Chapter 626: His Way Of Protecting Su Bei

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Tang Yue was really angered to death.
She had clearly been digging for resources for the two of them, but in the end, she did not get anything out of it and was even misunderstood.

In fact, it was because she had been too confident in the beginning that she asked Jian Ping and Hao Jiali to follow her while she would suppress Su Bei.

In the end, not only did Su Bei not get suppressed but she even soared higher.
Meanwhile, Jian Ping and Hao Jiali thought that she was not doing her best.

It was impossible for her to explain to Jian Ping that she had tried her best but failed to achieve her goal.
It was her own incompetence.

Jian Ping pushed the contracts back.
“Anyway, President Tang, our fate has come to an end.
Jiali and I will not renew our contracts.”

Jian Ping and Hao Jiali then left Tang Yue’s office.

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They went straight to Xingtian Entertainment.

Today was the day they would sign the contracts with Zhao Xingtian.
Logically speaking, Zhao Xingtian should have already handled the contracts and was just waiting for them to sign the papers.

However, Zhao Xingtian refused to see them.
The other employees in the company didn’t treat Jian Ping and Hao Jiali well either.

As for the minor models, they even showed their disdain against them.

Jian Ping panicked.
She immediately called Zhao Xingtian but couldn’t get through to him.

She glanced at Hao Jiali, who said, “Don’t worry.
I’ll send him a WeChat message first.
We talked about it last night.”

“Contact him, then,” Jian Ping said.

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Although Hao Jiali said that they didn’t need to worry, she was nervous.
She was just comforting Jian Ping and herself.

She sent a message to Zhao Xingtian.

Zhao Xingtian replied directly: [I’m sorry, but you should stay in Sheng Tang.
Our company can’t afford a supermodel like you.]

[President Zhao, that’s not what you said last night.] Hao Jiali panicked.
The reason why she and Jian Ping fell out with Tang Yue before they signed their contracts was that Zhao Xingtian had promised her when they were in bed last night.
He even said he would get her a lot of resources.

Now, Zhao Xingtian was actually going back on his word?

[Hao Jiali, don’t you like to take on jobs from Weibo and in the real estate industry? We can’t afford such a model.
You and Jian Ping should develop on your own.
We can part peacefully.] Zhao Xingtian was merciless.

After that, Hao Jiali sent another message only to discover that she had been blocked.

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Jian Ping’s face was pale too.
The two of them wanted to cry but had no tears.

They had indeed taken many jobs as they only wanted money and did not think about fame.
They secretly made a lot of money behind the company’s back, but how were these things exposed at this time?

How did Zhao Xingtian find out?

Moreover, wasn’t Su Bei also walking shows for money? Why could she do it? Why couldn’t they?

They did not know the saying, ‘If you don’t want others to know, don’t do it.’

They didn’t want to know that even if Su Bei took on a show to earn quick money, she would never go against her and the company’s bottom lines.
She always took upright jobs and did not just accept any show to earn any money.

It was impossible for the two of them to go back to Sheng Tang now, nor did they have any evidence to sue Zhao Xingtian for breaching the contract.
Hao Jiali had sacrificed her body and everything she had in exchange for such an ending.

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This was Lu Heting’s way of protecting Su Bei.
No one could create something out of nothing and slander Su Bei’s reputation..
Otherwise, they would die an ugly death.

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