Not long after that, Dr.
Xu came out with blood all over his clothes.

The two strong men surrounded him almost immediately and asked, “How's the big brother?”
Su Wei'an saw that Dr.
Xu's expression was not very good, and hurriedly stepped forward and pulled Dr.
Xu out, kept a certain distance from the two people, and comforted them: “Don't worry.”
Xu sighed, and as expected by Su Wei'an, the patient's life was not saved because of excessive blood loss and severe injuries.
There was a moment of silence, and then the two strong men broke out: “What does the injury mean? The injury is not important, what are you doing in the hospital? If I can't save my big brother, I will let you be buried with you!”
“The patient's family, please calm down, the hospital can't cure all diseases!”
“My eldest brother is so strong on weekdays, but it's just a little trauma, how can he not survive? It must be that you didn't do your best!”
As the man said, he kicked down the treatment car on the side, and the things on it fell to the ground.
Such a big movement caused chaos in the emergency room.
Su Weian's head became too big, and he hurriedly asked the nurse on the side to call the security guard again, fearing that their fists would fall the next moment.
Sister Lan's call came at this time, and there was no one at the nurse's station, so Jiang Muying, who was close, went to pick it up.
“Let Su Weian bring the documents he just received immediately.
Doctor Gu is waiting for her at the door of the operating room.”
Jiang Muying looked at Su Wei'an, who was firmly blocked by the wall by the two family members, and said, “She may not be able to pass for a while, but I seem to see where she put those documents just now.”
On the other side of the phone, Sister Lan hesitated for a while, thinking that those forms must be sent back to the country before get off work, and Gu Yunzheng still had an afternoon operation, so he finally spared some time, and he couldn't wait that long, so she said to Jiang Muying: “Then Bring it here.”
There were not many things in Su Wei'an's bag.
Jiang Muying saw the documents in the mezzanine without looking twice.
Thinking that Gu Yunzheng was in a hurry, she didn't take a closer look.
Pen, consciously considered very thoughtful.
Gu Yunzheng just finished an operation and stood at the door of the operating room.
He was a little surprised to see that she came.
After thanking him, he took the things.
Speeding up the filling, but turning to the back, he found that there was an envelope that had been opened, with the name of the genetic testing company written on it.
Gu Yunzheng was puzzled, but he felt that some patient's things might have been brought together, so he took it out and took a look, but froze when his eyes touched the name on the report.
Su Wei'an.
He immediately looked down, and he read the report three times inadvertently to know the results at a glance.
In the end, his eyes only fell on the conclusion: “The number of CAG amplifications > 50, Carry the Huntington disease-causing gene.”
This is……
His heart sank.
Jiang Muying, who was beside him, didn't know what he was looking at but felt that the opportunity was rare, and wanted to take advantage of the situation to sue Su Wei'an so that she could make room for her as an interpreter, so she said, “By the way, Doctor Gu, I just came here.
At that time, there was a commotion in the emergency room, and it seemed that Translator Su had a dispute with the family members of the two patients.”
Gu Yunzheng raised his head, held the letter tightly in his hand, and asked, “Where is Su Weian?”
Jiang Muying was taken aback by his serious look, and hurriedly said, “Urgent…emergency.”
The next moment, Gu Yunzheng rushed out like a gust of wind.
There was already a lot of trouble in the emergency room.
Even the security guards were not able to completely control the family members of the two patients, who were full of tattoos and had strong bodies.
Gu Yunzheng knew at a glance that they were not ordinary people.
Although Dr.
Xu has been trying to explain that the “slight trauma” in their mouths was a knife piercing through the chest cavity and abdominal cavity, causing spleen rupture and atelectasis, the two men said arrogantly: “Do you know who my eldest brother is? Thinking that something happened to my eldest brother, can you still stay here safely?”
Seeing Su Wei'an's face getting worse and worse, Gu Yunzheng cried out “not good”, but before he walked over to stop him, he heard Su Wei'an say: “I don't care who your eldest brother is, it's obviously caused by your own internal conflicts.
Your eldest brother was injured so badly, and you don't want to admit your mistake, so you put all the responsibility on the doctor who did his best to save your eldest brother? Your eldest brother has an accident, are you going to drag all of us to bury him with him? ?”
Without a word, there was silence all around.
Anyone who could understand French was taken aback by her astonishing words.
She successfully angered the two family members, only to see that they broke free from the restraints of the security guard, and threw their fists at Su Weian.
There was a wall behind Su Weian, and there was no way to retreat, so she could only take the punch, but at this moment, she suddenly felt that her eyes were dark, someone rushed over and hugged her, and blocked her with her back.
She suddenly came back to her senses, her eyes widened in surprise, and the next moment an angry voice sounded in her ears: “Call the police!”
Gu Yunzheng?
Isn't he in surgery?
She hurriedly helped him up, and it turned out to be Gu Yunzheng.
She asked anxiously, “How are you? Are you seriously injured?” Then she turned to the people around her and said in French, “Call the police! Call the police immediately!”
The pain will definitely hurt, but fortunately, I have been mentally prepared and carried it on my back.
There is no injury or fracture, even if it is not a serious problem.
After the man finished the punch, the security guard behind him recovered his senses and chased after him again.
He was finally restrained by pulling hard.
Gu Yunzheng asked the security guard to “invite” them to an empty room.
When the police came, everyone Calm down and deal with this matter.
When the people present were scattered, Su Weian asked about Gu Yunzheng's injury again and was about to thank him, but suddenly, her eyes swept over Gu Yunzheng's hand inadvertently and suddenly froze.
This is……
She suddenly snatched the report from Gu Yunzheng's hand, it was hers, it was really hers!
She looked at Gu Yunzheng in shock, a momentary blank in her mind.
She only felt the anger surge up in her heart.
This was her deepest secret, her most painful wound.
Even her parents never knew about it, but now when she was unprepared, she was so blooded Tearing apart.
Her voice trembled a little, and she questioned him, “Why is this in your hands?”
Gu Yunzheng had long expected that Su Weian's reaction would not be small, so Gu Yunzheng hesitated for a while, and said lightly: “Someone brought those forms for me by accident.”
“Accidental?” Su Wei'an sneered, “You said it very lightly.
This is what I put in the middle of my school bag.
How could you open other people's bags so carelessly?”

She was still wondering how Gu Yunzheng, who was supposed to be in the operating room, suddenly appeared here.
It was because of this.
Gu Yunzheng was also startled when he heard the words, and said, “I'm sorry, I didn't know this was in your bag…”
Su Wei'an laughed angrily: “Then where do you think I would put this kind of thing? Bulletin board?” She paused, looked at Jiang Muying who was standing not far behind Gu Yunzheng, and said, “You Say you don't know, the person who gave it to you always knows where she got it, right? Isn't she so diligent just to stay by your side to be the translator? Well, I'm quitting, you let her do it!”
After she finished speaking, she turned and left.
Gu Yunzheng tried to stop her: “Su Wei'an!”
But she didn't care at all.
After waiting in the operating room for a long time without waiting to review Yun Zheng, Sister Lan finally came out to look for him.
It was strange to see him standing there alone: “Doctor Gu, the anesthesiologist is about to start anesthesia.”
Gu Yunzheng glanced in the direction where Su Weian left, and finally responded, “I see.”
Back in the operating room, it was another afternoon of surgery.
Coupled with the matter of the two troubled family members, it continued until the evening.
Xu wanted to invite him to dinner to express his gratitude, but he directly declined.
After leaving the hospital, he searched the neighborhood for two laps and finally found Su Weian by the side of an abandoned basketball court.
She was drinking wine alone in the wind.
Xu Shi finally calmed down, and Su Weian looked up to see him, and just glanced at him lightly.
Gu Yunzheng walked to her side, handed her the envelope of the gene company that she had dropped during the day, and said, “I'll give this back to you.”
Su Wei'an glanced at it, took it, but suddenly shredded the envelope and threw it into the weeds.
It seemed to be a lot easier at once, she raised her head and drank the remaining sip of wine in the bottle.
Gu Yunzheng said disappointedly: “Without the envelope, where do you put your report?”
Su Wei'an said indifferently: “It's already burned.”
What responded to her was Gu Yunzheng's disdainful sneer: “You don't even have the courage to face it, how could it be burned?”
His thoughts were revealed by him, Su Weian looked away, he was right, the report was still in her schoolbag, she wanted to tear it up, burn it, and throw it away more than once, but finally They put it back in its place “respectfully”, thinking that as long as it doesn't touch it, it doesn't exist.
She lowered her head and smirked: “I thought you were here to apologize.”
Gu Yunzheng looked at her and said, “I've already apologized, but you haven't thanked me for preventing disasters for you.”
After thinking about it, Su Wei'an was really like this, and smiled a little boringly: “Okay, Doctor Gu, thank you for suddenly showing up today to help me block my fist.
Come, let's have a drink together, I respect you!”
She said, holding up a new bottle of wine and handing it to Gu Yunzheng.
What he got was a decisive answer from Gu Yunzheng: “I don't drink with people who want to die.”
Su Wei'an was stunned and asked, “What did you say?”
“I used to be a little surprised by your disregarding character, but now I finally understand that you ran alone to a place with extremely poor public security and sanitation conditions in Central Africa, and dared to stand up when I was fighting with that drunk driver.
I choked with him and later jumped out when even the leaders of the hospital didn't dare to speak out and took the responsibility that had nothing to do with me.
Today, I dared to confront two people who knew at a glance that they might have something to do with the underworld.
Bar…” Gu Yunzheng paused, “Su Wei'an, you're just courting death!”
Su Weian almost jumped up and said, “I didn't! I just saw a bad road!”
“Doing what you can is called Lu Jian injustice, hitting a stone with an egg is called courting death!”
Su Wei'an shook his head desperately and said, “You don't understand…”
Gu Yunzheng sneered and said resolutely: “You don't understand! You have repeatedly stood out in dangerous situations, but you are not reconciled to being plain, and you want to add a bit of tragic heroism to your life!”
In the night wind, Su Wei'an only felt that his words were like a sharp knife, which cut through her fantasy, and something became clearer and clearer in her mind.
What has she been looking for for the past two years?
From the United Arab Emirates to Australia, from South Asia to South America, from the United States to Europe…
But the more prosperous and beautiful places are, the more unreal she feels, even if she has visited all the scenery, so what? Even though there are thousands of good things in this world, isn't it still irrelevant to her?
Before deciding to come to Central Africa, the news of the sacrifice of peacekeepers was still on the news.
Not long after Ebola passed, she looked at the pictures on the Internet of skinny children with ascites and bulging stomachs because of hunger, and she came without hesitation.
She herself couldn't tell what she was here for, whether she wanted to help others, or she wanted to redeem herself.
She wants the value of life, and wants to realize her own value even from the lives of others, so she is strong, so she doesn't care.
She's never been afraid when she's here, it's because…
Does she want to live?
She was suddenly speechless, and on this sultry night, her whole body was shaking.
The night wind blew up the sand on the ground, Su Wei'an only felt her eyes were sore, she closed her eyes, and it didn't take long before tears soaked the corners of her eyes.
“This place really suits you.”
There is always danger and there is always someone in need of help.
Your tragic heroism really fits here.
After leaving this sentence at the end, Gu Yunzheng glanced at Su Wei'an and left.

Su Weian packed up his things and left the hospital dormitory when it was just dawn.
He didn't get up early on purpose, but he didn't sleep all night.
Walking along the streets of Bangui dragging her suitcase, was different from the last time she left when she was fired by Gu Yunzheng.
But at this moment, a woman's voice suddenly cut through the silence of the morning: “Robbery! Catch the robber! Robbery, come and help me!”
The source of the voice was very close to Su Wei'an.
She quickly turned around the street corner and saw a black woman slumped on the ground clutching the corner of a tall and thin young man.
The young man had a bag in one hand and another.
A hand was pulling away the woman's hand on the bag.
Su Weian almost didn't think about it, and immediately rushed up to help the woman get the bag back.
Unexpectedly, the moment she passed, the robber got rid of the woman's pull and ran forward quickly.
Su Weian chased the robber, stretched out his hand to probe, and actually caught a corner of the bag, she held it tightly, the robber staggered by her, turned around to see her, a woman, and then Use brute force to fight with her.
“Let go!”
Su Wei'an ignored him, turned to the woman who was still sitting on the ground, and shouted, “Call the police! Call the police!”
The robber immediately changed his face when he heard the word “alarm”.
Before Su Weian had time to turn his head, he had already pulled out a knife, and Su Weian only had time to see a silver light flashing.
However, the next moment, before I had time to feel the pain, there was a knife handle on my stomach, and then, the other party pulled out the knife, and the blood splashed on the ground.
The severe pain hit, Su Weian covered the wound with force and knelt on the ground as soon as his legs softened.
The young robber also panicked when he saw this scene, grabbed the bag he stole, turned around, and ran away.
There were screams of women around, and the woman who lost her bag did not dare to chase the robber, but she also did not dare to approach the blood-covered Su Weian.
Su Weian tried her best to press, but the blood from the wound still gurgled outward.
Although she seemed to have been sentenced to death from the moment she got the genetic diagnosis certificate, this was the first time she could clearly feel it.
Until my life is passing little by little.
Because the wound is in the upper abdomen, every breath will drive the wound, causing heart-wrenching pain, she suddenly fell into a huge panic, that kind of fear is like a huge vine, tightly strangling her throat.
She covered the wound with one hand, reached into her pocket tremblingly with her blood-stained hand, took out her mobile phone, gritted her teeth and insisted on finding Gu Yunzheng's number in the call log and dialed it.
After two beeps, she heard his familiar voice, a very short voice: “Hello.”
The moment she heard his voice, Su Wei'an felt her nose sore for no apparent reason.
She took a deep breath and said, “Gu Yunzheng, I was stabbed in the stomach with a knife on a street corner on the west side of the block in front of the hospital, please You…
come and save me…”

The streets in the early morning were sparsely populated.
When Gu Yunzheng arrived, he only saw Su Weian lying on the sandy road.
The blood spread and infiltrated the sand, and it condensed into red and black.
A woman was watching in the distance, but she did not dare to go forward.
When he heard her say that she was injured on the phone, he only felt a buzzing sound in his head, and he didn't have time to think about it.
He grabbed some first aid supplies from the emergency room and ran out.
Even the surgeon who has seen many lives and deaths is still shocked when he sees her lying in a pool of blood.
At the end what happened?
He rushed over and shouted her name in her ear: “Su Wei'an! Su Wei'an, wake up!”
The person who had closed her eyes slowly opened her eyes this time, and she opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something.
Fortunately, there is still consciousness, indicating that the amount of bleeding is acceptable, and it has not reached the level of shock.
Gu Yunzheng quickly removed her hand covering the wound, glanced at the wound, then quickly took out the gauze and pressed it on it, and said to Su Wei'an: “Don't talk, press hard!” He immediately picked her up and Run towards the hospital.
The wound on the upper abdomen was too painful, and it became more and more difficult to breathe, but Su Weian still raised his left hand, grabbed the clothes on his shoulder, and panted hard: “Gu Yunzheng…”
He stopped her angrily: “Don't talk! Save your energy!”
However, she stubbornly wanted to speak, and at this time, she could still smile with difficulty: “You…you are wrong, I don't want to die, I…I want to live, especially want to live…”
Gu Yunzheng, I want to live, what can I do?
Mingming has told herself countless times that even if she is alive, she may not be happy.
How many people are struggling to survive every day, and that gene result may be a relief for her, but this heart is stubborn.
refuse to believe.
After wandering aimlessly in this world for two years, she came to Central Africa alone, not because she wanted to die, but because she wanted to live so much.
She wants to live every day of her life as the value of two or even three days of others, and she hopes that she is valuable.
But even if she risked her life to do it, what could she do?
She is just a defective product selected and eliminated in the “survival of the fittest” rule.
There is no difference in the world with her or without her, but she is still alive and shameless.
She wants to live!
She burst into tears, and even though she had no strength, she still cried out involuntarily.
Gu Yunzheng lowered his head and saw that her face was covered in blood, her hair was cluttered against her forehead, so embarrassed, a pair of clear eyes filled with confusion that he had never seen before, scattered behind the layers of water mist.
She said she didn't want to die.
She said she really wanted to live.
Gu Yunzheng's heart was inexplicably tight as if someone suddenly twisted it in pain, he pressed her head into his arms, lowered his head, and said in her ear: “Don't talk, your injury is in the left upper abdomen.
, Judging from the amount of bleeding, there should be no damage to the spleen.
We will go to the hospital immediately, you will not die! Do you hear?”
But she said with all her strength: “Don't tell my parents…”
When rushing into the emergency room, Gu Yunzheng shouted directly, “Where is Puwai's doctor? Call Doctor Xu to come here! Su Weian was stabbed by a knife!”
The people present had never seen Gu Yunzheng in such a hurry.
After being shocked, they all gathered around.
Seeing that Su Wei'an was injured, they were startled, and hurriedly pushed the gurney and called Doctor Xu.
Sister Lan hurriedly rushed into the operating room to call someone to prepare for the operation.
Gu Yunzheng put Su Wei'an on the gurney and asked her, “What blood type are you?”
But no one answered him.
Gu Yunzheng patted her shoulder and called her loudly in her ear: “Su Wei'an! Su Wei'an, wake up!”

Still no response.
Oops, I'm in shock!
Gu Yunzheng pushed Su Wei'an's gurney and was about to rush directly into the operating room, but was stopped by Sister Lan at the door.
Sister Lan saw that his condition was not right, and said solemnly: “Doctor Gu, hand over Su Translator to the Me, this is not your surgery, don't come in!”
Gu Yunzheng let go of his hand and said as calmly as possible: “Her injury is in the left upper abdomen, remind Dr.
Xu to pay attention to whether the surrounding arteries are damaged, she does not want her family to know, and needs two attending doctors to sign for her to make a treatment decision.

Sister Lan took over Su Wei'an, pushed her into the operating room, and said to Gu Yunzheng: “I see, Doctor Gu, I'll watch it here, go and rest first, you still have Kouyate's surgery today.
Do you remember?”
Because of the special status of Kouyate, the date of admission, surgery, and discharge are strictly determined in advance, and the French doctor from the General Hospital will come to “watch” the operation…
At this time, Gu Yunzheng was covered in blood and looked particularly embarrassed, but he shook his head resolutely: “I'm fine, I don't need to rest, I'll wait outside for a while until she comes out…”
Sister Lan said sternly: “Doctor Gu, there is no place for you anymore, Kouyate's surgery was saved for you by Translator Su in front of those French doctors, even if it is for her, you should go to raise enough energy first.
Kouyate's surgery is done, isn't it?”
Gu Yunzheng looked towards the corridor of the operating room.
Xu and his assistant were ready to go on stage.
At this moment, his cell phone rang.
Don't look, Gu Yunzheng also knew that the assistant was calling to confirm the time of Kouyate's operation.
Yes, this operation was fought for by the desperate Su Weian in front of everyone.
Even though she herself didn't think the operation was as secure as he said, she still managed to save it for him.
The operation, why should he be ready to show her?
He took a deep breath: “I see.”
The hospital leader brought the hospital's interpreter to finally confirm with Gu Yunzheng if there was any problem with Kouyate's operation.
When he saw Gu Yunzheng, whose body was covered in blood, he was surprised and asked him, “Can I still operate today?”
Gu Yunzheng said calmly, “Yes.”
The difficulty of this operation in the local area is not trivial, and the identity of the patient is very important.
These leaders only feel that they have a landmine on their heads.
Compared with the glory brought by doing well, they are more afraid of having to take responsibility for problems.
Therefore, he repeatedly asked: “Is it really okay? Do I need to discuss the extension with the patient? Otherwise, I admit that the operation is difficult, and it may not be possible to do it…”
Gu Yunzheng suddenly released the pedal of the faucet, straightened up, and said indifferently, “I said surgery is possible.”
At 9 o'clock, Kouyate was taken into the operating room.
When he changed into the scrub suit and walked into the operating area, he passed by Su Wei'an's operating room, his footsteps paused, but it was only for a moment, and then he walked into the scrub as if nothing had happened.
Taking the scalpel, Gu Yunzheng showed amazing concentration and super-surgical ability.
The operation was carried out extremely fast.
Under the stunned gaze of the French doctor, from the craniotomy to the removal of the main tumor, only two were used.
In order to ensure that there is no residue, Gu Yunzheng used electrocoagulation to treat the remaining tissue again, and then he instructed his assistant: “Take two more pieces of tissue for pathology.”
The assistant responded, took the instrument, and clamped it hard.
Originally, he just wanted to remove a piece of tissue, but at this moment, a sudden change occurred.
I don't know what happened.
The mutated blood vessel suddenly burst, and blood came out all at once.
The assistant didn't expect such a mistake at the end, and panicked: “Doctor Gu!”
“Don't move your hands!” Gu Yunzheng first ordered his assistant not to withdraw rashly to avoid more damage to the blood vessels, and then quickly used tweezers and hemostatic forceps to find the bleeding site and clamp to stop the bleeding.
Everyone in the operating room breathed a sigh of relief.
Just when they were relieved, they looked at Gu Yunzheng and saw that he had carefully repaired the blood vessels, with smooth and neat movements, and took down the two specimens.
, handed it to the nurse, and said, “Take it for pathology.”
The nurse on the side packed it in a specimen bag and sent it out.
After that, he quickly wrapped up the operation.
When he went out, he saw that there were only a few people in Su Wei'an's operating room cleaning up the house.
Sister Lan told him, “The operation went well, and translation Su has been transferred to the ward.”
Gu Yunzheng nodded in thanks, “I'll take a look at the ward.”
However, as soon as he exited the door of the operating room, he was stopped by the police waiting at the door.
Jiang Muying followed him to help translate: “Doctor Gu, we have something to ask you about the robbery that happened this morning.”
Gu Yunzheng was stunned: “Robbery?” After thinking about it, he suddenly felt that this was probably the reason why Su Weian was injured.
He asked, “Did Su Weian get robbed?”
The answer he got was no: “No, a local woman was robbed.
Su Weian acted bravely and rushed to help catch the robbers.”
help catch the robbers…
Gu Yunzheng only felt that his anger was rising, and he was about to explode.
What is righteousness? Su Weian is clearly courting death! He is crazy to worry about her!
Gu Yunzheng made the transcript with the police with a dark face.
He walked to the door of Su Wei'an's ward, but in the end, he didn't push the door in and turned his head away in a fit of anger.
In the evening, Gu Yunzheng passed by the door of Su Wei'an's ward again by “coincidence”.
He looked in through the glass window on the door and saw Su Wei'an's chapped lips move as if she wanted water.
He made a special trip to the operating room to call Sister Lan out and asked her to help take care of Su Weian.
Su Weian had a long, long dream.
In the dream, she saw herself lying in a pool of blood.
She tried her best to cover her wound, but she couldn't reach the bleeding opening.
, She felt as if she was floating in the air, getting farther and farther away from herself lying in a pool of blood, she desperately wanted to go back, but she couldn't control herself at all, she was so anxious that she was sweating profusely, and at this moment she heard Gu Yunzheng's anxious voice: “Su Wei'an, wake up!”
wake up…
After that, the scene in front of her was like a cloud, she desperately opened her eyes, and what caught her eye was the face of Sister Lan.
“woke up?”
Su Wei'an nodded with some difficulty.
Sister Lan moistened her lips with a cotton swab and said, “You've been sleeping for too long, and we're so scared that we're worried about what happened to you.”
Su Wei'an was so weak that he couldn't speak, but he tried his best to raise the corner of his mouth to indicate that he was fine.
He looked around the room but did not see Gu Yunzheng.
Su Wei'an's suitcase fell on the street on the day of the accident and was lost.
The necessities of life and the change of clothes were all gone.
Thanks to Sister Lan, she bought new ones for her; when she got better, she could eat liquid food, and Sister Lan gave her I brought gruel twice; there were many mosquitoes in the ward, and Sister Lan bought her a new mosquito net.
Su Weian insisted that she must return the money to Sister Lan, and even resorted to the trick of “If you refuse me again, my wound will hurt”, but Sister Lan also refused to accept it.
Sister Lan comforted Su Wei'an and said, “Don't worry, it's not my money.”

Su Wei'an was a little surprised, startled, and asked, “Whose is that?”
Sister Lan glanced at her and said, “You can guess.”
Gu Yunzheng.
Su Wei'an lowered his head and was silent for a while before saying, “I always make trouble for him.
He hasn't come to see me in the past few days.
I thought he didn't want to pay attention to me at all.”
“He originally said he wanted to come to see you, but after taking the transcript with the police, he didn't know why.
He seemed a little angry and called me over.”
Su Weian naturally understood what Gu Yunzheng was angry about, probably because she felt that she was overpowering herself and courting death.
What she thought that day may not even be clear to herself, but at this moment, she is extremely grateful that she is still alive.
“Sister Lan, can you invite Doctor Gu over for me? I want to thank him in person.”
Whether it was saving her from the road or taking care of her now, she had to thank him too much.
Sister Lan was a little embarrassed: “I can help you call him, but in the style of Doctor Gu, if he doesn't want to come, it's useless for me to call him.”
Su Wei'an pondered for a while: “Then you tell him that I have a headache for unknown reasons, and ask him to come to the consultation.”
The responsibility lies, even if Gu Yunzheng doesn't believe it, he still wants to check it out.
Sure enough, Gu Yunzheng really came here, with a business-like attitude.
Su Wei'an nodded.
“Where does it hurt?”
Su Weian pointed casually behind his head: “Here.”
“Didn't you take my class? That's how I taught you?”
Su Wei'an pursed his mouth a little aggrieved, and when he spoke again, he was more rigorous: “There is a persistent dull pain in the left occipital region, which can be tolerated and can be relieved by rest.”
Gu Yunzheng approached and wrapped his hands around the back of her head from both sides.
At that moment, it was as if he was hugging her into his arms.
Su Wei'an's heart moved inexplicably as if he stepped on the air when going down the stairs.
He pressed on the spot where she described the pain and asked her, “Does it hurt like this?”
Su Wei'an responded subconsciously: “Well.”
Gu Yunzheng let go of his hand and asked, “This is the place where you will be pressed when you sleep.
You said that pressing hurts, but it can be relieved when you are resting?”
Realizing that she had made a slip of the tongue, and seeing that she could not be fooled, Su Wei'an smiled awkwardly: “Actually, there is nothing else, just thinking about owing so much to Mr.
Gu gives me a headache.” Then, she presented a bank card, “I have not paid the debt of gratitude for the time being.
I still have to pay the money for these things.
The password is my birthday, 0707.”
Gu Yunzheng glanced down and didn't answer.
“You're real, and you're not afraid that I'll take away all the money on your bank card?”
“That's not true, Professor Gu, you are not such a person.” She put on a high hat for him, and then raised her eyebrows with a proud smile, “And I've calculated it, and the money left after paying the hospital fee is almost just enough to pay off.
, and it's not something you can roll if you want.”
She was somewhat suspected of being a good boy.
Gu Yunzheng looked at her.
He wanted to get angry but couldn't get angry, so he had to say, “No, you didn't receive the rest of your salary when you quit your job before, and you used this money to buy things for yourself.”
Su Wei'an didn't believe this and said, “Then my salary is high enough!”
Gu Yunzheng replied: “Well, the students I have taught are naturally worth more.”
He taught her just one lesson, but this also took away the identity of the teacher.
Su Wei'an said: “Then, Teacher Gu, I still want to eat watermelon, lychee, crab dumplings, stewed spare ribs, and roasted chicken legs, okay?”
Just give her a full seat!
Gu Yunzheng glared at her, did not comment on her nonsense remarks, turned around, and was about to leave.
Su Weian suddenly stopped him: “Gu Yunzheng!”
He stopped.
Her voice was soft but serious.
Not only thanked him for saving her in a time of crisis, not only for taking care of her property but also because he woke her up.
She wants to live, no longer think about the length, width, and height of life, just live every day now and happily!
Gu Yunzheng didn't answer, but the corners of his lips rose slightly.
He opened the door and left the ward.


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