Chapter 108: Chapter108 Serve His Wife and Son

It was Gun Gun’s first time to dine in this restaurant, so he looked around curiously.

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Su Bei chose a table in the corner and asked for the menu.
Then she ordered all the dishes that Gun Gun said he wanted to eat just now.

But she was afraid that they would be too spicy for him, so she changed the spicy ingredients to marinade and garlic sauce.

Then she handed the menu to Lu Heting and asked him to order what he wanted to eat.

Lu Heting ordered a few simple but elegant dishes.

When the crayfish was served, a big smile crept across Gun Gun’s face.
“Bei Bei, you’re so great! Daddy has never given me this kind of dish at home.”

“If you like it, we can come back here next time,” Su Bei said as she put on her gloves and began shelling crayfish for him.

Lu Heting was usually very busy, so she guessed that he was afraid of dealing with this dish, which was troublesome.

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Lu Heting also put on his gloves.
He had never touched this dish before until Su Bei came back.

However, since she and Gun Gun liked it, he quickly learned how to shell it.

So before Su Bei could finish shelling the first crayfish, he had already shelled six.
He then put them in their bowls.

Su Bei looked at him with admiration in her eyes.
“Why are you so good at doing this? You’ve never eaten this kind of food before, right?”

“Well, I’ve learned to eat it.” Lu Heting remained calm and composed.
He had put his coat aside and rolled up the sleeves of his white shirt, revealing his muscular forearms.

He lowered his eyes, peeling the crayfish seriously.
He looked so handsome when he was very focused.

Su Bei lowered her head and continued shelling the crayfish in her hands.
It was not hard, but she couldn’t do it as smoothly as him.

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While she was struggling, Lu Heting reached out and took the crayfish from her hands with his slender fingers.
He then said, “You and Gun Gun just need to eat the crayfish.
Let me shell them for you.”

“No, it’s okay.”

“It’s my duty to serve my wife and son.” He helped her take off her gloves.
Then he lowered his eyes and focused on shelling the crayfish without looking at her again.

Su Bei felt like her face was burning.

Lu Heting was really capable.
He shelled the crayfish so quickly that he was able to provide enough to satisfy both Su Bei and Gun Gun.

He also ate a few crayfish every now and then.
Soon, the shells in front of him piled up like a hill.

Su Bei’s and Gun Gun’s mouths were both red with the sauce.

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Looking at Lu Heting’s serious expression, Su Bei thought that spending a lifetime with such a man like him was not a bad idea.

But no! She couldn’t have such an extravagant hope.
And she couldn’t let him have that idea either.
Otherwise, it would be difficult for them in the future.

When they were all full, Su Bei ordered more spicy crayfish from the waiter for takeout.

“Why?” Lu Heting looked at her and asked.

“I’m going to meet a friend later.
She also likes spicy crayfish.” She smiled.
“I’ll drive you and Gun Gun home first.
I’ll be back later.”

She was going to see Da Bao.
He didn’t like eating crayfish, but Lin Moli did.

“Okay,” Lu Heting agreed with a nod.

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After driving Lu Heting and Gun Gun back home, Su Bei went straight to Lin Moli’s house.

As soon as she entered the door, Lin Moli smelled the crayfish.
“Have you brought me something very spicy?”

“You have a good nose for food.” Su Bei put the crayfish on the table.
She also bought a lot of food for Da Bao.

Da Bao was sitting in front of the computer.
But when he saw Su Bei, he stood up and walked up to her.

She smiled and said, “I’ve bought a car.
I’ve already taken Lu Heting and Gun Gun for a ride.
Would you like to go for a ride with me too?”

“I’m eating.
Don’t disturb me with whatever it is,” Lin Moli said at once, devouring the crayfish.

“How about you, Da Bao?”

“I’ll go,” Da Bao agreed happily.

He then followed Su Bei and got into her new luxury car.

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