The first thing Xia Meng saw was a person standing in front of the sink.

The girl has on very casual clothing: dark jeans trimmed to make her legs appear long and slim, a pair of white sneakers, long hair scattered on her back, with a white sweater radiating a gentle aura around her.
She slightly tilts her head and reveals her face in the mirror.

Xia Meng had always known that Ruan An’an was pretty.

When Xia Meng was attending South Private High School with Ruan Lin and her group, Ruan An’an attended North Public School.
For some reason, Ruan Lin would always be on the forum for Ruan An’an school

In Ruan An’an school’s forum, there would always be topics on handsome boys proposing to Ruan An’an but was rejected, and the females in the comment would be envious and jealous.
The boys would continue proposing without care.

Whenever Ruan Lin saw this, she would call Ruan An’an shameless.

Though to be honest, what they were doing makes sense for Xia Meng.

Because even if they never met before, Xia Meng has to admit Ruan An’an’s face is the perfect example of a “first love face.”

The two stared at each other for a couple of seconds, and Xia Meng broke the silence: “Just now…thank you.” 

A look of confusion surfaced on Ruan An’an’s face.

But quickly, she put on a smiling face and said: “Oh, it’s no big deal.”

It’s as if these two never met before; there’s no sense of awkwardness from past experiences, there’s no Ruan Lin between them.

Xia Meng couldn’t think of anything else to say, but she saw Ruan An’an’s smile again.
Her eyes form a lovely curve, depicting a very likable aura: “But don’t forget to bring paper next time; coincidences like this don’t happen very often.”


This school olympic has been the only official olympic Ruan An’an has attended in her entire college career, and if she were to point out a single thing that makes it unique, it would be the rostrum announcement.

For the whole duration of the olympics, the announcer would always be reading the scripts.
In the beginning, everything would be fairly standard, starting with something like “autumn wind brings satisfaction” and “sportsmanship first competition second, xxx your the best” as the ending.

But as the day went on, the tone and style of the scripts got very strange.
Phrases like “autumn wind bring satisfaction under the blazing sun; athletes are being baptized by the wind and rain” start appearing out of nowhere.

Ruan An’an has a feeling it doesn’t end there; it’s only going to get weirder.

And indeed she was not disappointed, just when Gu Jue got first place in the 800 meters race, the announcement was suddenly flooded by love letters proposing to Gu Jue, as the announcement read the third letter…

“…Congratulations to the Junior year Finance class one’s Gu god for heroically getting first place! Come on, everyone, let’s say our slogan: Gu god kills not with a knife, he drops everyone with –” The announcer stops abruptly, realizing what he was reading out loud for the whole school to hear, and questions himself: “What?”

Ruan An’an was about to die from laughter.

Not just her, every girl who follows the DaYouShi forum is laughing out loud.

Through the announcement, you could hear the announcer grudgingly whisper: “Who checks these scripts? You can’t allow these to pass.” He clears his throat and continues with the announcement: “Sorry for the inconvenience everyone, but do know that when submitting requests try to avoid personal feelings, even if you want to propose, this is a bit too much…”

For the next two days, Ruan An’an first handedly saw how weak Finance class one is — and why all the teachers and students are praising someone like Gu Jue, who just scored them 40 points easily; well at this point it’s more like they are worshipping him.

The 40 points came from the three men’s single events plus the relay race and placed first in all those events.

In the relay race, Gu Jue was the fourth baton.
When his group finally got to him, he demonstrated how a single person could win your team the entire race.
When Gu Jue’s turn to run, he instantly passed the last three places, causing the spectating girls from class one to scream out of control.

Not to mention his legendary basketball match.

In just a week, the name Gu Jue is engrained in everyone’s heart and becomes a legend which will pass down in Finance class one’s history.

For the next couple of days, Gu Jue would just sit next to Ruan An’an, but people still come and try to start a conversation with him.
The girls are not that bad, as many are too shy to initiate a conversation with Gu Jue, but the boys know no shame, so they ask whatever is on their minds.
Ruan An’an would sit next to him and listen to him patiently answer each question.

“It’s nothing, I did track training back in my high school town.”

“Yes, my coach had said I’m very suitable to be a sports student, but I chose to take the Gaokao and take the regular path.
He did feel it was a pity.”

“Basketball? My high school teacher also taught me that… No, not the one for running, another coach.
One for track and one for basketball.”

“Yes, I am first place in my town.
Both in study and sports.”

Gu Jue wore a smile on his face for the whole duration, like he was proud of the hometown that raised him.

Ruan An’an just sits on the side and sighs.

When she has the chance, she must visit his hometown, to see what kind of town gave birth to such a genius.

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