Chapter 239: Chapter 239 Grow up in Slander

Su Bei asked, “Will Mr.
Weijian blame me for using him to hype? After all, I also got the attention because of him.”

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“Of course he will.
But who is the one who really use him?

It’s Su Huixian.” Su Bei nodded seriously, “Only she gained a good name during the matter.
Everyone thought that Mr.
Weijian loved her but she is loyal to her true love.”

Lu Heting said seriously, “So do you think Mr.
Weijian will let her do that?”

Lu Weijian (voice-over): “I will.
As long as she didn’t disturb me playing games, I don’t care what she did.”

“No, you won’t.” Lu Heting’s voice echoed around.

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Lu Weijian (voice-over): “Yes, yes, I won’t.
I won’t let such a woman use me.
What’s more, she also used my sister-in-law! I won’t let her do that!”

Su Bei nodded.
“If Mr.
Weijian does care about this, he will clarify it.
That’s right.
It’s possible for Mr.
Weijian to have a girlfriend.
If his girlfriend knows Su Huixian’s way of using Mr.
Weijian, she will be very angry.”

“So Mr.
Weijian will clarify it,” Lu Heting said.

Su Bei was relieved.

Lu Heting took out his phone and talked to Lu Weijian.

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At half past eight, Lu Weijian posted a Weibo to clarify, “It’s a rare opportunity to meet my good friend, Bei Bei.
But what happened spoiled our enjoyment.
Next time, I think we’d better meet in another place.
Bei Bei, make a reservation and call me, okay?” He also uploaded many pictures.

There was a lot going on in this Weibo.

First of all, it meant that Lu Weijian and Su Bei were good friends.
According to the way they were with each other, they were close friends but not lovers.

Secondly, Lu Weijian happened to meet Su Bei at Su Huixian’s engagement party.
That had given others a loophole.
If he had a choice, he wouldn’t appear at the engagement party.

Thirdly, Lu Weijian took the initiative to invite Su Bei.
That was to say, it was not true that Su Bei liked Lu Weijian.
In fact, they were good friends in private.

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In the pictures that Lu Weijian had uploaded, Lu Weijian and Su Bei sat in the corner.
Beside them, there were not only Su Bei’s agent, but also some CEOs of other companies.
Obviously, their meeting was aboveboard.

When Su Bei looked at Lu Weijian, she happened to be listening to the person sitting next to Lu Weijian.

As for Lu Weijian, he went to the ceremony just to meet with Su Bei.
He might don’t know who Su Huixian was.

His Weibo was posted at half past eight in the morning, the morning rush hour.

It happened that many people went to work on the subway, bus, or just arrived at the company.
They could browse today’s news on Weibo casually.

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As a result, Bei Bei’s fans immediately saw it and immediately responded, “I told you that it was impossible for our beryl to do that! Mr.
Weijian, you are so nice! Thank you for your explanation for Bei Bei!”

“Bei Bei, you made the right decision.
You will grow up in slander.
Keep up the good work!”

Weijian explained this in person.
Will those rumormongers make an apology?”

The ordinary onlookers also started to discuss.
“Wow, is this a romantic novel? How could Lu Weijian know Su Bei?”

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