“Can you drink the water that Chen Song has drunk?”


“…” Why drink water from the bottle that the silly guy has drunk.


“Can you drink the water that Lian Hao has drunk?”


“……” I refuse.


“Why don’t you speak?” Gu Jue rapped on the railing with the empty bottle, “Huh?”


Ruan An’an, “…….”


Gu Jue was not in a hurry, so he just stared at her with a somewhat smiling expression.
His eyes were beautiful, the ends of them long and narrow.


There was an inexplicable emotion in his heart.


This event has been stimulating his emotions all this time.


Most of it was from an itching feeling, like the kind of comfortable itch that feels as if his heart is being scratched by the paw of a little cat, it comes with a sweet yet teeth-gnawing frustration that rendered him helpless.


You think you were the only one who can tease, right?


“The few you mentioned about,” Ruan An’an took a deep breath: “…I wouldn’t even touch them at all.”


Gu Jue looked at the girl in front of him.
She sported a high ponytail today and she wore casual clothes.
The face and neck were all delicately porcelain white, but her small earlobes were glowing with a lovely shade of red.


Gu Jue has always found it fascinating— whether it was in the past and in the present, Ruan An’an had an electrifying beauty that would spark a sensation in the hearts of outsiders upon sight.
Then again, his most intuitive feeling for her would always ever be fresh and lovely.


But the cute little girl stretched her hand straight towards him in the next second.


Ruan An’an grabbed his ears with little force, but the soft fingers that pinched his ears were rather comfortable.


Gu Jue leaned forward slightly due to her strength and was taken aback for a moment.
Her beautiful voice resounded from beside his ear—


“I will only drink yours, do you understand?”


Ruan An’an had a feeling now.


It was really exciting to run away after playing around.


After pulling Gu Jue’s ear to speak a slur of stern words, Ruan An’an felt like she was practically floating back to the audience.
She also automatically blocked the sight of the people around her and didn’t return to her senses until she was questioned by Qiu Yan.


Qiu Yan was particularly excited, “What were you two doing down there just now! I couldn’t see anything from here, and I was afraid that our seats would be occupied by someone…Ahhh, please tell me!”


Ruan An’an thought for a while, but she really didn’t know what to say about this matter.


The water I drank was drunk by Gu Jue.
Then, he asked me if I would drink the water someone else had drunk before and gave me a series of examples.
Finally, I grabbed his ear and said no, I would only drink his.



I most definitely cannot say that.


So Ruan An’an finally chose the attention-shifting method and pointed to the front, “It’s starting again, it’s starting again.
Stop talking, let’s just watch the game!”


The gazes around her also moved away gradually.


In fact, there was not much suspense.
The game ended perfectly under the carry(1) of Number 7, the Great God.


(T/N: A gaming term, where the ace would ‘carry’ his or her teammates to win a game.
Basically the star of the game who could help you out as long as they were on your team)


Halfway throughout the game,  Qiu Yan said, “I don’t know why, but I feel that Gu God played a lot more aggressively in the second half…Was he anxious to settle some unfinished business?”


Ruan An’an felt very guilty, but she pretended not to hear her.


Ruan An’an would usually leave with Gu Jue on an ordinary basis.
The two did not deliberately agree to it as it was more similar to a tacit understanding.


She thought about it.


Maybe I can just forget about it for today.

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