Chapter 557: The Sisters Have Always Had A Bad Relationship

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“Su Bei went looking for Madam Wang and even insulted her? If that’s the case, Su Bei is indeed too much!” said a reporter.

“Everything depends on evidence.
Madam Wang has no evidence.
Is it really okay for her to talk about Su Bei like this?”

Su Bei stood on the stage.
She had already taken off her sunglasses.
At this moment, she was just standing there calmly.
She was neither surprised nor unhappy, neither worried nor angry.
Her flawless fair face was covered by her thick seaweed-like hair.
She looked at ease, as if she had nothing to do with what was going on.

However, deep down, she was experiencing turbulent waves.

Her mother was the only family member she cared about and missed dearly.
Now, her mother was being used by Su Huixian to such an extent.
If she did not reveal the truth this time, she would be unworthy of being her mother’s daughter!

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Madam Wang pointed at her own face, which was covered in wounds and scars.
“Isn’t this enough? Isn’t it enough that I was beaten up by Su Bei? What more evidence do you need? I’m just an ordinary person.
Of course, I can’t be compared to you people in the entertainment industry who have all sorts of tricks up your sleeves and dare to do anything.
What else can a person like me do?”

Her crying aroused the crowd’s sympathy.

The main reason was that she had come looking for Su Bei and revealed her painful past.
She would not benefit in any way from doing this.
Moreover, if the matter was true, then her actions were worthy of forgiveness.

However, there were still some reporters who did not believe that Su Bei would be that stupid and cause trouble for herself.

At this moment, a middle-aged man in his 50s appeared.

Someone recognized him.
“It’s Su Bei’s father, Su Xingfu!”

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“He’s also Su Huixian’s father! Don’t you know that Su Bei and Su Huixian are sisters?”

“I know, but I heard that they weren’t born by the same mother, so the two sisters never got along well.”

“So what is Su Xingfu doing here? Why do I have a bad feeling about this?”

“Hurry, hurry, let Su Xingfu talk.”

Everyone quickly backed away and made way for Su Xingfu.
They even wanted to hand him the microphone so that he could speak.
They wanted to hear what he had to say.

This was simply a large-scale TV drama setting.

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Reporters loved to watch families fight with each other, especially when it involved two female celebrities in the entertainment industry.

Su Xingfu came to the front of the stage and looked at Su Bei with a deep gaze.

Su Bei calmly looked back at him.
In her heart, she had already guessed what he was here for.

If it were in the past, she would definitely nip his actions in the bud and not let him hurt her mother’s reputation in the slightest.
But now, the Su family had already stirred up trouble and exposed this matter to the public.
If that was the case, then it was only right that everything was resolved in public!

She would certainly protect her mother.

There was even a faint smile on her face.
Her eyes were as cold as ice, making Su Xingfu shudder involuntarily.

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He clenched his fist.
Why was he afraid of Su Bei? He was her elder and everything was under his control! As for Su Bei, even if she knew many things, she had no evidence.
How could he be afraid of Su Bei?

There was no need for him to be afraid or panic..
Su Xingfu consoled himself that what he was doing now was to protect his entire family.

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