Lu Heting directly opened the gift in front of her and said in a low voice, “Then, Miss Su, could you explain to me what you meant by giving me this?”

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His voice was full of curiosity.

Had she only given this gift to him or to other men as well? Or was it just a coincidence?

What was her reason for appearing in front of him now, after five years?

“What else can it mean? I told you, it’s a token of my regret for leaving without telling you…” Su Bei said frankly.
Lu Heting’s face was very close to her, and she felt a little breathless.

“In that case, I’ll accept your gift.
I’ll do as you wish, Miss Su.” Lu Heting placed his free hand on the wall behind her, trapping her between his arms.

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Hearing the implication in his husky voice, Su Bei turned her head to look at the gift box.
As soon as she saw what was in it, her face flushed with embarrassment.

In the gift box she had given to Lu Heting was a condom, on which there was a very dirty advertisement!

No wonder he had completely misunderstood her intentions!

Su Bei hurriedly reached for the gift box and said, “Mr.
Lu, I’m sorry.
This is not what I wanted to give you.”

She had never expected that Qiu Minxuan would give her such a thing and encourage her to give it to someone else.

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If she had really given this gift box to one of the judges tonight, she would have been blacklisted for this fashion show, and no other official show would accept her in the future.

Lu, this gift was prepared by my agent.
I didn’t know what was in it! If I had known what was inside, I wouldn’t have given it to you.
Please give it back to me.” Su Bei stretched her fingers to grab the gift box.
The more she tried to explain, the more flustered she became.

She didn’t know what the man in front of her was thinking.

Qiu Minxuan was really a troublemaker! She could have had a normal conversation with Lu Heting, but that chance had been ruined by this stupid “gift” box.

Lu Heting’s eyes darkened after hearing her explanation.
He would rather she had wanted to give it to him instead of…

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He tightened his grip on the gift box and moved it out of her reach.
“Well, I already knew it wasn’t prepared for me.
After all, I’m sure you’re aware that just one is far from enough for me.”


All of a sudden, Su Bei recalled what had happened five years ago, and her face flushed with embarrassment.
This man looked gentlemanly, but he was just a hypocrite.

“No, I’m not.
I forgot everything that happened five years ago,” Su Bei lied with an indifferent smile, concealing the shyness in her eyes.

“It’s been five years, but you still didn’t learn your lesson.” The desire that had been surging up in Lu Heting’s body and eyes disappeared at once.

Su Bei knew what he was referring to.
Five years ago, she had been drugged by her step-sister, and today, she had fallen for her own agent’s trick.

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However, even if Lu Heting hadn’t shown up at the party today, she wouldn’t have given this gift to any of the judges.
She might be pure, but she wasn’t stupid.

“Forget it, Mr.
Let’s talk about it next time.” Su Bei felt that she couldn’t continue this conversation anymore.
“I’m leaving now.
Please contact me later.”


The man was still clenching the gift box tightly in his hand.
It seemed that she wouldn’t be able to take it back.

Su Bei turned around and left in a hurry.

Even after walking out of the room, she couldn’t shake off the flurry of emotions that had overcome her just now, and her face stayed red for a long time.

It was not just because the gift had been too “dirty,” but also because Lu Heting was really good at flirting!

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