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However, Su Huixian’s fans posted too many bad comments and the number of the onlookers was enormous, it was difficult for Su Bei’s fans to deal with so many bad comments.

In the end, almost all the netizens laughed at Su Bei.

At this time, Su Bei and Gun Gun were sleeping, unaware of what had happened.

Lu Weijian was the first one to be awakened.

His friend called him first, “Well, Lu Weijian.
I didn’t expect you to have a woman you like! Didn’t you tell me that you only love games? Can I ask you to play games at midnight in the future?”

“What woman?” Lu Weijian replied with bleary eyes.
If his friend wasn’t a good partner in the game, he would have hung up now.

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“It’s said on the internet that you showed your love at that woman’s engagement party.
I didn’t expect you to have such a side, Lu Weijian.
If you had told me earlier, we would have helped you pursue her.”

Lu Weijian was confused.
He only met Su Bei at the ceremony.
Was there any gossip about them?

“Fuck!” He stood up immediately.
If there was any gossip about him and Su Bei, his brother would never let him go!

He quickly sat up and logged in Weibo.

Fortunately, the rumor said that he liked Su Huixian.
So it wouldn’t stir up any trouble for his brother.

Lu Weijian patted his chest hard.

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Wait a minute.
He Liked Su Huixian?

When did he fall in love with Su Huixian? Besides, who was Su Huixian? What did she look like? What was she like?

He quickly found the photos.
Oh, the woman who named Su Huixian was not as beautiful as the character in the game.
He was not interested in her.

Then he continued to browse the gossip.
“What the fuck?!” he shouted.

How could they say that his sister-in-law fawned on him?

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