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(A/N: My bad bois, I couldn wait until Saturday to upload. I got so pumped seeing that I got 200 views. I feel like a new YouTuber who just got 1k subs. Leave some feedback for me on how the chap has gone. Im going to submit this work for the Spring Awards 2022. I think thats how it goes.)

I am currently sitting and eating at my favorite fast-food restaurant, Shake Shack, while watching a basketball game. The Lakers are playing Golden State. The score is 115 – 120. The Lakers are in the lead with forty-five seconds left on the clock. LeBron has the ball, pulls up to the three-point line, shoots then bricks the ball. Golden State rebound and passes the ball to Stephen Curry.

The Lakers immediately double team Curry because they know if he shoots the ball, he will make it. But, Curry pulls up from half court. The defender fouls him. No one expects him to make it but he does. And now he can shoot a free throw. He goes to the line and shoots the bal. He makes it.

NOOOO!!! How lucky is this guy to make a four point play?

e up by one point now. Weve got this. Its okay. We can stall the clock. If we can waste twenty-four seconds, this championship will definitely be ours. Golden State will have six seconds to shoot the ball and game over.

As soon as LeBron gets the ball, a worker changes the station switches to the news.

”What the hell? ”

”Who the f*ck changed the channel? ”

”Clearly someone wants a beating. My hands have been itching to hit something ”

A chorus of shouts ring out throughout the restaurant. Everyone voicing their dissatisfaction at having the championship being interrupted.

”SHUT UP!! ” Yells the worker. Everyone quiets down to hear what hes got to say before they decide what to do with him. (Ahaha. Someone call this stupid guy an ambulance. He clearly doesn know these guys are sports maniacs who bet their pay checks on which team would win lmao)

”Something important was just discovered by the government. Watch it. War may be upon us. ”

Hearing the word ”war ”, the people who were complaining actually turned to watch the news broadcast.

I, on the other hand, got my phone and keys and walked out of the building not wanting to hear anything the fake news has got to say.

The US government was most likely trying to rally more people to invade another place for some oil or something. What a bunch of bullies.

With no direction in particular, I proceed to walk.

I was making my way downtown, all I hear is ”SKKKRRRRT. BOOOOOM ”

A blue eighteen-wheeler truck with red flames painted on its front crashes right into the passenger side of a car. Crazy thing is that no one was in the truck. How was there not a person driving that Big Red… or do you call it a Big Blue? Is this mf Optimus Prime? Did he drink too much Energon and decided to defeat some imaginary alcohol induced Decepticons?

Maybe its the legendary Truck-kun. If so, then this guys got a major upgrade. Say goodbye to the pickup truck and say hello to the Big Daddy.

The last book I read was about a guy who survived several attempts of murder from Truck-kun and Van-kun. That was a huge loss for Truck-kun. How could he, the legendary truck, take a loss? Eventually, Truck-kun got him by driving full force into the house poor guy was sleeping in.

Anyways, as I got closer to the crash site, I can tell that there is a person still alive inside trying to unbuckle their seatbelt but is unsuccessful. Without thinking any further, I immediately rushed to the car and started knocking on the window to get the drivers attention. The driver looks up at me and Im taken aback. How is she here? The woman I am looking at was my junior officer back when I was a proud sailor in the Navy, Viviene Dubilé. A French woman who moved to America in her teens due to some family issues. The last I heard from her was right before I was forced to retire from my ten year duty about three years ago.

Shed just caught her husband, who was also an officer aboard the cruiser class ship USS Antietam, cheating on her with a new recruit fresh out of Recruit Training Command (RTC). When I say I was the happiest, I really wasn . She cried to me for hours. Sadly, it wasn the pleasurable cries, but hey, at least I got to spend time getting to know her better. Though, with her crying and her still strong French accent, I could barely understand her. All I could do was rub her back and add words of encouragement.

Im not really a great person to come to for comfort. Viviene divorced him shortly after, and thats when we started to get closer. We would hang out together. When her ex-husband found out about us talking, the loser found some dirt on me and blackmailed me into leaving the Navy. With no choice but to leave, lest I be let off on dishonorable discharge, I headed back home to Los Angeles. Since then, I had never spoken to Viviene. She called and texted me for months, but I never responded.

Seeing her now, makes those deeply buried emotions emerge. I almost teared up like a certain god of thunder upon seeing his mother alive.


Hearing the tapping broke me out of my recollection and I was able to see Viviene yelling in muffled words, ”Break the window ”.

”Im totally from the future ”

I responded off instinct. She looks at me like Im an idiot and repeats her words again.

Quick to get out of my stupor, I position myself in front of the drivers door and kick. After three heavy kicks to the window, it finally started to

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