Chapter 627: Beat Him To Death

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As New Year’s approached, Da Bao continued to stay in America.

After Su Bei’s work came to an end, she went to the orphanage and sent many necessities as well as donated a large sum of money.

This was the orphanage she lived in for several years when she was young.
It was also where she met Feng Ze and the others.

When she was overseas, she would send a sum of money back from time to time.

After leaving the orphanage, she walked as she did not drive over.
She wanted to relive the feeling of running on this path when she was young.

As she walked, she felt someone following her.

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Were they reporters or paparazzi?

Su Bei had put on a disguise before coming to the orphanage.
Logically speaking, no one would be able to recognize her.

She was very experienced in getting rid of these people, so she immediately quickened her pace and walked forward.

However, the person behind her also quickened their pace.
If she walked fast, so did the person.
If she slowed down, so did the person.

She glanced over her shoulder.
The man behind her was disheveled, and his clothes were ragged.
He had his mouth open.
He hurried after her, holding something in his hand and looking as if he wanted to speak to her.

As she was looking back, Su Bei was a few steps slower and that person caught up to her.
He ran toward Su Bei.

Suddenly, a group of people rushed out from all directions.
They pressed that person to the ground and beat him up.
As they beat him up, they said, “It’s him! He never learns his lesson.
He’s always sneaking around on this street, chasing girls whenever he sees them! Last time, my sister was also chased after by him!”

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“He chased after my wife too! Beat him to death!”

“Kill him! Kill him!”

It turned out to be a perverted man who often took liberties with passersby.
Since that was the case, Su Bei decided to ignore it.
It was fortunate that she had met this group of people.
Otherwise, something frightening might have happened.

However, when Su Bei turned to leave, she realized that the wretched man was holding something shiny.
It looked familiar.

She reached out to touch her neck and realized that her necklace was missing.

She came to the orphanage after attending an event, so the necklace on her neck belonged to the company.
Although it wasn’t very expensive, it would be troublesome if she lost it.
She would have to get Yue Ze to cover for her.

Could it be that the wretched man was following her not to harass her but to return the necklace to her?

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“Stop fighting!” Su Bei quickly stopped them.

These people were especially heavy-handed.
The person was about to faint.

Those people said to Su Bei, “Little girl, you have to be careful.
It would’ve been hard for you if you had encountered a person like this alone.”

“Why don’t you call the police? If you fight like this, you’ll beat him to death,” Su Bei said with a frown.

Those people said, “We’ve reported it before, but it’s a pity that this person’s crimes are always not conclusive.
It’s useless even if we report it, but he’ll appear again every few days.”

“This kind of person will only be honest after being beaten up.
The law can’t restrain him.”

Hearing that, it seemed like this person may not actually be a pervert who harasses girls after all?

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Seeing that the man had been beaten up, the group of people said to Su Bei, “Be careful.
We’re leaving now.”

As they didn’t want to be punished, everyone dispersed.

That man was still holding the necklace in his hand, desperately wanting to hand it to Su Bei.

Su Bei reached out and took it.
It was indeed her necklace.
In that case, these people had really wronged him..
He was only following her to give her the necklace.

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