Chapter 545: Tolerated Enough

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Getting involved in this situation allowed him, the judge, to properly experience what it meant to create trouble out of nothing and the lengths people would go to for their selfish desires.

However, could those groundless accusations really beat justice? Jiang Hong didn’t believe it! This time, he wanted to see just what other tricks the other party had up their sleeves!

Su Bei soon saw what was happening online.

Yue Ze called her and told her not to panic or act rashly.
The company had already contacted Director Gibson.

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Su Bei was not panicking at all.
As she had not done anything wrong, she was not afraid.
There was nothing going on between her and Jiang Hong.
If it weren’t for her meeting with Director Gibson, this crisis would not have happened.

However, who took the photo? Could it be that the other party had been following her all along?

She immediately called Lu Heting.

Lu Heting also saw the news on Weibo and was about to call Su Bei when she called.

He picked it up, his voice steady and strong.
“I saw the scandal.
It’ll be fine.
Don’t worry.”

“Yeah, I just was thinking that if someone is really following me, will Da Bao and Gun Gun be exposed as well? I don’t want the outside world to know about them and cause trouble for them.
You have to be more careful and protect yourself as well,” Su Bei reminded.

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Lu Heting smiled, his eyes filled with tenderness and heartache.
After such a huge incident, the first thing she thought of was his and the two children’s safety, not about what would happen to her.

“Da Bao and Gun Gun are safe, so you don’t have to worry.
I’m fine as well.
Let’s talk about you.
You had witnesses when you met Jiang Hong that night.
Yue Ze should be able to come up with a good plan soon.”

“Yes, he’s already called me.
I’m just wondering who took the photo.”

“Do you suspect anyone?” Lu Heting asked in a deep voice.
The pen in his hand broke into two pieces.
No matter who it was, if they dared to do this to Su Bei, they would suffer the same fate as the pen in his hand.

Su Bei thought for a while.
“Among the candidates for the Top Ten Model Awards, Su Huixian is the most likely to have gotten someone to follow me.
Not only does she want to compete with me for the Top Ten Model Awards, but she has also always been at odds with me.
If I made a mistake and made a fool of myself, the chances of her restoring her reputation are much higher.
I’ve tolerated both her and her mother long enough… That mistress appeared and indirectly killed my mother.
Back then, if it weren’t for my mother’s last words, telling me not to pursue them or fight them, I would’ve…”

When Lu Heting heard this, he knew that Su Bei’s mother must have been worried that she was too young at that time and was no match for Su Huixian and her mother.
That was why she left those last words.

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Su Bei’s had already tolerated that pair of mother and daughter enough.

“If they’re really behind this, I won’t tolerate their unscrupulous behaviors anymore.”

“What can I do?” Lu Heting’s voice became low because he felt sorry for Su Bei.

“If you have time, help me investigate something,” Su Bei said softly.

“Alright, I’ll get it done quickly.”

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Su Bei was being questioned by the entire internet, and the judges naturally had some complaints about her.

They were waiting to see what kind of explanation Jiang Hong would make..
If the matter couldn’t be clarified, not only would Su Bei be unable to be selected but Jiang Hong would also be eliminated from the judges’ panel.

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