been silent next to her, chuckled, “Look what you have done.”


Two days ago, Ruan An’an left halfway through Jiang Yi’s birthday party due to jet lag, while Yin Yuan rushed home to meet the deadline of a programming report.
They felt very sorry for the birthday girl and decided to throw a replacement birthday party for Ms.
Jiang when they finally had time to spare.

However, due to the affair in the afternoon, this party ultimately morphed into Ruan An’an’s gossip session instead.

After Yin Yuan had her share of laughter, she asked, “And then?”

Ruan An’an: “What then?”

“You need to follow up.
You cannot just let him go like this.
Did you ask for his name or contact number?” Yin Yuan gave her attire a look and smiled “You dressed so fresh and pure today, no man could not have refused you.”

Ruan An’an shook her head immediately, “I did not manage to.”

Jiang Yi and Yin Yuan gave her an ‘are you stupid’ expression.
She explained: “Eh… did you two not hear me? I told you I just saw him rejecting another person.
Why would I send myself to suffer the same fate?!”

“…That’s true.”

Thank you for reading the novel.

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