Chapter 570: Feeling Disdainful

Someone came forward to support Xu Zhiqin and said, “Quick, send her to the hospital!”

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They immediately called for an ambulance and someone helped Mrs.
Su over.

The remaining guests weren’t interested in eating anymore and grabbed the waiter to ask about the situation.

The waiter finally understood the situation clearly now and told the guests about what had happened in detail.

Many of the guests present were old acquaintances of the Su family.
In other words, they knew quite a bit about the Su family’s matters.
Many also knew that Su Huixian was not that young when she was brought to the Su family’s home.

However, many years had passed since the incident and they were old acquaintances.
Therefore, very few people mentioned the fact that Su Huixian was the daughter of a mistress.
Why did Su Xingfu bring up the past again and slander Su Bei? He was just looking for trouble!

No one understood what their family was doing.
Only the Su family knew that their intentions this time was to distort the truth and gain the advantage of public opinion.
They wanted to suppress Su Bei and promote Su Huixian so that the Du family would willingly accept the marriage arrangements.

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However, what was fake could not be real, and what was real could not be fake.
Su Xingfu and Xu Zhiqin schemed all they could, but they could not turn what was fake into the truth.
Su Bei would never allow them to bully her like before.

Some people silently pondered over this.
They felt that Su Xingfu and Xu Zhiqin had gone too far.
Even if Su Bei wasn’t their biological daughter, she was still the daughter they had adopted back then.
On legal papers, she was their daughter.
How could they disregard kinship like this?

No one was saying anything about this family, but they could not help but feel contempt in their hearts.

The reporters followed the members of the Su family to the hospital.
The family of three was receiving treatment.

Du Luo had no choice but to wait there for them to wake up.

Du Changwei and Sun Jingping had already called Du Luo several times to urge him to go home.

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“Du Luo, what are you still doing over there? Didn’t you see what happened? Everyone on the internet is scolding that family.
What are you still waiting for? I regret letting you choose Su Huixian instead of Su Bei.
Look at Su Bei now and look at Su Huixian.
Our Du family really can’t afford to lose our reputation like this.

“Fortunately, your dad and I didn’t attend that horrible wedding tonight.
Otherwise, we would have been utterly embarrassed.
Come back earlier.
Don’t stay out for too long.
Don’t let these things affect the Du family’s business!”

On the internet, the news released by the reporters caused a huge commotion among the fans and onlookers.

#Announcement! Dream Jewelry has chosen Su Bei for their commercial!#

#Dream Jewelry’s commercial, wonderful and refreshing!#

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#Director Gibson met up with Su Bei to talk about Dream Jewelry.
The commercial has been released.
Quickly watch it.#

The collaboration between Su Bei and Dream Jewelry was indeed very eye-catching.
In addition, Su Bei performed very well in the commercial.
She easily attracted a large number of people who were in admiration when they watched her commercial.

“So beautiful!”



“I want this diamond ring too!”

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“I want a girlfriend like Su Bei!”

No one said anything else.

Immediately after, Director Gibson personally wrote an explanation regarding the incident with Jiang Hong to prove his and Su Bei’s innocence.

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