On the way to the court, Ruan An’an asked him why he agreed to her suggestion so easily.


Gu Jue replied, “Because I feel your tone is very similar to…” He paused for a moment and thought of the right word, “A wife disciplining her husband.”




You’re quite good at feeling, huh.


In that half-time, Gu Jue had proved that he could cooperate with them whether or not he participated in practices.
Ruan An’an understood that this probably explained how an Honoured King could carry four other minions.


After that time, the Sports Committee member gave them a week of rest, and then crept up to them quietly one day to tell them that the Class 3 of International Trade team was asking for a private match.


The Sports Committee member agreed without any hesitation, thinking that it was a good opportunity for Gu Jue to know the enemy’s tactics! How wonderful!


Ruan An’an thought that Gu Jue would reject the invitation like before, but unexpectedly, he did not.


“Are you going to play today?”


“Yes,” Gu Jue nodded.
“I’m not busy at work recently.
I have a lot of time.”


He indeed had been spared from heading to the Gu’s headquarters lately.
Apart from high school, this was probably the only time he felt so free.


Sure enough, it was easy to let down his guard when the mind was relaxed.
Gu Jue subconsciously realized that he said something wrong after he finished his sentence.


“…?” Work? What work?


Ruan An’an was puzzled by the word “work”.


She has good memory, and her mind quickly recalled what he said last time—


“Oh, you mean the tutoring job you mentioned last time?” Ruan An’an blinked in realization, “Were you usually very busy with tutoring? I thought it was an hour a day or something…”


Gu Jue was so relieved.
He almost forgot about this little lie he made, and nodded, “En.
Because… The home of my student is a little far away, so it takes up a lot of time.
But I don’t need to go over much these recent days.”


When he said that, she thought of an image of Gu Jue dressed in a cool combination of white tee and black trousers while listening to music in the subway, and the way he looked when he patiently gave lessons to a child also floated up in her mind.


Tsk tsk…


At this point, the Sports Committee member yelled, “Gu God we’re waiting for you – come on!”


Gu Jue did not reply to them immediately.
Instead, he turned to look at her, “Are you coming?”


Ruan An’an nodded, “I will if you are.”


“Will you wait for me outside the court?”


“En, en.”


“Bring me water?”


“… En?”


“Carry my sweater?”


“…?” Ruan An’an looked up and down at him, “Do you have a sweater?”


Gu Jue did not speak and stood up from his seat.


It was even far-fetched to consider what he was wearing to be called a sweater.
The pure black windproof material had a drawcord on the collar, which was wide enough to see the clean white tee shirt underneath.


Ruan An’an did not see how he did it.
In a flash, with a quick swift sound of friction of fabric, a section of his waist was exposed before her eyes, and in the next moment she was shrouded by his sweater.


He was beside her when she had a glimpse of his tight and lean abdomen.
She did not only see his fair skin, but also the smooth and defined lines of his abdominal muscles, which was just right.


That’s too seductive.


Although it was only a momentary glimpse, Ruan An’an could barely handle it.

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