Chapter 537: Comparison

Jian Ping and Hao Jiali were very dissatisfied with what happened this time.
They could only watch helplessly as Yue Ze and Su Bei sent off the chief editor of Beauty.
It seemed that the issue of who would be on the cover of the magazine had been finalized.
Both of them looked satisfied.

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When Su Bei left the company in the afternoon, she ran into Hao Jiali again.

With her arms crossed, Hao Jiali stood in front of Su Bei and said, “Su Bei, the resources you got by pleasing Tang Xinru are really good.
I’ve been working to get this job with Beauty for a long time, but you got it without any difficulty.
I’m really not as good as you when it comes to dealing underneath the table.”

“Well, I can only agree with you.
You’re indeed inferior to me.” Su Bei smiled brightly.

Hao Jiali had thrown a heavy punch at Su Bei with her words but it only hit cotton in the end, which made her feel unhappy.

“Well, let’s see how long you can rely on Tang Xinru!” Hao Jiali said and walked away.

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Su Bei couldn’t help but shake her head.
No matter how she explained herself, Hao Jiali would never believe her anyway.

After Hao Jiali and Su Bei left, Tang Yue stood where she was and looked at Su Bei’s back.

She said to her assistant, “Go and fight for Jian Ping and Hao Jiali.
Have them join our side.
Tang Xinru doesn’t know what’s good for her.
Since she insists on supporting Su Bei, she’ll only suffer a backlash.
If you want to compete with me for the president position, Tang Xinru, do you think you can do that by solely relying on Su Bei?”

The battle for the position of president of Sheng Tang had continued for five years.
Both Tang Xinru and Tang Yue had their own victories and losses, but neither of them had an absolute chance of winning, so they were in a stalemate.

Fortunately, although they had internal strife, they had always managed Sheng Tang well and were regarded highly by others.

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This time, more than 50 models had signed up for the Top Ten Model Awards.
It was not easy to select ten of them.

Among them, seven models were publicly acknowledged to be capable.
But for various reasons, they didn’t get the honors of being selected in the past year.
Hence, it was likely that they would be selected this year.
It was a foregone conclusion.
The people in the industry as well as fans were convinced of this.

It was the remaining three spots that were more controversial.

Among the remaining candidates, there were at least five notable mentions—including Su Huixian, Su Bei, Hao Jiali, Minwen, and Li Xuan.
All five of them had performed well this year, but none of them had the absolute advantage.

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The marketing accounts had been promoting the polls since early in the morning.
At the moment, these five people and some other candidates were being compared to each other.

In the polls, Su Huixian, Su Bei, and Hao Jiali seemed to be strong contenders.

Both Su Huixian and Hao Jiali had been in this industry for several years, so the public was familiar with them.
Even if the public just knew their faces, it still gave them an advantage.

However, Su Huixian had a lot of scandals this year.
It was fine if Su Bei was not in the picture, but now that they were both up for the running, everyone was reminded of her fake pregnancy incident as well as how she was humiliated by Su Bei several times.

Su Bei, Minwen, and Li Xuan were all newcomers.
Su Bei, in particular, was the newest out of all.
But she had attracted the most attention with all kinds of beautiful photos and wonderful performances.

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