Chapter 306: No Better Gift Than This

She planned to check her WeChat after getting in the car.

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After getting justice for Lv Shan, Su Bei happily walked toward her car.

As soon as she got to her car, a tall figure appeared in front of her.
He reached out and pulled Su Bei into his arms.

Su Bei had already sensed that it was Lu Heting.
His aura stood out from others.
It was strong and sharp—the feeling that Su Bei was most familiar with.
She did not need to look to know that it was Lu Heting.

Su Bei was surprised when he held her so tightly.
Why was he here?

Besides, she could clearly feel an inexplicable aura coming from him.
It felt stifling and complicated.

“Lu Heting?” Su Bei was being held so tightly that she could not breathe.
“What are you doing?”

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Lu Heting rested his chin on her head.
He felt all kinds of emotions surging in him with her in his arms, but he did not know where to start.

Su Bei was carrying some things in her arms.
Actually, she was not that close to his body because of the documents that were in between them.

She could still hear the thumping of a heart, though.
She just did not know if it was his or hers.

“Lu Heting, what’s going on? Are things not going well at work? Or are you not feeling well?” Su Bei asked softly, her voice sounding gentle.

Lu Heting let go of her.
Su Bei had just raised her head when she met his lowered eyes.
Su Bei’s eyes were clear, while Lu Heting’s were full of surging waves.

“Su Bei, do you want to explain to me about Da Bao?” Lu Heting asked.

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Su Bei was surprised.
Her starry eyes widened slightly as a trace of disbelief flashed through them.
Of course, she had never wanted to deliberately hide this from Lu Heting.
It was only because Da Bao did not want to acknowledge him for the time being that she tried her best to respect him and give him more time to digest the fact.

Lu Heting knew the truth now, but how did he find out?

Su Bei did not know where to look.
“Lu Heting, how did you find out?”

“Da Bao came looking for me.
You shouldn’t blame him, though.
He just told me his name and I guessed it from there,” Lu Heting said with hidden joy in his voice.

It could be said that Da Bao’s appearance explained a lot of things.

The knots in his heart that had been there for the past five years were undone one by one.
His feelings for her had also become more certain.
It was not because she had given birth to a son for him but because she had been willing to give birth to a son for him.

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Even if it did not mean that she had feelings for him, it at least meant that she did not dislike him.

There was no better gift than this.

There was no better bond that could link the two of them together.

Su Bei touched her forehead.
Da Bao! She should have known that he would definitely take action with how smart he was.

Yes, she had just received a message on WeChat.
She hurriedly shoved the documents into Lu Heting’s hand and took out her phone to have a look.
As expected, it was a message from Da Bao.
He explained that he had gone to look for Lu Heting.

It was just that Su Bei did not have the time to look at it just now.

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Su Bei raised her head and said, “I’m sorry.
Actually, when I came back this time…”

Lowering his head, Lu Heting kissed her on the lips.

Su Bei was stunned.
The words that she wanted to say became a jumbled mess.
She could not organize her words properly, so she failed to speak.

The man’s breath smelled so good that it made her lose her resistance.
She could clearly hear the sound of a pair of heartbeats.
One was his, and the other was hers.

Lu Heting said, “Don’t talk.
Just kiss me.”

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