Chapter 621: Hubby, They’re Calling You Old

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Su Bei said in a low voice, “Okay then, your dad and I agree.
However, we have to set a time.
When that time comes, you have to come home, okay?”

“Okay.” Da Bao agreed.

Su Bei hung up the phone and felt a little guilty toward Lu Heting.
Although it was Da Bao’s opinion, it was also because of what had happened to her that caused the current situation.

“Let’s go.” Lu Heting held her hand without saying anything else.

“Don’t you have anything to say?” Su Bei caught up to him.

Lu Heting stopped in his tracks and lowered his eyes to look at her.
“Should I say that I don’t want Da Bao to stay? Or that he did something wrong? Da Bao is right.
That’s his freedom.
I’m very glad that he values relationships so much.
You were right back then too.
There were so many friends who accompanied you.
Now that I think about it, I don’t have to worry too much about your past.
These are the people you and Da Bao care about.
I don’t have the right to say anything.”

Although he was jealous, he still had to respect her and Da Bao’s choice.

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Su Bei took a few steps to his side and held his arm.
His words were so reasonable and affectionate that she didn’t know what to say.

Lu Heting stroked her long chestnut hair.
“Let’s go.”

She did not have to pick up Da Bao.
She had to return home first.

She did not go back with Yue Ze and Xiao Bai.

After boarding the plane, Su Bei saw the situation on the internet.

Her invitations to the four major shows that she so painstakingly got were said to be because of an old man.

They said that the New Year’s cover for Beauty Magazine was also snatched for her by the old man.

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All the jobs she got were because of the old man.

Su Bei held her phone and looked at Lu Heting pitifully.
“Hubby, they’re calling you old.”

Lu Heting reached out to hold her hand and led her to their seats.
This was a first-class cabin, so every seat was huge.

“It’s not up to them to say whether I’m old or not.” Lu Heting planted a kiss on her lips.

He had witnessed Su Bei’s hard work all this while.
But in the outside world, this was what they were saying about it?

They were saying that she was an incompetent woman who relied on an old man to climb up the social ladder?

This time, Lu Heting would not let the culprit go.

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Su Bei nestled in Lu Heting’s arms as she continued to scroll through her phone.
“It looks like Hao Jiali and Jian Ping did it.
My recent results are a direct threat to them.
I’ve already contacted Brother Yue Ze to find out who did it.
If it’s really Hao Jiali…”

It turned out that the woman had the same idea as him.
They were both investigating the mastermind behind this.

This time, the culprit would not have it easy.

Lu Heting took the phone out of her hand and said in a low voice, “Don’t look anymore.
Filthy words hurt your eyes.”

Su Bei looked at him with a smile and said, “No, everything I read are compliments about me.”

Lu Heting hugged her and pressed her face against his handsome face.
He was relieved and heartbroken that a woman could think like this and maintain a good attitude despite such a complicated situation.

Knowing that Su Bei had returned from America, the reporters already surrounded the entire airport.

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Recently, she was a popular model and had the most scandals, so she naturally attracted countless attention..

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