Chapter 102: Chapter102 Silently Added Three Points to Him

Su Huixian’s words sounded like Su Bei couldn’t possibly become a member of the Su family again without her, let alone be loved by Su Xingfu.

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It was as if even if Su Bei returned to the Su family in the future and received Su Xingfu’s favor, the credits were all entirely hers.

Su Bei didn’t respond to Su Huixian.
But she knew that she couldn’t afford to buy a car worth millions of yuan.

So she turned to Manager Gao and asked politely, “Manager Gao, how much is this car?”

Actually, she had already made up her mind that she would tell him frankly that she didn’t have enough money.
But she thanked him for his kindness.

“Miss Su, the current selling price of this car is five hundred and fifty thousand yuan.
If I minus the discount and add the other fees, you will need to pay a total of five hundred and eight thousand yuan,” Manager Gao answered while tapping on his calculator.

“How much is it again?” Su Bei asked, doubting that she had misheard him.

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Just now, she had learned that the cars here cost more than one million yuan.
That was actually the reason why the store manager had ridiculed her overtly.

“Five hundred and eight thousand yuan,” Manager Gao solemnly repeated.

“Five hundred and eight thousand yuan?” Su Bei repeated with a big smile on her face.

The budget she had allotted for the car was five hundred thousand yuan.
What a coincidence! It was almost the same as her expectation.

Manager Gao smiled and asked, “Miss Su, are you swiping a card?”

“Yes, I’ll swipe my card.” Su Bei’s eyes shone with excitement.
She couldn’t imagine how happy Gun Gun and Da bao would be in the future if she drove this car to pick them up from school.

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Lu Heting had really introduced a good car dealership to her.
She was able to get the car she liked.

He was indeed reliable in everything.

She silently added three points to him in her heart.

“Manager Gao!” Su Huixian stopped Manager Gao and asked gently, “As I’ve just said, can I also order one? Don’t worry, I will order a different color.”

She didn’t want to have the same car as Su Bei, but it was so beautiful that she couldn’t resist it.
And even if it was cheap, she felt that it was comfortable to drive.

Manager Gao apologized, “I’m so sorry, Miss Su.
The production of this car has been suspended, and this is the last one.
That’s why its price is much lower than its value.”

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His last sentence was actually an explanation to Su Bei.

“Oh, I see,” Su Huixian said in a disappointed voice.

Since he said that it was the last unit available, she couldn’t force him.

Su Bei followed Manager Gao happily to pay and sign the necessary documents.

The store manager forced a smile on his plump face and said to Su Huixian, “Miss Su, let me introduce some other cars to you.”

“No need.” Su Huixian was no longer interested in any other cars.
“Why didn’t you introduce that car to me in the first place?”

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She felt so disappointed.
Such a good car went to Su Bei’s hands.

The store manager really didn’t know about that car just now, so he hastily said, “Miss Su, that car is only worth five hundred thousand yuan.
It doesn’t suit your status.
A woman like you, who has a good career and excellent family background, should drive a car that is worth at least two million yuan.”

Su Huixian felt unhappy not only because she liked that car so much, but also because she hated the fact that Su Bei took something away from her again.

In the past, Su Bei was the only one recognized as the real daughter of the Su family.
Su Xingfu’s love and attention were all on her.
Also, she held the position of being the future daughter-in-law of the Du family for many years.

An intense sense of jealousy had taken root and sprouted in Su Huixian’s heart since she was young.

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