CH 14

As Gu Yunzheng mentioned to Su Wei'an before, he and Director Qin of internal medicine opened a consultation clinic for Huntington's chorea.
Provide more comprehensive diagnosis and treatment.


Because it is a newly opened outpatient clinic and a special needs outpatient clinic of the consultation center, the number of patients is not large, so Director Qin and Gu Yunzheng looked at each patient slowly.


Although there are not many patients, each has its own story.
There is a patient who has just been diagnosed and was told that there is no good treatment for the disease.
He seeks medical treatment everywhere in despair and panic, wondering whether he should let his children go to the hospital.
When doing genetic testing, there are also patients who are already in the advanced stages of the disease.
The family members come here to try it out with the mentality of treating a dead horse as a living horse doctor.


One of the aunts in her fifties has reached the point where she does not recognize people and has difficulty speaking.
Her wife brought her over in a wheelchair: “I heard that what you can do here…
pacemaker surgery, can you do it?” Make one for our old lady?”


Although it can be seen at a glance that the aunt's condition is already very serious, Director Qin and Gu Yunzheng carefully checked all her conditions, and then the two looked at each other.
Director Qin solemnly said to the family: “The patient has appeared.
She has clear symptoms of cognitive difficulties and cannot cooperate with the postoperative program control.
I am afraid that the operation will not help her much, and the patient's condition is indeed a bit too serious.”


The family members stood aside for a while, then asked in dialect: “Is it too late?”


Director Qin nodded with a heavy heart.


The family member sighed heavily, and said, “I've been thinking of saving money for her surgery, but I finally saved enough money, but there is no chance of surgery.”


Hearing these words, everyone present felt a little uncomfortable, but the family members pretended to be free and easy and shouted at the patient in the wheelchair: “Old woman, your life is not good!”


Director Qin then wrote a treatment plan for the patient, but at this point in his illness, it was nothing more than some consolation that was better than nothing.
After seeing the disease for so many years, the patient's family members are also very aware of this, but they still expressed their gratitude to the director respectfully.


After the director's diagnosis and treatment, Su Weian took the patient and family members outside the clinic, and explained the precautions to the family members again to ensure that he understood them all.


The uncle nodded again and again, bowed his head and said to the patient: “You see the doctor, he cares about you so much!”


The patient in the wheelchair could no longer respond to his words, but her arms were still moving involuntarily.
Then, a line of saliva dripped from the corner of her mouth.
The uncle hurriedly took out the handkerchief that was in his pocket at any time, bent over Clean it up for your own wife.


The sick aunt had no concept of what was happening in front of her eyes.
She just couldn't stop her flailing hands and hit the uncle's body from time to time.
It seemed that the strength was not too small, but the uncle didn't care at all.


When he got up to collect the handkerchief, the uncle said: “Don't look at her like this now, she was the most beautiful when she was young, if you see yourself like this now, I must blame me for not taking good care of her!”


Although the words were addressed to Su Wei'an, the uncle's eyes were always looking at Auntie, and he stretched out his hands to smooth out the broken hair on her forehead.
Su Wei'an only noticed that Auntie was wearing comfortable cloth clothes and trousers at this time.
, although not very good-looking, but overall clean and tidy, with smooth and supple hair.
Taking care of patients with late-stage Huntington's chorea is not an easy task.
People, there are very few patients who can be as decent as Auntie.
It can be seen that the people around her must take good care of her, but the uncle still said such self-blaming words.


Su Wei'an couldn't help comforting the uncle and said: “You have done a good job.
If Auntie knows, she will be very grateful to you.”


The uncle held his lips, but without a smile, he said, “I have nothing to be grateful for.
Before my daughter-in-law got sick, she was the one who took care of me.” When he mentioned what happened back then, the uncle's expression was filled with guilt, ” When she first got sick, I was not used to taking care of her.
I hated everything and blamed her every day, but now, I am very grateful that she insisted on accompanying me even when she was sick, so that I was not alone at all.


At the end, the uncle's face slowly climbed into a smile, which is the kind of sincere happiness.


For him, his wife persisted in surviving, and he was grateful for that.


That was a mood that Su Wei'an could not have imagined.


Seeing that auntie's lips were dry, the uncle took out the water bottle and fed auntie a sip of water, then said goodbye to Su Wei'an: “Thank you doctor.”


Su Wei'an doesn't know what she has to be grateful for.
As doctors, they are so helpless and incompetent when facing patients; She was so incompetent and powerless, she didn't dare to think about how hard it would be for the uncle to take care of the aunt as a family member.
She looked at the uncle's smile, but felt like someone was grabbing her heart, and she wanted to cry.


Everyone noticed that Su Wei'an's eyes were red when he returned to the consultation room.
They could all see that Su Wei'an was in a bad mood, and they could guess why, but they all chose to avoid talking about it and not touching him Touching is already the greatest protection they can do for Su Wei'an.



Perhaps it is because such a big hurdle has been set for Su Wei'an's life, and fate is too embarrassed to make things difficult for her, so Su Wei'an's research on the subject went smoothly, and the molecular research experiment found a path that is related to Huntington's disease.
The mechanism is closely related to the molecular pathway, and the postoperative effect of Gu Yunzheng's DBS surgery patients can be seen to have a clear improvement in involuntary dance-like movements.


The molecular experiment will be further divided into two sub-projects, but Su Wei'an is already too busy to spare.
Although Du Yuncheng wants to help her, but he is a formal doctor, and he is too busy with operations every day, so it is impossible to stay in the experiment every day.
Su Wei'an was suffering from a severe headache while doing experiments in the lab.
Yu Yanxing, another colleague in the same laboratory, offered to join Huntington's research group to help Su Wei'an and solve Su Wei'an's urgent needs.


Gu Yunzheng promised that the results of the sub-projects that Yu Yanxing was in charge of would be published as his personal results and report at the meeting.
Yu Yanxing just shook his head and said, “No, I didn't want to do Huntington's experiment for this.”


Gu Yunzheng realized that there was something behind him, so he asked, “Why is that?”


Yu Yanxing said word by word: “I think you, you and Su Weian, know that the hope is slim, but you still do everything you can meticulously every day, very similar to Don Quixote who fought against the windmill, absurd and Brave, although the strength is weak, but I want to help you.”


After Yu Yanxing joined, several students heard about Gu Yunzheng's lectures and wanted to join their research group.
Gu Yunzheng was originally worried that these students who hadn't started scientific research would make Su Weian's daily work difficult.
The burden is even heavier.
Unexpectedly, Su Wei'an happily accepted these students into the laboratory.
She said: “When I was in school, no one took me to the laboratory, and I went through many detours.
Now I have the opportunity to use my experience Tell the younger students to help them grow faster and lead them to love scientific research, even if they don’t engage in Huntington’s research in the future, as long as they are doing research, everything I teach them today is meaningful.”


She doesn't care how much these students can help their projects after entering the laboratory, she only hopes that she and this laboratory can become the starting point for their medical research.
It is of course great that Su Wei'an has such a mind and vision, but Gu Yunzheng also noticed another important point in her words, and he repeated her words: “Traveled a lot of detours?”


Just as Su Wei'an was about to wave his hand, he pretended to say “it's all over”, but Gu Yunzheng looked stunned and said, “No wonder you want to avoid repeating the same mistakes by taking detours all over the place.”


Su Wei'an: “…”


Gu old man, can you stop showing your IQ superiority at any time like this?


And this year is about to pass.


For the hospital's New Year's party, as the key department of the hospital, the Department of Neurosurgery will have two hosts, one male and one female.
The male host has always been given to Du Yuncheng, and the female host, after Wen Ran's graduation, apart from the nurses, Corey Su Weian is the only girl left.


Taking off his white coat, Su Wei'an changed into a small white dress and showed a good figure.
The people around were all amazed and praised, so Su Wei'an deliberately walked around in front of Gu Yunzheng and asked him: “How is it?”


The skirt of the little dress is short, and the hem of the skirt will reach above the knees, revealing a pair of straight and fair legs, which is good-looking, but Gu Yunzheng's complexion is not very good.


He squinted at her: “You? Your brain is full of water, and your whole body is missing legs.”


As he said, he stretched out his hand and tugged at the hem of her skirt, but it wasn't enough, so he pulled it again, and finally it reached below her knees.


Su Weian folded his arms around his chest, looked at him leisurely, and said, “Since I'm so short of legs, why are you pulling my skirt?”


Gu Yunzheng didn't raise his head: “I'm afraid that others will find out and laugh at you.”


Su Wei'an: “…”


Gu Yunzheng looked at her skirt carefully again, and whispered: “When you get married, you must order a long wedding dress.”


Gu Yunzheng couldn't remember who performed what program at the party, but he remembered every small expression of Su Wei'an when he spoke.


Because Du Yuncheng and Du Yuncheng are the hosts, the two of them have the opportunity to be on the same stage.
When waiting for the stage, because Su Wei'an's skirt is short and it is cold, she always wears a coat, and she takes it off when she is on stage, but because She still had a reminder card in her hand, and she was a little flustered.


Seeing this, Du Yuncheng naturally stretched out his hand to help Su Wei'an take the cue card, and pulled the sleeve of the coat for her to make it easier for her to put it on and take it off.


Su Wei'an looked back and thanked him: “Thank you!”


Du Yuncheng held his lips and said, “Why are you so polite to me?”


Of course, she should be more polite, she owed Du Yuncheng so much favor, there was nothing else she could do except be polite.


When she first returned to China, Du Yuncheng helped her several times; after she entered the department, he helped her again and again, especially…


Especially after the news that she carries the disease-causing gene was announced…


No, before she went to speak at the American conference, Du Yuncheng had already tried every means to enter the research group to help her, and when the news that she carried the disease-causing gene was made public, Du Yuncheng was not surprised.


She has wanted to ask about this for a long time, but there has never been a suitable opportunity.
Now that they are waiting together, she seems to mention it casually: “Did you already guess that I carry the disease-causing gene?”


Xu did not expect that she would suddenly bring up this matter.
Du Yuncheng was silent for a moment, and then said: “It's not very early, but what you said to me after the interview with the dean made me think for a long time.
It’s hard to say, the things that can make you drop out of school, plus your father’s illness, the answer is not difficult to guess, but I still don’t want to believe it.”




Su Wei'an pretended to be relaxed and smiled, and said, “I don't want to believe it either.”


Du Yuncheng was silent again.
When the performers on the stage sang wonderfully, the audience applauded and the surroundings were noisy for a while.
Amidst the noise, Su Wei'an heard Du Yuncheng ask, “Why didn't you tell me?”


Su Wei'an seemed to be looking intently at the stage outside, and said casually: “It's hard to hide what I've said.”


“I'm not talking about carrying the disease-causing gene.
Wen Ran and He Xiaoguang snatched the article when I dropped out of school.
Why didn't you tell me? At least I can speak for you when they slander you like that.”


Su Wei'an didn't think about this question, just like she never wanted to tell Du Yuncheng about it at that time.
As for the reason, Su Wei'an thought about it and said, “Probably because I don't want to trouble you.”


Du Yuncheng smiled self-deprecatingly.
He originally told himself that the question was meaningless, but at this moment he couldn't help asking: “It's because I carry the disease-causing gene, and I refused because I didn't want to cause trouble.
Why did I accept it?” Gu Yunzheng?”


After finishing speaking, he was afraid of adding a burden to Su Weian who was already with Gu Yunzheng, so he explained: “I don't want to fight for something more from you, um…
you just think that I am unwilling to lose to Gu Yunzheng.”


When mentioning Gu Yunzheng, the corners of Su Wei'an's mouth curved up unconsciously, and he joked: “I will accept Gu Yunzheng because Gu Yunzheng is different.
Others only care about whether I fly high or not, and he also cares about whether I fall hard or not.” Heavy, he would have calculated where I would fall very early, ran to that place in advance, and waited to laugh at me, so thinking about it this way, I really don’t feel guilty at all for causing trouble to him…”


Du Yuncheng was stunned for a moment when he heard the words, he did not expect such an answer.


Seeing his seriousness, Su Wei'an couldn't help laughing, and said: “I'm talking nonsense, frankly speaking, I didn't want to accept Gu Yunzheng, but I don't know why, but I am willing to tell him those things that I can't say in front of others.
, I can't refuse him, or maybe we are actually looking for a person who can share all the unspeakable secrets in this life.”


Not because of what Gu Yunzheng did, but because it was Gu Yunzheng, and this was her answer.


Du Yuncheng looked at Su Weian and didn't ask any more questions.


The party was not long, it ended in just over three hours.
Although the time was short, the atmosphere in the auditorium was very enthusiastic.
The performance was successful.
The participants and hosts hugged each other to celebrate.
Gu Yunzheng was in such a peaceful environment.
Backstage towards the atmosphere.


Seeing him coming, Su Weian happily approached him and asked, “How am I doing?”


Although it was a question, Su Weian's expression was full of “Praise me, praise me”.


Gu Yunzheng said with a straight face: “It's okay.”


Su Weian was a little disappointed: “Is it okay?”


“The third sentence in the opening was stunned for a moment, and God almost forgot the words.
The second and third programs were interspersed and almost memorized the name of the program.
At the end, the voice was a little trembling…”


Su Wei'an suddenly felt a little regretful, why on earth did she think of asking Gu Yunzheng such a question?


She turned her head and was about to leave, telling Gu Yunzheng with actions that he had lost her.


The next moment, Gu Yunzheng grabbed her arm and pulled her back into his arms.


He whispered to her, “Do you know why I remember so clearly?”


She froze for a moment and shook her head.


“Because of this party, all I see is you.”


Hearing Gu Yunzheng say such words, it is impossible not to be moved, Su Wei'an's anger dissipated, but he still gave him a reproachful look and said, “Routine!”


Ask him again: “Did you take a picture of me?”


“Take a few pictures.”


Su Wei'an didn't have a long memory, and asked again: “How is it?”


Gu Yunzheng smiled and said, “Photos can't describe your beauty.”


Su Wei'an was stunned, and asked, “What do you mean?”


“You're not photogenic.”


Su Wei'an: “…”


go home.


Standing in high heels for a whole night, Su Wei'an's feet were already in pain.
He had tried hard not to show it in front of his colleagues before, but immediately wanted to take off his shoes and walk barefoot when he left the hospital.
Gu Yunzheng saw her in pain.
Grinning her teeth, she couldn't help but squeezed at her with some distress: “Isn't it good to wear flat shoes to swell your face to look fat?”


Su Wei'an raised his head proudly, and said, “That won't work, my long legs won't show off!”


Gu Yunzheng's words are as usual: “You need to wear high heels to show your long legs?”


Su Wei'an stared at him: “…”


But he saw him squatting down in front of her and said, “Come up.”


It was too dangerous for her to take off her shoes and walk barefoot on the road, and he wanted to carry her on her back.


Realizing Gu Yunzheng's intentions, Su Weian hesitated for a moment, and asked, “It takes more than ten minutes to walk home from here, will you be tired carrying me on your back?”


Gu Yunzheng answered simply: “Yes.”


Su Wei'an happily jumped up.


Walking home along the river, Su Wei'an happily hummed on Gu Yunzheng's back.
It was already late at night, and the sound of fireworks suddenly sounded from the other side of the river.
Su Wei'an looked up and saw the huge fireworks just like that.
Blooming in the sky, she patted Gu Yunzheng excitedly and said, “Look, the fireworks are set off, it's New Year's Eve!”


The night wind by the river brushed their hair, and the gorgeous fireworks made the sky as bright as a white night.
Gu Yunzheng paused, put her down from his back, and admired the scene with her.


Su Wei'an's face was still reflecting the colorful flames in the sky, she called him: “Gu Yunzheng, please make a new year's wish!”


Gu Yunzheng answered without the slightest hesitation: “Marry.”


Just two words, but made Su Weian's heart move, she pretended to be disgusted and said: “Vulgar!”


Gu Yunzheng didn't care, just asked her: “What about you?”


Su Wei'an flipped his hair handsomely, and said, “I'm such an ambitious person, of course I want to find out a cure for Huntington's chorea!”


Gu Yunzheng was silent for a while, and couldn't help hitting her: “Aren't you afraid that it won't work if you say that?”


Su Wei'an was taken aback, and said, “You were the one who said it first!”


“I told you to listen!”


Where does marriage come from wishing? He was telling her his plans for next year!


“Then…then I also told you that in order to realize my wish, you have to work hard!”


Gu Yunzheng reacted very quickly and said, “Well, if you realize my wish, I will help you realize it.”


He's doing pretty well, and I don't know where his confidence comes from!


Su Weian looked at him and said, “What if you lie to me and can't fulfill my wish?”


Gu Yunzheng held her in his arms, leaned her against the fence by the river, leaned over and kissed the corner of her mouth, and said, “Then I deserve to take care of you for the rest of my life.”


Why did she feel…why did she feel like she was being calculated?


Su Wei'an was about to resist: “Don't lie…”


Before the words could be uttered, Gu Yunzheng sealed his lips with a kiss.


Well, Su Wei'an's new year is destined to start in a more “hardworking” way.


But scientific research is not something that you will definitely have results if you have the ability.


In the past year, Su Wei'an, who has devoted himself to the research of Huntington's mechanism and treatment, has repeatedly failed.
It means that there are 99 molecules that are still unclear, and every 20% improvement rate means that nearly half of the patients in this group have an improvement rate lower than 20%.
Whether it hurt or not, for a while, she suddenly didn't know what she was doing.


In a short period of time, many articles have been produced.
Su Wei'an and Gu Yunzheng have attracted the continuous attention of the industry, and they are in the limelight.
There are many invitations to speak at the conference.
Apart from doing experiments every day, Su Wei'an is preparing the content of the conference speech.
As far as she is familiar with it, she no longer needs Gu Yunzheng to worry about her anymore, but the more she prepares, the more despair Su Wei'an feels like never before.


At the National Neurological Conference, Su Wei'an and Gu Yunzheng became the most eye-catching new stars.
In the venue, she looked at the faces with admiration and envy in the audience, and when she heard the words of praise, her mind suddenly went blank for a moment.
It’s just that the connection between several molecules has been discovered, but it’s just verified that 20% of the motor symptoms have improved, but it can’t cure or reverse the disease, and even delay it.
Why is everyone already rejoicing and satisfied?


Surrounded by scholars who came to ask questions and seek cooperation, Gu Yunzheng communicated with them one by one, and suddenly found that Su Wei'an had gone somewhere.


His eyes quickly looked around the venue, no.


He immediately left the meeting place.
As soon as the door of the meeting place closed, he turned his head and saw a person squatting behind the door.
It was none other than Su Weian.


She wrapped her arms around her knees and buried her head in it.
Judging from her trembling shoulders, she should be crying.


During this period of time, he has been aware that her mood is a little depressed.
As their achievements increase, her condition is getting worse and worse.
Although he did not dare to discuss this matter with her easily, he can guess that it is because of what.


This is a marathon that can't see the end even if you try your best.
The more you run, the farther you feel that the finish line is farther away from you.


Gu Yunzheng squatted down and patted her on the back to comfort her.


When he was alone, he could still try to restrain himself, but now that Gu Yunzheng was by his side, Su Wei'an finally couldn't hold back, and wept bitterly at the door of the conference where they introduced their “breakthrough progress”.


People are coming and going in the corridor, and when they hear the crying, passers-by can't help but look at them inquiringly.
Gu Yunzheng turns to Su Weian's front, hugs her in his arms, and blocks her with his body to prevent her from being caught by others.


He kept telling her, “It will be fine.”


If it was normal, Su Wei'an would definitely pretend to believe and nod.
It's just that her emotions have accumulated here for several months.
Today, she finally has no way to pretend that nothing happened.
Su Wei'an said to him: “You saw my cell staining.
As a result, you also saw that the improvement that was better than nothing in those patients after surgery gradually decreased over time, we have worked so hard…”


Yes, they have worked so hard, why can't they see the end?


Gu Yunzheng held her hand and said word by word: “Scientific research has never been so easy.
Every major breakthrough requires the unremitting efforts of several generations, or even dozens of generations, to touch the goal given by God.
A beam of light.”


The history of human beings is about 3 million years.
It was not until the 16th century that Vesalius created the basis of modern anatomy, which enabled people to understand the composition of the human body; Anesthesia was only used in surgery in the 1990s; even the deep brain stimulation surgery they are studying now was officially used in clinical treatment in 1991.
Every step that human beings have taken is the result of continuous accumulation of several generations, even dozens of generations, and it has never been an easy task.


Su Wei'an didn't understand this, she couldn't help but said to Gu Yunzheng: “Sometimes I really regret why I met you, if it wasn't because of you, I wouldn't care so much about those failures, because I wouldn't care about the future I have such a strong yearning for my life, I don’t want to grow old with you so much.”


But failure after failure reminded her that she should not be able to.


Gu Yunzheng looked into her eyes, and said angrily, “Don't say such things again, because it's safe, I always think that your appearance is the ray of light that God gave me.”


Su Wei'an raised her head and was looking into his dark eyes.
She only felt that this heart seemed to have been burned by fire in the cold deep sea.
It was cold and warm at the same time, and she only felt that her nose was a little sore.


Gu Yunzheng continued: “For peace, let's get married!”


The road of scientific research is full of difficulties and dangers.
If they really touch the last light, it is their luck.
If not, at least she still has him.


not good.


Su Weian answered in this way in his heart.


But before he could utter a single word, tears flowed down his face again.


He reached out to wipe the tears off her face, held her face and forced her to look at him, his voice almost seductive: “Promise me.”


She shook her head.


He moved closer to her and repeated, “Promise me!”


She tried hard to look away, took a deep breath, and shook her head with difficulty.


Gu Yunzheng got two points closer to her, and he pressed the tip of his nose against hers, repeating firmly: “Promise me!”


From time to time, passers-by looked at them in surprise, but he didn't care at all, just looked at her seriously, as if as long as she didn't agree, he wouldn't let her leave here, and he would ask again and again.


Su Weian finally couldn't respond.


It was her inner compromise.


Gu Yunzheng smiled from the bottom of his heart.
He found a ring box out of nowhere, opened it, and quickly put the ring on her hand.
Originally, he wanted everyone to be in a good mood when she finished celebrating her speech.
She proposed marriage, but she didn't expect that Su Weian's emotions would directly collapse here after she spoke, but fortunately, the same goal was achieved by different routes.


He held her hand, interlocked her fingers, and said, “If you wear the ring, you will be mine.
Don't go back on your word.”


Su Weian choked, but still didn't say a word, just looked down at the ring on her hand, that kind of joyful but mixed feelings made her heart feel heavy, but the next moment she felt her body lighten, she The whole person was picked up by Gu Yunzheng and turned around in a circle.
Associate Professor Gu, who has always been calm, calm, calm, calm, and abstinent (crossed out), made such an unsteady move.
He happily announced: “I'm getting married !”


Gu Yunzheng's life plan has never failed, and the word “marriage” mentioned during the New Year's Eve has finally come to be fulfilled.


Later, Su Wei'an tried to talk to Gu Yunzheng about this matter, trying to persuade him to think about it carefully, but Gu Yunzheng's attitude towards this was – don't listen, he reminded her: “I said that I don't want to go back on my word, but I have nothing to do with the director.


He didn't give her any room for repentance!


Su Wei'an gritted his molars, and squeezed out a few words from between his teeth: “Then let's get it done!”


Anyway, he had already planned to spend the rest of his life with him, since he also happened to have this plan, let's get married.


She is not afraid of the responsibilities that marriage will give her, but beyond that, she still has to keep the most important decision in her life to herself.


That's how she made up her mind.


Gu Yunzheng's mother, Gu Meiru, happened to be returning to China during this time, and Gu Yunzheng made an appointment with her mother to take Su Wei'an to meet her.


Gu Meiru is a diplomat, and Su Wei'an has seen her several times on TV news.
Through a screen, Su Wei'an only feels that this aunt's dignified atmosphere has a special sense of majesty, and her aura is very Therefore, before the meeting, although Gu Yunzheng told her several times not to worry, she was still very nervous.


Facts have proved that her feeling is not wrong, Gu Meiru's aura is indeed very strong, when Su Wei'an and Gu Yunzheng arrived at the restaurant, Gu Meiru was sitting there drinking tea, just such a simple action, in the middle of a noisy restaurant.
It became a unique scene in the hotel, it seemed that the world became quiet around her.


Gu Yunzheng led Su Weian to Gu Meiru's side, and called out, “Mom.”


Gu Meiru raised her head and saw that it was Gu Yunzheng.
She smiled, turned her eyes slightly to see Su Weian next to him, stood up with a smile, her eyes swept across her body, and then looked directly into Wei An's eyes, Said softly: “You just want to be safe, right? Yun Zheng always talks about you to me.”


Su Wei'an responded: “Hello, Auntie, I'm Su Wei'an, this is a little gift for you, please accept it.”


As Su Wei'an said, he handed out the bag in his hand, and Gu Yunzheng said to his mother from the side: “He Wei'an told you not to prepare these, she won't listen.”


Gu Meiru glared at her son reproachfully, and said, “That means he is more polite than you.”


Order a la carte to eat.


During the meeting, Gu Meiru didn't ask any more about Su Weian's situation.
After all, she was going to get married.
Gu Yunzheng had already informed most of the information on the phone.
Gu Meiru was a diplomat, and Su Weian had also traveled around the world.
The two chatted.
Considering the customs of various places, it is very lively.


When talking about Paris, Gu Meiru's eyes were full of nostalgia, and she said: “I stayed in Paris for a short period of time when I was young, and I really like the atmosphere there, free and romantic.”


Su Wei'an nodded in agreement: “Indeed.”


Gu Yunzheng, who hadn't interrupted the conversation until now, finally couldn't help but laugh at Su Weian at this moment: “You're lying! When you were in Central Africa, you clearly said that you didn't like Paris at all!”


Su Wei'an: “…”


She glared at Gu Yunzheng fiercely, talking too much!


The atmosphere in Paris is of course very good.
She doesn't like Paris just because she is alone and terminally ill, which is in contrast to other people, okay?


The eye contact between the two made Gu Meiru smile, in order to avoid Su Weian's embarrassment, she didn't talk about Paris any more, but as if she suddenly remembered something, she asked, “By the way, Yun Zheng said you met in Central Africa? “


“Well, although we met at Huaren Hospital before, we did meet informally in China.”


Gu Meiru's smile deepened, and she said, “Fate is the most interesting thing.”


Her eyes flickered for a moment, probably because she remembered some old things, and her smile gradually faded.
Su Wei'an suddenly remembered that Gu Yunzheng once said that Gu Meiru divorced Dean Du when she was in Central Africa.
Suddenly, Su Wei'an was worried that he had touched Gu Meiru's sad matter, and was about to quickly change the subject, but Gu Meiru raised her head and asked with a smile, “When are you going to get married?”


After chatting for so long, we finally came to today's topic.
Su Wei'an didn't expect that Gu Meiru would directly ask about the time of marriage, so he couldn't help sitting up straight, thought about it, and said to Gu Meiru cautiously: “Auntie, I don't know Has Yun Zheng mentioned it to you, but there is something I still want to explain to you in person.”


Gu Meiru is such a smart person, she already guessed what she was going to say when she saw her like this, “You mean about Huntington's chorea?” After a pause, she glanced at Gu Yunzheng, “Yunzheng did tell me .”


When she said this, Su Wei'an didn't know what to say for a moment.
After thinking about it, he simply asked in the most direct way: “I don't know if you would mind this matter?”


Gu Meiru was fiddling with the spoon in the bowl, and asked casually, “What if I say you mind?”


Su Wei'an pursed her lips.
Since she asked such a question, she must have been prepared, so she said: “Then I will have a good talk with Gu Yunzheng about marriage.
It shouldn't be a burden to parents.”


Gu Meiru put down the spoon, looked up at Su Weian, and said bluntly, “Do you not want to get married?”


Su Wei'an was startled, and instinctively said: “I'm not…”


Gu Meiru looked at her without saying a word.


Su Wei'an explained: “I don't want to get married, I'm just a little afraid that my special situation will bring a burden to Yunzheng and his family.
Anyway, I won't want to spend my life with anyone else except Gu Yunzheng.
For the rest of my life, it doesn't matter whether I have a paper document of marriage, but once I get married, it is a responsibility and a commitment.
I am afraid that I will fulfill myself, but I will implicate him.”


Carrying the Huntington disease-causing gene is a big thing after all.
She didn't want to hide it, and expressed her thoughts frankly and sincerely.
Yes, Gu Meiru could see that her care and prudence were due to her concern for Gu Yunzheng.


Gu Meiru breathed a sigh of relief, the corners of her lips rose slightly, her smile was weak but warm, she said to Su Wei'an: “As long as you really want to be together, you don't have to be afraid.
So many healthy people in this world will end up as quarrelsome couples.
You should know each other's value better.”


When Gu Meiru and Gu Yunzheng's father got married, everyone was unanimously optimistic.
In the eyes of everyone, they were a perfect match, but the marriage ended tragically, and now she has nothing to worry about.
What she resents is that the more she sees and experiences, the more she understands that it is easy to find someone with comparable conditions, but it is difficult to find someone who wants to spend this life no matter the cost.
She knows that her son is definitely not a person who acts impulsively.
If he dares to make such a decision, he must have the ability to bear the consequences.
Rather than worrying about whether he will suffer in the future, she is more fortunate that he has found his own.
that person.


Su Wei’an was prepared to face all kinds of nitpicking before coming here.
After all, no matter how tolerant and open the parents are, even if they can barely accept that she will get Huntington’s chorea, they will not be willing in the end.
She always feels that Gu Meiru didn't say anything to her because of her self-cultivation and taking care of Gu Yunzheng's mood, but she never thought that Gu Meiru would think so.
At this moment, Su Wei'an only felt a little hot in the eye sockets.


Gu Yunzheng held her hand under the table, and said softly to her: “I told you, don't worry, my mother is very easy to get along with, because we all think you deserve all the kindness and sincerity.”

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