and I have some information to give him.”


Du Yuncheng frowned slightly, vaguely feeling that there was something wrong with Su Wei'an's method of calling Gu Yunzheng, but he didn't think about it: “Dr.
Gu has just received an emergency operation for a ruptured arteriovenous malformation, and it may take a while.”


“Ruptured arteriovenous malformation?” This is not an ordinary operation.
It is difficult and risky.
If you are not careful, the patient may not be able to get off the operating table.
Therefore, ordinary hospitals and ordinary doctors are unwilling to accept such an operation.
Gu Yunzheng may not be able to finish the operation for a while.


She was about to say “It's okay, then I'll wait.” Wen Ran, who had finished her work at some point, came back at this moment.
As soon as she entered the office, she saw Su Wei'an talking to Du Yuncheng, and she was taken aback for a moment: “Why?” Then he put on a bright smile and greeted him, “It's been so long since you came back this time and we haven't had time to have a good chat.
Uncle is much better now?”


Su Wei'an replied lightly: “Yes.” But he was disgusted in Wen Ran's question about his father.
On the day of emergency admission, she and He Xiaoguang sarcastically sarcastically sarcastically sarcastically her father's illness.
Now, at this moment, Wen Ran is too boring.


Wen Ran calmly stood between Du Yuncheng and Su Wei'an, and said very “magnanimously”: “Wei'an, if you need help, please tell me in time, although many things have happened in such a long time But our friendship is still there, I will try my best to help you, and Yun Cheng, he may also help you with small things.”


Wen Ran's words were half for the other people present, and half for Su Wei'an.
Many things have happened in such a long time, referring to the turmoil of signing the article.
In the eyes of people in Corey, Wen Ran and He Xiaoguang are the victims.
At this moment, Wen Ran can still take care of Su Weian with friendship, which shows that she However, when she mentioned Du Yuncheng, she used the words “maybe also”, just to tell Su Wei'an that Du Yuncheng didn't have a deep friendship with her, Su Wei'an, so don't get old even if it's a small matter.
Come to Du Yuncheng.


Seeing Wen Ran's serious look, Su Wei'an suddenly smiled.
It's really ridiculous that Wen Ran is always so serious about such boring things.
But her eyes were clear and cold, and she said with a chill, “I don't need help from 'professionals' like you.”


Her father was at a critical moment, and Wen Ran's cynicism was still in her ears.
She didn't believe in the judgment of professionals.
If it wasn't for Gu Yunzheng's sudden appearance, she might have received news of the loss of her loved one at the police station!


First, he robbed her of her achievements, framed her wantonly, and almost harmed her family.
Even a man with a chest as wide as the Pacific couldn't bear it.
What's more, Su Wei'an thinks that his mind is limited.
If his father is still living in Keli, if It wasn't that taking care of her seriously ill father had made her very tired, and she would never have such a peaceful conversation with Wen Ran again.


Du Yuncheng tried to explain for Wen Ran: “For peace, what Wen Ran said that day was unintentional and without malice.
She later heard that her uncle was in critical condition, and she also blamed herself.”


Blame yourself? Seeing how arrogant she was when she came in, where is there any self-blame? These words are enough for Wen Ran to fool Du Yun, but after going through so many things, Su Wei'an will no longer believe them.


Glancing at Wen Ran's half-green and half-white face, Su Wei'an said coldly: “I still have something to do, so I'm leaving first.”


When she walked out of the office, she heard Liang Youzhen's voice behind her for unknown reason: “Wow, this Su Wei'an is simply…”


Although Gu Yunzheng was not there, in the afternoon, the director of the Department of Neurology came to consult in person and said: “Dr.
Gu said that the patient's condition is complicated, so he insisted on asking me to come for consultation in person and show me the information!”


Su Wei'an naturally knew how difficult it was to ask the chief director to spare time for consultation, so he thanked him repeatedly and hurriedly handed over the file bag.


The chief director wore a pair of gold-rimmed eyes and carefully read the documents one by one: “Your father's situation is indeed a bit complicated.
Fortunately, the course of the disease is not too long.
Since I have decided to withdraw from the drug trial, I will write a statement first.
Medication plan, just observe the effect when the patient is hospitalized, and adjust it at any time.”


Su Wei'an nodded, and the director took out a piece of paper and wrote down the name and method of taking the medicine word by word.


The director's time is precious, and he has to rush back to his department for a meeting after that, Su Wei'an respectfully sends him out of the ward.
Before leaving, the director seemed to suddenly think of something, and specially reminded her: “This disease is hereditary.
The previous doctor should have mentioned it to you.
You are the child of the patient.
You should consider doing a genetic test.”


Su Wei'an's face froze, and then he smiled reluctantly: “I know, thank you.”


The director nodded slightly, and when he turned to leave, Su Weian saw Wen Ran standing not far from them, looking at her with a strange expression.


Su Weian's heart tensed subconsciously, Wen Ran should have heard their conversation, but on second thought, so what if he heard it?


She ignored it and turned back to the ward.


Gu Yunzheng's operation was done right after work in the evening, and the other doctors went to the conference room to take over.
When Su Wei'an came out to cook for his father, he saw the little doctor in Gu Yunzheng's group walking back rubbing his arms and turning his neck.
, They all sighed again and again: “The rupture of an arteriovenous malformation is really tormenting.
It's like dismantling a bomb.
We can't hold it anymore.
I want to know how tired the surgeon is.
It's really thanks to Dr.
Gu for being able to survive.


Another person replied: “Who says it's not? Not many people in the department are willing to take such a thankless operation.
It's so troublesome that every time there is such a patient in the emergency department, they go to Dr.


“That's right, but you said that Dr.
Gu has been performing such difficult and risky operations all the time, and yet he still maintains zero mortality on the operating table, which is quite impressive.”


Another person also sighed: “This person is really incomparable with others.”


“Anyway, I don't want to compare with him.
I'd better think about repaying the mortgage first.”


For some reason, Su Wei'an suddenly remembered the day they first met in Central Africa, she pointed at his nose and accused him of refusing refractory patients in order to maintain the success rate of the operation, and she really wronged him.


When they were in Central Africa, he was the “unhuman” Gu Yunzheng.


After careful calculation, nearly three months have passed, but when I think about it now, it is as clear as yesterday.


After cooking for his father, Su Wei'an went to the small supermarket to buy some daily necessities for his father.
When he returned to the ward, he saw his mother talking to Gu Yunzheng who came over at some point.
After a long day of surgery, Su Wei'an could see a little tiredness in Gu Yunzheng's expression, but he still chatted with Su's mother patiently and politely.


Seeing her coming back, her mother beckoned her over to say hello, she glanced at Gu Yunzheng, and met his gaze, Gu Yunzheng nodded to Su Wei'an in a businesslike manner, and the next moment, Gu Yunzheng agreed with Su's mother as if nothing had happened.
: “Get some rest, I'm going to do the ward rounds.”


Mother Su suddenly came to her senses and hurriedly said, “I'm really sorry to have delayed you for so long!”


Gu Yunzheng smiled politely and said, “It's okay.”


He then left the ward, and walked past Su Weian without turning his eyes, but her heart skipped a beat when he passed by.


She poked her head in her heart and warned herself: Su Wei'an, don't think too much, maybe people don't want to see you at all.
Let's say goodbye.
It's hard to break it cleanly as you wished, but you have so many messy thoughts for no reason.
Are you ashamed?


But even if I thought like this, the little thoughts in my heart could not disappear, on the contrary, I felt a little more sad in my heart, mixed together, it was very uncomfortable.
But she still walked to her mother as if nothing had happened, and called out: “Mom.”


Su's mother then turned her eyes away from the direction Gu Yunzheng left, sighed softly, and said to Su Wei'an, “Your father is very sick this time, thanks to meeting you, Teacher Gu, who has taken good care of us since he was admitted to the hospital.” , I really should thank you very much.”


Naturally, Gu Yunzheng should be thanked, and Su Weian knew it very well, she nodded, but at this moment she suddenly realized something…


She said in surprise, “Mom, how do you know that he was my teacher?”


Speaking of this, Mother Su's expression was also a little embarrassed, and she said: “In the morning, I was afraid that you would cause some trouble in the hospital and dare not tell us.
It happened that Doctor Gu came over, so I asked him if he had seen him before.
Do you know what happened, Dr.
Gu said that he did teach you before, and that you are the smartest and most serious student he has ever seen, and you have done nothing wrong, so let us rest assured.”


Su Wei'an didn't expect that the words of the two doctors outside the ward would make his mother guess the clue, and he didn't expect his mother to ask Gu Yunzheng, let alone Gu Yunzheng's answer.


She was startled, and asked, “Gu Yunzheng…Dr.
Gu, did he really say that?”


“Well, why An, you really met a good teacher.”


Well, good teacher.


Su Wei'an closed his eyes lightly, as if his heart was pinched by someone, the pain was so painful that he couldn't speak.


At night, Su Wei'an was afraid that his mother's body would not be able to hold on, so he stayed on the night shift to accompany his father, because his father's condition had recovered and was no longer as dangerous as it was at the beginning.
Su Wei'an only needed to take care of his father until he fell asleep.
You can also rest on the sidelines.


In the middle of the night, Su Wei'an went to the bathroom, and when she came back, she gently tucked up the blanket for her father, but she vaguely felt that something was wrong with her father, so she hurriedly patted her father's shoulders and called out: “Dad Dad, are you awake?”


The father lying on the bed did not respond.
She lifted the quilt and tried the muscle tension of her father's arm.
It was hard, and she felt a thump in her heart.
She hurriedly pressed the emergency bell on the bedside.


The doctor on duty, Song Qiaosheng, rushed over quickly.
After conducting a preliminary physical examination on Su's father, he found that the light reflex of the left pupil had disappeared.
Into the operating room!”


Seeing a group of people rushing to push his father away, Su Wei'an couldn't help shaking.
His father had a ruptured aneurysm and hemorrhage a few days ago, and he underwent a major craniotomy.
recovering from the injury, and now there is such a serious new lesion…


She didn't dare to think about it anymore!


When she took out her mobile phone and pressed Gu Yunzheng's number, she didn't dare to expect anything.
She didn't know his domestic number, only the international long-distance call he made when he was in Central Africa, and he probably didn't use it for so long after he came back, but At this moment, apart from Gu Yunzheng, she can't think of anyone who can make her trust more.
Even if she has no account, she still has to give it a try.


Unexpectedly, the phone rang twice and was connected.
It was Gu Yunzheng's slightly deep voice: “Hello?”


Su Wei'an was taken aback, and a warm feeling flowed through her terrified heart, which made her nose feel a little sore.
She took a deep breath, forced herself to calm down, and said, “It's me.”




“My dad…he has a new hemorrhage…”



When Gu Yunzheng hurried to the hospital, he saw Su Wei'an squatting by the wall at the door of the operating room, with his hands on his knees, curling himself up into a ball.
Perhaps hearing footsteps, she raised her head and saw Gu Yunzheng, she hurriedly wanted to stand up, but because of squatting for too long, her legs were already numb, and she staggered.


Gu Yunzheng reached out to support her and asked, “Are you okay?”


Su Wei'an instinctively shook her head to indicate that she was fine, but the strong numbness in her legs made her unable to move, so she could barely stand by supporting Gu Yunzheng's arm.


“Sorry to bother you so late…”


“It's okay, what's going on?”


“At around 12 o'clock, I found that my father's appearance was not right.
I tried to test the muscle tension on both sides, so I called the doctor on duty.
After examination, Dr.
Song found that the light reflex of the left pupil disappeared.
CT showed another Lateral basal ganglia bleeding, I just entered the operating room for a while, I dare not tell my mother about it, I am afraid that something will happen to her alone, so I can only wait here by myself…
Father, he just survived a Major surgery, this situation happened again, I was really scared…
afraid of him…”


Su Wei'an couldn't continue, but suddenly came to his senses, stretched out his hand to wipe his face, and laughed at himself: “What am I talking about…”


Gu Yunzheng could see that she was extremely anxious at the moment, and comforted her: “Don't worry, although your father's two consecutive craniotomies will indeed cause serious trauma, but fortunately, he is not too old, and his basic condition It's not bad, and it should be able to survive.
Song is very skilled in aneurysm surgery, and I will go in soon to see if there is anything I can do to help.
Be obedient and wait here, don't think about it and scare yourself, you know? “


Su Wei'an's throat was sore, he couldn't speak because he was choked there, so he could only nod his head.


Gu Yunzheng then changed his clothes and entered the operating room.


It was already 3 hours later when he came out again, and Su's father was successfully taken off the operating table.
Seeing his father lying peacefully on the gurney, Su Wei'an finally breathed a sigh of relief.


Her father was then resent to the ICU.
The last time she was with her mother, in order to take care of her mother, she always reminded herself to be strong, but this time only she was left.
Seeing that the operation was successful, half of the strength that supported her until now has gone .


Song Qiaosheng returned to the department to be on duty after the operation, leaving Gu Yunzheng to explain to her after the operation.


“We saw during the operation that the bleeding was likely to be the rupture of an aneurysm formed on this blood vessel, which has been clipped.
After two days, when the patient's condition is stable, the CTA will be re-examined to screen for other aneurysms.


“Aneurysm again?” Su Wei'an just felt inconceivable, “The blood vessels were still in good condition when we participated in the experiment a year ago, how could there be so many aneurysms in such a short period of time?”


Although it was a question, Gu Yunzheng knew very well that Su Weian didn't want his answer.


Sure enough, Su Wei'an stretched out his hands to support his face, and squatted down slowly with his back against the wall: “I should have stopped them, when they said they wanted to participate in that drug experiment, I should have stopped them.
“Su Wei'an's voice was full of tears, “But at that time, not long after I found out about Huntington, I patronized everyone and blamed others every day.
If I thought of checking the animal tests before this drug like you did at that time, and saw some Having an aneurysm might prevent them from participating in the trial!”


Gu Yunzheng squatted down in front of her, looked at Su Weian whose shoulders were constantly heaving, and comforted him: “It is still impossible to say that these aneurysms were caused by experimental drugs, and even if you saw the animal experiments on that aneurysm at that time It is impossible to expect such consequences, after all, the early clinical trials of this drug have a good record, you did not stop them, and you just don’t want your father to miss this opportunity to make his condition better.”


When Su Wei'an raised her head, her face was full of tears.
She said, “No, I did it for myself.
At that time, I thought, if my father participated in this trial and the drug was effective, does that mean that I also have a cure? …” She said, and she managed to squeeze out a self-deprecating smile when she was already crying, “Look at how despicable I am, to ask my father to be a test object for myself.”


Gu Yunzheng felt a little distressed seeing her in a mess.
Obviously she is also a victim, obviously she is also innocent, but she just takes all the responsibility on herself and blames herself like this.
What a painful thing it was to find out Huntington, he felt horrified just thinking about it, not to mention how she must feel as the person involved.
But in the face of the unpredictable situation that happened to her father at this time, her first reaction was to blame herself, the self who was already suffering enough to be completely rational.


He spoke with a strong tone: “Well, you are very despicable.
You expected that your father would have a severe aneurysm rupture when he participated in the drug experiment, but you forced him to participate in the drug experiment in order to be cured.”


Su Wei'an was silent.


Gu Yunzheng stared at her closely and asked, “Su Weian, tell me, is that what you did?”


If not, what did you do wrong to torture yourself like this?


Su Weian couldn't speak, but tears couldn't stop falling down.
She just couldn't understand, if she was not at fault, if no one was at fault, why so many unforeseen disasters happened to them? Why are they always one in a hundred thousand, or even one in a million? Why does this lightning-like probability always fall on them?


She bit the back of her hand to keep herself from crying.


Gu Yunzheng pulled her hand away, only to see that there were blood spots all over the tooth marks around her, and he took her into his arms with distress.


This night, leaning on his body, Su Weian cried until he almost lost his strength.


Later, when she couldn't cry anymore, Gu Yunzheng picked her up and took her back to her father's original ward so that she could rest for a while.
On the way back, she leaned in front of Gu Yunzheng and asked, “Why do you still keep it?” The mobile phone number of Central Africa?”


Gu Yunzheng said casually: “I'm afraid that the doctors in Central Africa will need remote assistance.”


“Is it really just because of this?”


Gu Yunzheng was silent for a few seconds before he said, “I'm afraid that something will happen to you and you won't be able to find anyone to help you.”


Su Wei'an suddenly smiled happily, and buried her face in his chest.
After a while, she said in a muffled voice, “I'm so sleepy, I'm going to sleep, and when I wake up, I'll forget what you said.”


Gu Yunzheng replied calmly: “Well, forget about it then.”


Su Wei'an didn't say anything more, but not long after, Gu Yunzheng felt her chest was warm and wet, and she probably cried again.


Because of being too exhausted, Su Weian then fell into a drowsy sleep.
When she woke up, it was already late.
She looked around and remembered the sudden illness of her father last night.
She hadn't had time to tell her mother.
Soon her mother would come to the hospital.
Thinking of this, she hurried to wash up, thinking about how to make her mother accept this fact as calmly as possible while washing.


It was only when Su Wei'an came back after washing and washing that there was an extra bag on the bedside table.
She opened it and saw that there were several lunch boxes inside, watermelon, lychee, crab meat dumplings, steamed ribs and chicken legs, all of them were hers.
When I was in Central Africa, I told Gu Yunzheng what to eat.
Such an early morning, who knows where he got all these things together? There is also a note under the lunch box, with four strong characters on it: “Happy Birthday.”


Su Wei'an took out his mobile phone, and these numbers were displayed on the top of the date: 2017/07/07.
It's her birthday.


Because of her father's sudden illness, even she herself had forgotten her birthday, she just mentioned it when she gave him the bank card, but he remembered it clearly for her.


She almost didn't think about it, turned around and rushed out.
The people in the doctor's office said that he had just gone out for a consultation.
She chased him to the stairwell and finally stopped him: “Gu Yunzheng!”


The person who had already descended half a flight of stairs stopped.


She went down a flight of stairs and asked cautiously, “Are you still short of a girlfriend? The sick one!”


After the words fell, there was silence everywhere, and Su Weian even became cautious about breathing.


Under Su Wei'an's nervous gaze, Gu Yunzheng turned around and opened his hands to her.


Su Wei'an ran down the stairs and almost threw himself into his arms.


Even if she has no future, but at this moment she likes him so much, how can she be willing to let him go? It is impossible for her to meet a second Gu Yunzheng in her life.
She left once, and God gave her a second chance.
She must know how to cherish it.
Even if it will be very painful in the future, she still wants to live this moment well first.


She said: “Gu Yunzheng, let's just hang out for a while, don't want to think about it later.”


Gu Yunzheng let her go suddenly.


“I never do anything I don't think about the future.”


Su Wei'an was stunned.


It was hard for her to decide to let go of the facts that were like a nightmare to her, why would he refuse to let go?


She looked at him and almost cried: “You know that I have no future…”


But from the moment he decided to be together, he put her in all his plans for the future.


He said to her righteously: “Su Wei'an, you don't need a future, because I am your future.”


What he wants is not the joy of muddling along, but staying together who can share the wind and rain.


Although it was something she didn't dare to think about, she suddenly felt lucky to have such a person who was so determined to bear it for her.


Gu Yunzheng looked directly into her eyes and said seriously: “If you dare to leave without saying goodbye like last time, I will never forgive you for the second time!”


He dared to leave from Central Africa without saying a word, the phone was turned off and the number was empty, he was so angry that he was about to explode, but he was still worried that something would happen to her alone, afraid that she would have no one to help, so he kept an international long-distance phone number Number, dare not turn off the phone, every time I think of it, I feel that I am really bewitched.


Later, when he saw her again in the hospital, he remembered what happened a month later, and the anger in his heart didn't disappear at all.
He didn't want to say a word to her at first, but when he saw her crying, he couldn't help but want to hug her.


He has always believed that he acts decisively and hates indecision the most, but meeting Su Weian makes him want to let go, want to bear it, he has to be careful even when he gets angry, for fear of hurting her.


When mentioning the matter of leaving without saying goodbye in Central Africa, Su Wei'an can naturally imagine how angry he must have been at that time, but…


I will never forgive her for the second time…


Su Weian couldn't help curling his lips, how fierce!


He wasn't so fierce when he was fired!


She glanced at him, pretended to be frightened by him, turned around and said, “Then I'm leaving.”


As soon as she turned sixty degrees, someone grabbed her arm and pulled her back into her arms.
Gu Yunzheng put his hand on the back of her head and kissed her directly.


It took a long time before he let her go, who was almost soft in his arms, his voice sounded in her ears, although it was soft but extremely firm, he said: “For peace, don't leave again.”


Su Wei'an raised her head, and was looking into his dark eyes.
There were dots of light in them, reflecting her appearance, and her heart moved inexplicably.


She tiptoed lightly, pressed her lips against his, and kissed him again.

Because the matter with Gu Yunzheng involved her going to Central Africa, Su Wei'an was afraid that her mother, who was already suffering from her father's illness, would be angry, so Su Wei'an decided to wait until her father recovered and was discharged from the hospital before confessing to them.
Corey, she is also afraid that there will be many rumors about the matter between them for no reason, which will affect Gu Yunzheng.


When she told her about her father's illness at night, her mother really shook again.
Fortunately, Su Wei'an helped her in time, and her father had turned the corner and was sent to the ICU, so my mother was relieved a little.


When Gu Yunzheng returned to the department after the meeting, the first thing he did was to talk to Su Mu about the next treatment plan: “The patient's aneurysm is more serious than we thought, although it cannot be fully confirmed that it is related to the experimental drug.
But judging from the current situation, it is necessary to withdraw, and we will send him for a CTA examination immediately after the patient's condition stabilizes in two days, so as to avoid the existence of other high-risk aneurysms.”


Mother Su, who was still in shock, nodded again and again, and couldn't help blaming herself like Su Weian: “It's all my fault, why did you agree to him to participate in some clinical trial?”


Gu Yunzheng looked at the annoyed mother of Su and comforted him: “This is not necessarily the reason for the experimental drug, it may also be a risk factor for the aneurysm in the patient's early stage, it just happened to grow out at this time, let alone even if it is really a drug As a result, this is not something you could have expected.
The early results of this drug are very good, and the industry is generally optimistic.
If it weren’t for the patient’s severe adverse reactions, his Huntington’s symptoms might be well controlled.”


Su Wei'an also said: “Yes, Mom, didn't you say before that this drug has played a good role in controlling father's symptoms? As for possible adverse reactions, it is an inevitable risk during the clinical trial period of the drug, so I can't complain.


Su's mother didn't speak, but from her expression, Su Weian knew that her mother was not in a relaxed mood.
She accompanied her mother to wait at the entrance of the intensive care unit from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm for the visiting time of the intensive care unit.
Glancing at his father, he breathed a sigh of relief when all the vital signs were stable.


After that, his father's condition improved again, and when he returned to the general ward, Gu Yunzheng ordered a blood vessel imaging examination immediately.
On the day of the examination, there was an operation in Gu Yunzheng's group, and all the people went to the operating table.
Su Wei'an and his mother stayed in the ward from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.
An felt that something was wrong, so she went into the doctor's office and asked a doctor from another group.
The other party checked the list and found that the time was this morning, but she was surprised that the patient hadn't been picked up yet, so she called the doctor again.


After a while, a teacher with a loud voice rushed up and yelled at the doctor, “Didn't you pick up the patient who underwent enhanced CT in the morning?”


Su Wei'an was stunned: “Impossible, we waited for a whole day, and we didn't even see anyone coming to pick us up.”



The master was also a little surprised, and said: “How is it possible? When I came here in the morning, a female doctor gave me a patient's checklist, pointed out the patient, and watched me pick the patient up.” He As he said that, he turned his eyes around the doctor's office, pointed at the person by the window, “That's her.”


Su Wei'an turned his head and saw that the female doctor standing by the window drinking coffee leisurely was Wen Ran.


Seeing everyone looking at him, Wen Ran looked puzzled and said, “Ah? What's wrong? I prescribed a CTA for a patient in the morning.
When the master came, I thought he was here to pick up my patient.
Is there some misunderstanding? I'm so sorry!”


As she spoke, she smiled embarrassedly, and Liang Youzhen on the side hurriedly said: “It's all right, it's not a big deal, just send it off again.”


What a harmonious department atmosphere!


Su Wei'an sneered: “The master who was supposed to pick up your patient hasn't shown up until now.
I'm afraid you didn't contact the master who picked up the patient at all.
This is not a misunderstanding, but robbery.” He glanced at Wen Ran coldly, She turned to the master and said, “Please help send my father to the CT room.”


When she spoke, her face was expressionless, and there was not even a trace of wave in her tone, but there was a bitter chill in her eyes.


The master nodded again and again: “Okay, okay…”


Then she turned around and left the doctor's office.
Before she could go far, she heard Liang Youzhen's familiar voice behind her: “This Su Wei'an is simply…”


Fortunately, Father Su did not find any other aneurysms.


Su Wei'an and his mother work two shifts a day, the mother is on the day shift, and she is on the night shift, commuting between the hospital and home.
Su Weian couldn't stand it anymore, when Gu Yunzheng sent her out of the hospital at noon, she was in a trance under the sun and almost fell to the ground.


Gu Yunzheng helped her into his arms, Su Weian already had some signs of heat stroke, but he still insisted: “I'm fine…”


Before he finished speaking, Gu Yunzheng let out a long sigh, and led her to walk in another direction.


Well, his home.


For the convenience of commuting to and from work, he lives very close to the hospital.
Letting Su Wei'an rest here can save a lot of traveling time.
He has been living alone all the time, and there is no problem of inconvenience, it's just because the two of them just confirmed their relationship.
Soon, he didn't mention it because he was afraid that she would think too much, but at this moment Su Wei'an was about to fall ill, and there was no time to care about those vain rituals.


After adjusting the air conditioner to the most comfortable temperature, Gu Yunzheng pointed to her the direction of the bedroom and bathroom: “Go take a shower and take a good rest.”


Su Wei'an was originally observing Gu Yunzheng's home carefully.
The simple and elegant decoration, simple color matching, and neat layout are very similar to his style.
When she heard his words, she reacted for a while, and then Some looked at him warily: “What?”


“You're almost drenched in sweat, so it's easy to get sick.” After a pause, Gu Yunzheng leaned down and poked her forehead, “What do you think about every day?”


Hello! How can this be her fault? It was he who said to take a shower as soon as he entered the door, to scare her, okay?


But the so-called people have to bow their heads under the eaves, Su Weian only dared to pass these words in his stomach, and never dared to say them out.
It was really uncomfortable to stick to her body, so she didn't pretend to be reserved to refuse, but said: “But I don't have a change of clothes.”


This is indeed a problem, because Gu Yunzheng has always lived alone, and he doesn't even have a woman's clothes at home.
He thought about it and said, “Take my pajamas and make do with it first.
The washing machine is equipped with a dryer, and it will be ready in a while.” Change it back.”


As he said that, he walked into the bedroom and took out a set of neatly folded pajamas from the closet and handed it to her, saying, “There are no new ones, so you can make up for it first.”


Su Wei'an didn't mind, nodded and took it, and went into the bathroom.


When she came out after washing, Su Wei'an had already smelled the aroma of the food.
She was wearing pajamas with long hands and legs, and she walked to the back of the kitchen door with slippers and leaned against the door to look at him.


Gu Yunzheng filled the mung bean soup and put it in the refrigerator.
When he turned around, he happened to see her.
He frowned, walked in front of her, squatted down, rolled up her trouser legs and cuffs, and said while doing it: “The clothes are not Why don't you know how to hold it when it fits?”


Su Weian looked at him and smiled slyly: “I know, I just want you to hold me back.”


When he raised his head, he accidentally rubbed against her cheek.
He smelled the smell of his men's shampoo and body wash on her body.
It was a smell he was familiar with, but he smelled it from her body, but it carried a saying The unstoppable temptation tickles his heart.


His pajamas were indeed too big for her, half of his shoulders and fair skin on his chest were already exposed at the neckline, he froze, and looked away in a panic.


Su Wei'an originally wanted to make a joke and act coquettishly, but at this moment, he also sensed that the atmosphere was not right, so he hurriedly changed the subject and said, “Well…
how do you use your washing machine?”


Well, the washing machine…


Gu Yunzheng walked quickly to the bathroom, adjusted the machine, and said to Su Wei'an, “Just press the start button for a while.”


With the lesson learned just now, she didn't dare to go to Gu Yunzheng's side, but nodded obediently.


Gu Yunzheng rubbed her head, then went back to prepare lunch.


Mung bean soup and pasta, although the dishes are not difficult, but the time at noon is limited, Dr.
Gu cooks it himself, and it is an honor to be able to taste her, not to mention the food is decent and delicious, she Can't help but praise: “Gu Yunzheng, you are such a cook!”


Gu Yunzheng smiled noncommittally, and stretched out his hand to gently wipe the meat sauce from the corner of her mouth.
Su Weian's heart fluttered again.
Fortunately, there was a table in the middle, so she quickly lowered her head and pretended to concentrate on eating.


Gu Yunzheng looked at her nervous look, but just smiled without revealing it.


After lunch, Gu Yunzheng wanted to go back to work, and he did not forget to tell Su Wei'an: “Take a good rest in the afternoon.
If you need to prepare dinner for your uncles and aunts, you can use whatever you want in the kitchen.
I might get off work late.
When you go out, close the door and leave it alone.” OK.”


Su Wei'an leaned against the wall and looked at him, teasingly said: “Thinking about it, it seems that we haven't been in contact for long, you dare to bring me to your house, and leave me here alone, you are not afraid of encountering anything 'Fairy Jump' scams you out of your money, or evicts your house or something.”



Hearing what she said, Gu Yunzheng just found it interesting, and deliberately teased her: “I would like to know where does your confidence that you can do the 'fairy dance' come from?”


Su Wei'an was stunned for a while, and finally broke out: “Gu Yunzheng!”


But he had expected her to react like this.
Before she finished speaking, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her lips.
When he came back to his senses, it was the phone in his pocket that was vibrating.
Su Wei'an hurried Let go: “You still have to go to work in the afternoon!”


Gu Yunzheng looked at the blush on her cheeks due to shyness, couldn't help but smile, reached out and rubbed her head: “Well, I have to go to work in the afternoon.” He paused, “Then, why not, I'm leaving first .”


Su Wei'an lowered his head and responded sullenly: “En.”


Surrounded by his aura, Su Wei'an slept very soundly on Gu Yunzheng's bed, and when he was half asleep, he remembered the scene when he carried her back to the hospital after being injured in Zhongfei, as if with him, she would feel at ease .


When she woke up, it was already past 3 o'clock in the afternoon.
She was spared from the fatigue of the journey and had a rest at noon.
Mother's class, just enough to make dinner.


She went to the kitchen and opened Gu Yunzheng's refrigerator, and was surprised to find that there were all kinds of ingredients in it, packed in different boxes, and placed on different layers according to different types.


Su Wei'an picked out a large bag of shrimp, chicken wings and several vegetables, and after a lot of tossing, he made a vermicelli shrimp with garlic paste, a dish of braised chicken wings, baby vegetables in soup, and egg drop soup and mung bean porridge.
Gu Yunzheng's portion was put into a steamer, so that he could heat it up when he came back, and then he packed the rest into a lunch box and took it to the hospital.



Because my father's condition has obviously improved in the past few days, and my mother's mood has also improved a lot.
After taking the meal prepared by Su Wei'an, seeing that there is a lot of food in it, I invite other family members in the ward to come and taste Su Wei'an's cooking.


When Gu Yunzheng came to make the rounds, he could only hear laughter in the room.
Seeing him coming in, Su's mother invited him to come and have a taste together, and brought the lunch box to him.
Other family members of the patients also booed: “Yes, try it.
Come on, the little girl is really good at crafting!”


Gu Yunzheng quickly waved his hands and explained: “Hands are dirty, and you haven't got off work yet, so eat!”


But Mother Su said enthusiastically: “It's okay, it's safe, take your chopsticks and help Dr.
Gu pick it up.”


Su Wei'an glanced at Gu Yunzheng, then at his mother, and said with some embarrassment: “Mom, let's not force him to go to work.”


Disappointed, Mother Su glared at Su Wei'an: “It's easy to get tired and hungry when you go to work, you child is really fine!”


Su Wei'an only felt that he had been wronged by this scolding, and couldn't help roaring in his heart: I also know that I will be hungry at work, so I prepared a whole pot of food for him!


It's a pity that she couldn't say this to her mother, so she had to sneak a look at Gu Yunzheng while her mother wasn't paying attention.


It was you who caused me to be scolded!


Gu Yunzheng smiled in a good mood.


After asking about Su's father's current state, and doing a simple physical examination, it can be seen that Su's body functions have recovered a lot.


He explained some precautions, went to check on the other two patients, and left.
Su Weian sent him to the door of the ward when he was leaving.
The two people's fingers hooked together quietly, but it was only for a short moment, and soon and it was off.


Su Wei'an closed the door, turned around and walked back to his mother, only to hear his mother say dissatisfiedly: “He just goes out and you still follow behind and wait for the door to close, as if you are going to blow him away, why are you so incapable? What's up?”


Su Wei'an looked at his mother with a confused face, did she want to send Gu Yunzheng away? She was clearly reluctant!


Maybe she was reluctant to be a little reserved, but Su's mother didn't see it at all.


While tidying up the things on the small table, Mother Su said, “Don't tell me, Dr.
Gu is really nice, I don't know how old he is, and if he has a date.”


Su Wei'an's heart: look here, look here, look here!


Just listening to the conversation change, Su's mother said again: “But such an excellent person should have higher requirements?” Then, she turned her head and looked at her daughter with hatred, and shook her head, “Oh …”


Su Wei'an: “…”


After Gu Yunzheng left, he didn't contact her again.


At first Su Weian thought he might still be eating, but when it was 9 o'clock, he finally couldn't help sending him a message asking: “Does the rice still taste good?”


Reply: “Yes.”


She asked again: “Busy?”


Reply: “Yes.”




Su Weian felt a little aggrieved.


The next day was Friday, and the weekly director's rounds were held.
The whole department was busy in the morning.
Gu Yunzheng was called away by the director early in the morning.
Came to the ward in a mighty manner, and it was the first time she saw Gu Yunzheng on this day.


As the attending doctor, Gu Yunzheng reported Su's father's condition to Director Wang Huanzhong in front of everyone.
After listening to the director, he verified some details with Gu Yunzheng, then nodded and said: “The patient's condition is complicated, and the current condition is good, but we still need to pay close attention to it.” .”


Gu Yunzheng replied: “Yes.”


The director turned his head and glanced at the team behind him.
As the student closest to him, Du Yuncheng was unfortunately selected.
The director looked at him and said, “You, tell me what are the main symptoms of Huntington?”


Du Yuncheng answered eloquently: “Dancing symptoms, mental abnormalities and dementia.”


“What is the pathogenesis?”


“Neurodegeneration, deposition of pathogenic proteins in the basal ganglia, atrophy of the caudate nucleus, loss of choline and GABA, affecting basal ganglia circuits.”


“What is the disease-causing gene?”


“The trinucleotide repeat sequence of chromosome 4 is C…C…”


Du Yuncheng was unexpectedly stuck.


The doctors present didn't answer.
After all, Huntington was rare, let alone in surgery.
They couldn't remember such trivial things.
Anyway, the matter has nothing to do with them, and it's better than being wrong and embarrassing.


After waiting for a while, without waiting for an answer, Gu Yunzheng saw that the director had already frowned.
Just as he was about to save the scene, he heard Su Wei'an beside the hospital bed say, “Dancing, la la la…”


Du Yuncheng reacted quickly, and immediately continued: “CAG.”


Su Wei'an couldn't help but nodded, Bingo!


What I hadn't thought of just now, but under the prompt of Su Wei'an's inexplicable words, Du Yuncheng actually remembered immediately, the tacit understanding between these two people…


Gu Yunzheng frowned involuntarily.


The director looked at Su Weian, and asked Du Yuncheng with great interest, “Who is she?”


Du Yuncheng said cautiously: “Our former classmates.”


“What did she mean just now?”


“Because many details are difficult to remember, we made up something similar to the formula.
For example, this one was made up by her.
Chorea, I want to dance, but there is no music, it is just a bad song, the pinyin is simplified, CAG.”


The director smiled and nodded after listening: “Interesting, the little girl has a good imagination.” Then he asked Su Wei'an, “Apart from this, what other formulas have you made up?”



Perhaps because it has been used for a long time, it is already a little rusty.
Su Wei'an thought about it for a while, and suddenly remembered something: “Well, 'horse people wear breast augmentation', that is, the limbic system has hippocampus, amygdala, cingulate gyrus, Fornix and papillae .


Before he finished speaking, Su Wei'an only felt a pain in his head, and it was Su's mother who slapped him over: “What nonsense are you talking about in front of so many people, little girl?”


Su Wei'an moved aside, rubbed his head and said aggrievedly: “Mom, this is an academic question!”


Mother Su slapped again: “Can't you find an academic explanation for academic issues? What kind of nonsense is this!”


Su Wei'an became more and more aggrieved, and blurted out: “They are all more 'dirty' than me!”


As soon as the words came out, there was silence everywhere.
Su Weian, who knew that he had slipped his words, cautiously raised his head and looked at the people present, only to see that everyone was trying to hold back their smiles because of the director's presence, and the director had a kind smile on his face.
, looked at her and asked: “Little girl, what's your name?”


As soon as the director finished speaking, in a short moment, everyone's smiles disappeared, and even the air seemed to freeze suddenly.


In the eyes of everyone, Su Wei'an took a look at Gu Yunzheng, who nodded slightly to her, and her eyes swept over He Xiaoguang, who was not looking very well, and then reported these three words to the director: “Su For safety.”


The director nodded naturally after listening to it, and then realized that there seemed to be something wrong: “Why is this name so familiar?”


After waiting for a long time, no one responded, and after a while, a deputy director carefully reminded: “Director, this is the student who reported Xiaoguang to the magazine last year.”


The director suddenly said: “Oh…”


For a moment, the ward that accommodated so many people was surprisingly quiet.


The director didn't ask any more questions, but turned around and walked out of the ward.
Su Wei'an's heart sank a bit, and he felt that in the director's heart, she was probably just a student who was greedy for fame and fortune, and would repay his kindness with revenge.
She suddenly felt a little regretful.
If she knew why she had to answer the conversation, wouldn't it be good to be a family member of the patient here?


But at this moment, the director who had already walked to the door suddenly said through layers of human walls: “The little girl is not bad.”


Su Wei'an was taken aback for a moment, and suddenly raised his head, but the director was already covered by the crowd behind him.


When the people in this room left, the mother frowned at Su Weian who had just closed the door and turned back, and asked worriedly, “What report?”


The deputy director clarified this matter in front of so many people, and he couldn't avoid it if he wanted to.
Su Wei'an thought about his wording, and explained to his mother as simply as possible: “When I was about to drop out of school, I bumped into him.
Wen Ran asked He Xiaoguang, the teacher in charge of the project, to find He Xiaoguang, the teacher in charge of the project, on the condition that He Xiaoguang join her father's project cooperation, and wanted to replace me as the first author of the paper I wrote.
He Xiaoguang agreed and talked to me, but I didn't agree.
Later, when I dropped out of school, they published the paper without my permission and completely deleted my signature, so I reported them to the magazine as a price…
He Xiaoguang's title of associate professor was revoked, and Wen Ran was imprisoned.


In the end, Su Wei'an's voice gradually became quieter.
This is why they encountered difficulties when they sent their father to the emergency room.
She offended him completely for a moment of enthusiasm, so much so that she went around and almost killed her father.
, although she had a clear conscience about what happened at the beginning, but her actions were too extreme, and her mother might say that she would not come and leave no way out for herself.


She lowered her head slightly.


But she heard her mother sighed, stretched out her hand and hugged her into her arms, patted her on the head and said: “Well done, really well done, you should protect yourself like this for those who don't respect you.
“As he spoke, he sighed heavily again, “My daughter has been wronged…”


Su Wei'an's nose suddenly felt a little sore.


Suddenly, I remembered those nights when I was in the laboratory as a senior.
When I was sleepy, I fell asleep surrounded by a mouse cage.
When I woke up, I held the slices and reagents.
Some are old, the conditions are limited, the ventilation is not very good, the room is full of pungent smell, and the eyes are irritated to tears.


Later, when she counted the data, she stared at the computer day in and day out.
When the data was not ideal, she had to go back and do more experiments.
When she finally got a few decent curves, she hugged the computer and cried.



Afterwards, when she finished the article, she still had to catch up with the exams for medical practitioners.
She didn't want to think about how she survived those days.
Every word in that article was her painstaking effort.
How much she looked forward to the publication of this article Recognized by the industry, but now…


But now, everything is ruined.


The title of associate professor was revoked, and with such a taint, He Xiaoguang hated her to the bone.
He would rather throw this article away than let Su Wei'an publish this article as the first author without He Xiaoguang's consent.
, she will never be able to send out this article again.


She was actually really wronged.


The grievance is so wronged that no one can describe it, but she can't let her parents worry and feel sad for her, right? I had no choice but to pretend that it never happened, as if I was very free and easy, but it turned out that she was really wronged.


She lay on her mother's shoulder and bit her lower lip to keep herself from crying.


At noon, Su Wei'an's eyes were still a little swollen when he left the hospital with Gu Yunzheng.


Gu Yunzheng saw that she had cried, and couldn't help asking: “What's wrong? Did so many people make you uncomfortable during the rounds?”


Su Wei'an shook his head, still a little bored in his heart.
He didn't want to say anything at first, but he was afraid that Gu Yunzheng would be worried, so he explained carefully: “No, it's just that my family didn't know about the paper before, so I explained it to them just now.
When I think about the past, I feel a little sad.”


Gu Yunzheng sighed softly, stretched out his hand to hold her in his arms, and rubbed her head distressedly: “It would be great if you were in my group at that time.”


Su Wei'an leaned on Gu Yunzheng, rubbed against his chest, and shook his head: “If I were in your group at that time, I would only respectfully treat you as my teacher, and you would only treat me as my teacher.” An ordinary student, I dare not like you, and you will not pay attention to me, although I am a little wronged, it is better to be like this now.”


Gu Yunzheng couldn't help but be moved by her words, and he still didn't forget to tease her: “Respectful? Judging from the way you raised your hands seven times in class and chased after me to argue, you will really respect me?”


Su Wei'an's face was slightly hot, but he still said firmly: “What if?”


Gu Yunzheng didn't speak, just rubbed her head and smiled again.


ah! Her head is going to be rubbed into a chicken coop by him, okay?


Looking back on the lunch break at Yunzheng's house, Su Wei'an learned from Gu Yunzheng that Wang Huanzhong, the chief director in the morning, was his doctoral supervisor, because he knew the nature of his supervisor and would not be prejudiced against Su Wei'an just because of a few rumors.
That's why he reassured her when the director asked her name.


No wonder, the director would say that “the little girl is pretty good” before leaving, so it was not perfunctory.


She could still be recognized in this department, and she suddenly felt grateful.


When Su Wei'an was in school, he heard about Wang Huanzhong, the chief director of neurosurgery.
Needless to say, he is knowledgeable and can handle difficult, sideways, strange, and long surgeries.
He has made unique achievements in the field of glioma.
The achievements are outstanding, and the requirements of his subordinates are also strict, especially his own students.
Those who fail to meet his requirements will have to postpone their graduation, and his requirements are simply…
Gu Yunzheng is probably the only one who is indescribable.
Man can meet his requirements.


Thinking of this, Su Wei'an couldn't help but sniggered, but was caught by Gu Yunzheng.


Gu Yunzheng stared at her: “What are you laughing at?”


“I heard that Director Wang is a very strict teacher.
I'm imagining how you will be scolded.”


What I got was Gu Yunzheng's indifferent answer: “I haven't been scolded much.”


Su Wei'an was shocked: “How is it possible? Isn't it something that every student will experience, such as staying up late and rushing out to report the boss's dissatisfaction with the opening report, or having an accident in the first operation during the operation?”


“I won't stay up late to rush to open the report.
I usually finish it a month in advance and show it to the teacher after changing it more than 3 times.
It is true that all doctors will experience accidents during surgery, but I will prepare a remedial plan in advance.
Problem solving, and this is exactly what the teacher tried to teach us, all situations on the operating table may happen, we cannot predict in advance, but we must learn to deal with the aftermath.”


Although Gu Yunzheng's words showed a strong sense of superiority, almost like a work report, but Su Wei'an had to admit that what he said was right.


“No matter what happens on the operating table, we must work hard to solve it.
Probably only with such excellent technical and psychological qualities can we maintain zero mortality on the operating table like you.”


It was rare for Su Wei'an to praise him face to face, but unexpectedly, Gu Yunzheng just answered lightly: “Maybe.”


Su Weian was a little surprised by his reaction, couldn't help raising his eyebrows, and said jokingly: “You seem to be dissatisfied with this sentence, is it because I didn't praise enough?”


She would make fun of him!


Gu Yunzheng smiled, reached out and rubbed her head again, thought for a while, and said seriously: “Although I am lucky to still have zero operating table mortality, I have not thought about how to maintain this number, 0% and 100% It is probably the most short-lived thing in the world, and sooner or later I will be powerless on the operating table.”


This is not his humility, but the fact that sooner or later there will be situations that are too complicated for him to deal with.


After a pause, he continued: “Compared with the number 0%, I pay more attention to whether I have tried every possible method to treat every patient who may have a good prognosis, no matter how difficult it is, even if it does appear one day.
I can have a clear conscience even when there is nothing I can do.”


Therefore, whether it is a glioma on the brainstem in the restricted area of ​​life, or an arteriovenous malformation like a bomb in the brain, he will never refuse, because he knows that although the operation is extremely difficult, as long as it is done well, it may be possible for the patient.
Earn a quality life, and the only surgery he would refuse would probably be like the victim of a car accident the first day they met in Central Africa, and even if he revived the man, the best prognosis would be vegetable.


After he finished speaking, he turned to look at Su Weian beside him, and saw that she was looking at him as if she was meeting him for the first time, with sparkles in her eyes, he chuckled lightly, “Why are you looking at me like that?”


Su Wei'an withdrew his gaze, took his arm, and raised his lips and said, “It's nothing, I just think I have a good eye.”


Why is this girl so sweet today?


Gu Yunzheng raised his lips slightly, took her hand, and interlocked his fingers.


They walked hand in hand on the street, the sultry summer and the harsh noon seemed to disappear at this moment.
The sky was blue, the clouds were clear, the sun was shining brightly, and the flowers were in full bloom.
Well, it seems that all the good things in this world are by my side.


But just three meters away behind them, Wen Ran stared in disbelief at the two familiar figures not far away, and was stunned.


That is……


Gu Yunzheng and…
Su Weian?


Why are the two of them walking together? Why…
holding hands?


When getting off work, Du Yuncheng subconsciously shook his head when he heard from Wen Ran that Su Weian and Gu Yunzheng were together, denying, “Impossible.”


Du Yuncheng really couldn't think of any connection between the two of them, except that they had taken a class with Gu Yunzheng in the same class.
That day Su Wei'an's father fell ill and was admitted to the hospital, and he had been watching the whole process.
Gu Yunzheng didn't even speak a word to Su Weian directly, it didn't look like they knew each other, let alone being together?


Wen Ran seemed to have expected that he would not believe it easily, so he took out his mobile phone and placed it in front of him.
Du Yuncheng looked at the two acquaintances holding hands and smiling on the screen, his eyes widened in shock.


Wen Ran put on exquisite makeup, stretched out her hand to brush her wavy hair, but spoke in a mean tone, and sighed: “I knew that Su Wei'an was not a good person, so it's fine if you want to grab the signature of our paper.” , even my father was seriously ill and was hospitalized, it’s only been a few days, and I tricked Teacher Gu into my hands, I really underestimated her before!”


Du Yuncheng rushed out of the lounge directly.


At that time, Su Wei'an had just returned from Gu Yunzheng's house to pick up his mother's shift after preparing dinner.
He ran into Gu Yunzheng outside the doctor's office and told him that someone went to his house to check the water meter in the afternoon.


What Du Yuncheng saw was the scene of them talking and laughing.


He walked between Gu Yunzheng and Su Weian without thinking, pointed at Gu Yunzheng and said, “You, come with me.”


Gu Yunzheng noticed that his appearance was not right, and asked, “What's the matter?”


“Come with me!”


Du Yuncheng brought Gu Yunzheng to the stairwell.
Seeing that Du Yuncheng's expression was not very good, Su Wei'an followed, feeling a little worried, and her premonition was right.


At first, Du Yuncheng turned his back to the direction of the door, but when Gu Yunzheng entered and the door closed, accompanied by the bang when the door hit, Du Yuncheng turned around and punched Gu Yunzheng.


“Don't touch Su Weian!” Du Yuncheng almost squeezed the words out between his teeth.


Su Wei'an was stunned by the scene in front of him, hurried over to support Gu Yunzheng, and asked about his situation worriedly.
Before she could angrily ask Du Yuncheng what was going on, she heard her own name from Du Yuncheng's mouth.


She was stunned: “Me?”


Du Yuncheng stared at Gu Yunzheng fiercely and said: “Wen Ran showed me the photo of you walking together hand in hand, Gu Yunzheng, I know you hate me and my mother for breaking up your family, and I also know that you have never thought about it in your heart for so many years.
You have accepted me as a younger brother, but no matter how much you hate us, you shouldn't use An Dang as a bargaining chip to retaliate against me!”


For so many years, because his mother intervened in Gu Yunzheng's parents' marriage, and his father cheated in the first marriage, it seemed that no one would accept him.


The old-fashioned grandfather did not recognize their mother and son in the Du family.
Even if Gu Yunzheng had changed his mother's surname to Gu, in the eyes of his grandfather, there was only the eldest grandson, the outstanding and unmatched Gu Yunzheng.


Before Du Yuncheng was fifteen years old, he had never been to the Du family's old house—a place only the Du family could enter.
It wasn't until the year of the senior high school entrance examination that he was admitted to his grandfather's alma mater as the number one in the city, and then when his grandmother was sick, his mother took good care of him, which moved the two old people.
It was the first time that he and his mother were lucky enough to sit in the dusk for grandpa's birthday banquet that year.
Beside the agarwood table in the old house.


That was one of the most important moments in his life, he finally got the approval of his grandfather, he sat there nervously, looking forward to this extraordinary meal, until Gu Yunzheng appeared.


At that time, Gu Yunzheng had already completed his fifth year of medical studies, and he was the best student in the same class.
He did not fail in national competition awards or international conference reports.
This was the pride of Mr.
Compared with Gu Yunzheng, Du Yuncheng only felt that he was This city's top student in the senior high school entrance examination is ridiculously childish.


And he also got verification from Gu Yunzheng.


When grandpa explained to Gu Yunzheng why these “uninvited guests” were sitting here this year, grandpa said, “Yunzheng, it's been so many years, and it's time for you to reconcile.
Come and meet your brother, he's also pretty good.” , this year in the senior high school entrance examination, he even got the number one prize in the city.”


Du Yuncheng raised his head and met Gu Yunzheng's cold gaze.
The grown-up Gu Yunzheng looked down at him.
In that cold gaze, Du Yuncheng felt like a joke.


Seeing that the atmosphere was a bit cold, the mother came up to welcome her, and said with a smile to Gu Yunzheng: “Yunzheng is here, we have been waiting for you for a long time, it is rare for our family to be reunited today, come and taste auntie's handicrafts.”


Gu Yunzheng ignored him, turned around and was about to leave.


The mother was a little embarrassed.
Du Yuncheng had never seen her mother speak to anyone in such a low voice.
She said, “Yun Zheng, today is grandpa's birthday, so just give auntie some face and don't leave, okay?”


But what she got was Gu Yunzheng's sneer.
Because it was grandpa's birthday, he didn't say anything, but she had already said so much, and if he kept silent, it would appear that he didn't understand etiquette.


He opened his mouth with a cool voice: “I have tasted your cooking a long time ago.
On the first day you came to Du's house, you made a piece of fried rice, brought it to my room, and sprinkled it on my quilt , said I lost my temper, did you forget?”


Looking back on those bloody family dramas, he still feels so childish that he wants to laugh.


Gu Yunzheng's tone made Du Yuncheng very upset.
He walked to his mother and confronted Gu Yunzheng: “What nonsense are you talking about? Why would my mother do this?”


Gu Yunzheng didn't respond, but just looked at Du Yuncheng's mother with cold eyes.
Du Yuncheng turned his head and saw his mother was pale, but she was still trying to hold back a smile and said, “Yunzheng, you misunderstood, aunt…
Auntie didn't…”


But under Gu Yunzheng's piercing eyes, he couldn't continue talking.


From the first day she married into Du's family, her goal was very clear, she wanted to make this place her own home, truly her own home, and she would not try her best to curry favor like those vulgar women.
Someone else's child came to prove what a different, kind and virtuous stepmother she was.
She chose to drive Gu Yunzheng out directly.
She wanted Gu Yunzheng and his father to feel that it was not appropriate for this child to live here any longer.


And she succeeded.


It took her less than a month to deal with Gu Yunzheng, and the always proud boy had already packed his luggage and left.


In the second week after he left, she changed everything in the house.


And what she wants now is the approval of the old man of the Du family, and the status of her and her son in the Du family.
She has always been like this, she must spare no effort to get what she wants.


So she lowered her head, and said in a trembling voice full of forbearance: “Yunzheng, let's not argue, okay, all mistakes are the fault of auntie, today is grandpa's birthday, let's celebrate grandpa happily Finish this birthday, okay?”


Du Yuncheng was shocked and said: “Mom, how can we listen to him insulting you like this?”


He took two steps forward, came to a place only half a step away from Gu Yunzheng, gritted his teeth and said to Gu Yunzheng: “What are you, why do you speak to my mother in such a self-righteous tone? I know you hate us, hate my mother , Hate me, you think we took your family away, but have you ever thought that when things have developed to this point, everyone has difficulties? Everyone's life is not as easy as you think! “


Those were the words he had been holding back in his heart for a long time.
Whenever he sees Gu Yunzheng, sees Gu Yunzheng's indifferent attitude, he always thinks of his disgraceful life experience.
Outsiders thought that he came from a medical family, and his father was the youngest vice president of Huaren Hospital, so glamorous, but this person in front of him could always easily arouse the pitiful…
inferiority complex in his heart.


Things have developed to this point, everyone has their own difficulties, how much he hopes that Gu Yunzheng, who is high above him, can understand!


What he got was a nonchalant laugh.
From Gu Yunzheng's cold eyes, Du Yuncheng could see his shadow, how naive.


He heard Gu Yunzheng say: “What you endure in order to fulfill others is called suffering, and what you have to endure in order to fulfill yourself is called self-inflicted suffering.”


Du Yuncheng will never forget this sentence.
The “famous quote” from his “big brother” hit him hard in the face like a resounding slap in the face in front of so many people.


Without even thinking about it, he punched it.


Their relationship only eased after Du Yuncheng came to neurosurgery.
After all, they have grown up for a long time.
Since they had to get along day and night, they had to deal with the original grievances in a more mature way.
He thought he could let it go , But not saying it doesn't mean not remembering.


After ten years, they returned to the original confrontation posture.


In front of him, Su Wei'an was already stunned.


This sentence contains too much information, what does it mean to break up Gu Yunzheng's family? What does it mean not to accept his younger brother? What does it mean to take her revenge on Du Yuncheng? Can anyone tell her where she should start?


Gu Yunzheng whispered to her: “Do you still remember that I told you that my parents are divorced?”


Su Wei'an nodded cautiously.


“Later my father remarried and had another child.” He said, looking up at Du Yuncheng who was standing opposite.


Su Wei'an was stunned: “Are you…


Gu Yunzheng and Du Yuncheng both have the word “cloud” in their names, so it's not a coincidence!


If so, then Gu Yunzheng's selfish and ruthless bastard father is…
Dean Du?


Gu Yunzheng has been in Huaren Hospital for so long, and no one in the whole hospital knows that he is also the son of President Du.
This is enough to show how stiff the relationship between father and son is.
Because there is no contact at all, no one can notice.
She and Du Yuncheng have been classmates for so long, and have never heard that he has an older brother.
If it was Du Yuncheng's mother who broke up Gu Yunzheng's family, I'm afraid the relationship between the two of them is no longer just a word like “brothers are at odds”.
, but since it has been concealed for so long, why do you want to bring up this matter now, or even fight?


She tried to control the situation, and said to Du Yuncheng: “There must be some misunderstanding here, Du Yuncheng, please calm down first, let's talk slowly.”


Du Yuncheng looked anxiously at Su Weian, who was standing in front of Gu Yunzheng and protecting him: “It's not a misunderstanding! Why, it's only been a little over a week since my uncle was admitted to the hospital, and you've only known each other for a little over a week, I don't know How did Gu Yunzheng tell you that love at first sight is a nonsense that he doesn't even believe, but he must be lying to you, he just wants to use you to take revenge on me, he just wants to make me feel bad!”


Su Wei'an didn't quite understand: “Makes you uncomfortable?”


Du Yuncheng opened his eyes: “Because when my uncle was in emergency surgery, I told him…
I told him…”


He frowned and clenched his hands into fists, but he couldn't say those words for a long time.


But at this moment, Gu Yunzheng spoke for him and said, “He likes you.”


Du Yuncheng turned his head suddenly, gritted his teeth and corrected each word: “I liked it.”


He has a girlfriend.


“It's good that you remember.”


This is Gu Yunzheng's warning to Du Yuncheng, stay away from Su Wei'an.


Du Yuncheng understood.


He laughed at himself suddenly, as expected of Gu Yunzheng, who can make his mind so ridiculous every time in just a few words.


He took a deep breath, calmed himself down, looked at Su Wei'an seriously and said: “Anyway, Wei'an, don't be with him.”


All of Su Wei'an's words were stuck in Du Yuncheng's throat because of Du Yuncheng's “like”.
From the state of the two at the moment, she could imagine how stiff the relationship between Du Yuncheng and Gu Yunzheng was, but for her father, Du Yuncheng turned to Gu Yunzheng opened his mouth to plead, but he had never even mentioned this matter to her before, so he didn't know what else to say except to be grateful to her, maybe, she couldn't say anything except to be grateful.


Before she could figure out how to explain to Du Yuncheng, Gu Yunzheng beside her said coldly, “She won't leave me.”




The two looked at each other, sparks flew everywhere in an instant.


Seeing that the situation was not good, Su Wei'an hurried forward to stop between the two of them, and anxiously explained to Du Yuncheng: “This is really a misunderstanding, Du Yuncheng, we didn't know each other just over a week ago, we met in Central Africa.
Yes, I did a French translation for him once.”


Su Wei'an's words completely exceeded Du Yuncheng's expectations, and he froze suddenly: “You said…
what? You two met in Central Africa?”


Su Wei'an looked at him and nodded: “A lot of things happened in Central Africa…
In short, we didn't fall in love at first sight.
Gu Yunzheng never lied to me, except he didn't mention that he and you are brothers.
, we decided to be together after careful consideration.
I really appreciate your help during this period of time.
This is very important to me.
You can miss our friendship, but in this case, you really misunderstood.”


Du Yuncheng's astonishment at this moment was no less than that of Su Weian when he found out that they were brothers.
When he came to his senses, he didn't know what expression to make, but he kept repeating her first sentence, “A lot of things happened.
Suddenly, he sneered in disappointment: “Whether Gu Yunzheng heard me mention you on the operating table, or you heard me mention Gu Yunzheng after the operation, you didn't mention anything.
Friendship is wonderful!”


Su Wei'an's heart skipped a beat.
From Du Yuncheng's expression, she knew that she had messed up the matter.


She tried to explain: “I'm sorry, we were…”


In the Cold War…


Du Yuncheng didn't listen to what she said, and laughed at himself, “Okay, that's great, you are soul mates with the same heart, and I'm the only one who is a fool and a villain, and I want to tear you apart!”


He suddenly burst into laughter, but the laughter was like a knife piercing Su Wei'an's heart.
She didn't know how to calm Du Yuncheng and listen to her explanation, but she couldn't tell about her illness, she couldn't Tell Du Yuncheng why she would leave without saying goodbye in Central Africa, and why Gu Yunzheng didn't say a word when they met her again.
Thinking about it this way, even if Du Yuncheng was willing to listen, she didn't know how to explain it.


She did hide too many things from him, and she hid too much from him, the only one among her former classmates who was willing to help her like this.


But she just couldn't talk.




Du Yuncheng laughed for a long time, and stopped until he was about to cry.
He looked at Su Weian, and the disappointment in his eyes was undisguised: “Okay, I was wrong.
It's redundant, I'll go.”


After speaking, he passed Su Weian and walked towards the door of the stairwell.


Confronting Gu Yunzheng, he will always be the loser, Gu Yunzheng can always get everything he asked for but never got so easily.


Ten years ago in his grandfather's old house, Gu Yunzheng retaliated against him without hesitation, but his grandfather still “invited” him out of the old house of Du's family who punched first, and ten years later, ten years later…


He thought of Su Weian, the girl whose smile was as bright as the sun, even if she and Gu Yunzheng met in Central Africa, so what? Two months, three months? She and Gu Yunzheng have only known each other for a hundred days at most, and they were classmates for six years!


Six years, more than two thousand days, because he likes it, so he cherishes it very much, and is careful, for fear that something abrupt will scare her.
He has prepared a confession for two years, but on that day, she acted as if she didn't know him.
Without saying anything, he turned around and left.


He was annoyed by this incident for many days.
Wen Ran, who was Su Weian's best friend at that time, told him that she thought that he confessed his love to her in public to put pressure on her.
It turned out that she just regarded him as an ordinary classmate.
The acquaintance between them is just because Su Wei'an is like this with everyone, he is overthinking.


Or maybe, actually, in Su Weian's heart, he is not even considered a true friend.


He opened the door, only to see that Wen Ran was already standing at the door at some point.


Hearing that she was caught in the corner outside, the embarrassed Wen Ran was struggling to figure out how to explain herself, but Du Yuncheng said to her in an unprecedentedly gentle voice: “Ah Ran, let's go.”


With a bang, the door of the stairwell closed in front of Su Wei'an, she only felt that she was in a terrible mood.


Gu Yunzheng reached out to embrace her, she leaned on his shoulder sadly, and said in a muffled voice, “The reason why I know that Wen Ran and He Xiaoguang are going to delete my signed paper is because Du Yuncheng came to ask me in advance.
After my father was admitted to the hospital, he was also the only one besides you who would take care of us in every detail, he used to be my very good friend.”


Gu Yunzheng patted her on the back: “I know.”


When he learned that her father was admitted to the hospital in an emergency just in time for his girlfriend and He Xiaoguang to be on duty, Du Yuncheng was so worried that he almost jumped up from the chair in the duty room.
Differently, Du Yuncheng's words before the operating table just happened to confirm him.


In front of so many people during the ward rounds, Du Yuncheng himself may not have noticed that when he looked at Su Wei'an, there were many inexplicable emotions in his eyes.


He likes Su Wei'an.


No matter how Du Yuncheng deceived himself and said “I liked it”, it was obvious at a glance.


It was not only his half-brother who called him here today, but also Su Wei'an's good friend, so he didn't fight back against Du Yuncheng's punch just now, but his patience with Du Yuncheng was only limited.
Now that he's here, he will never allow Du Yuncheng to take one step closer to Su Wei'an.


Fortunately, Su Wei'an's thoughts are simpler than Du Yuncheng's.
She is just sad.
As a good friend, “But I can't say anything to him.”


Gu Yunzheng hugged her and comforted her softly: “Then don't say it.”


Because what Du Yuncheng really wanted to hear was never what she thought, he never only regarded her as a friend, he obviously liked her, how could he be a friend?


Fortunately, at this time, Su Weian is a little stupid, simple-minded, or instinctively wants to avoid it.
For Gu Yunzheng, that's all very good.

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