Chapter 265: chapter265 What a Blind Woman

“He is busy and can’t come.
Besides, there is someone who doesn’t want to see him, right?” Feng Feifei glanced at Su Bei playfully.

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She didn’t understand why Su Bei couldn’t accept Feng Ze.
In terms of personality, appearance, wealth and status, Feng Ze was almost at the peak.

Because Su Bei couldn’t forget her first love, Du Luo?

Hearing that Feng Ze couldn’t come, Da Bao looked a little dejected.
Different from Su Bei, he liked Feng Ze very much.
He learned computer skills and hacker skills from Feng Ze.
He was four years old and he had spent more time with Feng Ze.

He had a deep and special feeling for Feng Ze.

So he felt it was a betrayal to Feng Ze if he went back to find Lu Heting.

Lin Moli had already served the dishes on the table, but she felt that they were not enough to entertain Feng Feifei, so she suggested, “Let’s go out for the meal, okay?”

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“Okay.” Feng Feifei stood up immediately.

Looking at her suit, which was shining with diamond radiance on her left ear, and her hair and clothes, which were the same as Feng Ze’s, Su Bei was under great pressure.
“Feifei, can you change your clothes?”

If she went out with Feng Feifei like this, she always felt that Feng Ze was standing beside her, which made her very stressful.

“No, I can’t.” Feng Feifei stood up and held Su Bei’s wrist.
“Don’t dislike me like that.
Let’s go.
I’m hungry.”

Su Bei had no choice but to go out with her.
Da Bao and Feng Feifei had a good relationship and actively responded too.

Su Bei felt too stressed.
When she was in the United States, Da Bao deliberately made a match between her and Feng Ze, which made her very embarrassed.

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In fact, Da Bao had been thinking about Feng Ze all the time.
Perhaps he didn’t understand at all why Su Bei didn’t choose Feng Ze.

Su Bei had also asked herself what was wrong with Feng Ze.

There was nothing wrong with him.
He was very tall.
He had a strong leadership.
He was one of the top three handsome men that Su Bei had ever seen.

There were a lot of women chasing after him, and many of the women just wanted to have him for one night.

But for Su Bei, she didn’t like him.

She had thought that she wouldn’t fall in love with Feng Ze because of Du Luo.

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But as time went by, Du Luo had become a dust in the history.
She still treated Feng Ze as a friend.

Maybe other people’s words were right.
Love was not about touching other’s heart unilaterally.
Only resonance could spark the stirrings of love.

“Let’s go, Xiao Bei.
What are you thinking about?” Feng Feifei held her hand.

What was she thinking about? At that moment, the face of Lu Heting suddenly appeared in Su Bei’s mind.

She hurried to get rid of such a scene.

She went to the restaurant downstairs with Feng Feifei, Lin Moli and Da Bao and ordered some food.

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Standing in front of Feng Feifei, Da Bao was talking with Feng Feifei.
Their conversation was closely linked to Feng Ze.

Feng Feifei was also willing to mention Feng Ze.
She didn’t understand what was wrong with Feng Ze.
Why didn’t Xiao Bei like Feng Ze? What a blind woman Xiao Bei was!

Lu Heting and Lu Weijian were having a meal in a private room.

Lu Weijian took out his phone and located the signal of Da Bao’s phone according to the method taught by Lu Heting.

“Brother, look, it seems that we have found him.
Look, he is very close to us, right?” Lu Weijian said excitedly.

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