Ruan An’an was curious and could not help but ask, “Do you like sports meets that much? You signed up for so many events.
Do you attend every year?”


“Yes yes, we are not bad athletically.” Qiu Yan nodded her head.
“We’re not boasting.
We were trained from all the running all over the town and jumping up and down the trees when we were kids!” 


She pointed to Chen Song, who had already started playing a game on his cellphone, “This one has been dimwitted since childhood.
Apart from entering University C and being somewhat good at studying, he has no talent.”


Qiu Yan then pointed to Lian Hao, who yawned loudly, “This one taught all the dirty words Chen Song and I knew.
When we were kids, he was the leader among all the playful kids, and now, he’s the leader of dirty words.”


Ruan An’an was speechless.


How did this conversation turn into dragging one’s best friend through the mud?


A series of clamor exploded out of Chen Song’s cell phone – “great”, “bomb”, “airplane”… 


Followed by his roar, “Ahhhhhhhhh, f̲u̲c̲k̲ this boss! I lost 9.6 million beans in one round!!!”


“You deserve it,” Lian Hao yawned and sneered at him.
“You’re playing that Autistic Landlord everyday, it’s just a matter of time before you really become autistic with that IQ of yours.”


“It’s called Happy Landlord!” Chen Song retorted, then responded to Lian Hao, “Lian Hao you f̲u̲c̲k̲e̲r̲, don’t assume I won’t get angry!”   


Lian Hao sneered, “If you don’t believe me, I’ll ask you a question.
Who’s going to win in a race between a tortoise and a rabbit, with a pig as the referee?”


Chen Song answered without a doubt, “The rabbit of course! Do you think I’m stupid?”




Ruan An’an suddenly felt that Qiu Yan’s conclusion earlier made sense.


Chen Song looked at them blankly, and Qiu Yan explained to him, “He already said that the judge was a pig… And you still fell for it, hahahahahaha…”


Qiu Yan was cackling madly while Lian Hao was completely indifferent, and laid on the table to make up for some sleep.
Ruan An’an tried to hold back her laughter; she turned her head to the other side to see Gu Jue and his lollipop stick sticking out from the side of his mouth.


When she was finally done laughing, Qiu Yan’s eyes lit up with a sudden thought, “Ah, An’an, where are you from? Are you from Qingcheng too? “


“En.” Ruan An’an nodded, “Actually… I grew up in a small town, too.”


Ruan An’an was a native of Qingcheng, but because of her family background, she had not lived in the city since she was a child.


Ruan An’an had read a lot of novels since a child, and it was quite amazing to say that her mother was just like the female leads in classic novels; and Ruan An’an was the “bun” in these classic stories.


It was a pity that this “bun” did not play the role of reuniting the parents like in classic novels.
Even if her life was a classic novel, the ending was destined to be doomed.


Before she was found and taken away by the Ruan Family, she spent her childhood in Qingshui Town.
Although she only had vague memories of her childhood now, she remembered that her time with her mother was always joyous.


The mother in her memories was completely different from the proud, elegant but stubborn darling daughter her grandparents had described.


She remembered that the woman was beautiful, and was cute even when she sometimes lost her temper.
There were many men in the town who liked her, but was too shy to show their affections directly, so there were always men who would give Ruan An’an free candy; and the woman would gently advise her, “Baby girl, we should not accept candies from strangers.
If you like candies, Mommy will buy them for you.”


Time has a magical ability to touch on memories of specific people, and these memories would always be as beautiful as a dream to look back on.

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